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This was a 60s toy, but it was brilliant left over for the 1960s. It was a set of coloured pens, and strange plastic shapes that you held the pen in, and then you moved the plastic across the paper, and as it hit the boundaries of the Spirograph it would make amazing geometrical patterns. If you were artistic, you could make it look even better by using many colours.

The only problem I had with this, was that if your had a bump in the paper, or a very slightly unsteady hand the whole thing was ruined. Now that is OK if you just started, but if you were just getting to the end of the master piece it was screaming bad luck.

Spirograph was a very complicated mathematical game and I knew nothing of that at all. The British inventor Denys Fisher had no idea what he had started when he had this game.

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Remember the old retro toys you used to play with? Did you bounce about on spacehoppers, play pong or ride around on your cool Chopper? Can you recall the heroes Twirling Tim and Hurricane Hank, and who they used to do battle with in the arena? Did you used to come home from school with bruised knuckles from trying to beat 100 clacks on your Klackers? Or was you the studious type carefully making lovely patterns with your Spirograph which, no matter how careful you were, always seemed to cut through the paper turning your masterpiece into a mess.

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