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Toys I don’t remember

I think at some points during the 1970s I must have fallen asleep, as there are so many toys I really do not remember. Here are a selection, see if you can recollect them.

Charlies Angels dolls, apparently there were dolls of all the girls and even the cars too, now I loved the series but the toys I never did see. Maybe I was thinking it was for the girls, however the guys at school seemed to like anything to do with the Munroe sisters and the delicious Kate.

Happy Days the great 1950s comedy from the 1970s was a must watch programme, but again the Fonz and all the main characters from the long running series were made into dolls, and yet again I must have been drinking too much Cider, as those Happy Days dolls missed me.

What about Which Witch set in a haunted house, but it was a board game? Any ideas?

There was a world domination game called Task Force, which the board was a map of the world, more than that I cannot say.

Sub Search which was a like a 3d version of Battleship. Nope don’t remember that one either, sounds to complicated for a 70s kid.

Stratego a game with a white haired man in a box dressed with a medallion.

Tank Battle with toy tanks you moved across the board. Great fun, really.

Chopper Strike a sort of 3d Mouse Trap, that had a huge transparent perspex cover you played on and under.

Manhunt . This was a search for a man by spinning a battery wheel, nope I have no idea either.

4000ad, is a game where you have a board and navigate between the stars. For what reason I do not know.

Lost Gold a board game with a comic.

Big Foot board game loosely based on an episode of The Six Million Dollar Man.

A board game called Clue which became Whodunnit, and a game called Dungeon.

Close Encounters Of A Third Kind board game based in the Devil mountain.

The Sorcerer’s Cave which was another Dungeon style game.

Escape from Colditz, a board game inspired by the popularity of the BBC series Colditz with Robert Wagner and David Mcallum.

Black Box a square board game.

The Game Of Life with a hook saying “You will learn about life when you play the game of Life!”

Columbo Detective Game based on the Peter Falk TV series.

Stay Alive board game from 1978.

The Inventors game was a dice game and you invented something following instructions.

Radar Search, looks like an old style radio receiver, but I have no idea about it. Do you remember?

Pathfinder with David Janson on the box, him from the Fugitive.

Up Periscope where you really had toy periscopes, I remember the commercials but not the game itself.

The Magnificent Race, a sort of Dastardly and Muttley board game.

Green Ghost board game with plastic green ghosts, I think I did see it once.

Bonkers with the tag “Bonkers is Fun! Bonkers Is Nice! Bonkers Is Never the Same Game Twice!”

Careers board game in a big red box, just like the Monopoly box.

Stop Thief which had audio sounds to help you track and capture a thief.

Billionaire game, get rich quick and lose it quick.

Aggravation board game with a cool looking board, but I have no idea what made you aggravated.

Jaws with a silly plastic shark, but it looks so cheap I am surprised it even sold one. It should have been eaten by the sharks.

The board game called Sorry, but sorry I cannot remember anything about it. Sorry.

The 1970s was an amazing decade for development, but the toys came and went so quick, that we have forgotten many of the above. I wonder if they were good games, and maybe this was the start of the throw away culture.

If you remember anything about these toys and games please drop in a comment so we may be able to give it it’s own place in our listings.

70s Toys & Games

Remember the old retro toys you used to play with? Did you bounce about on spacehoppers, play pong or ride around on your cool Chopper? Can you recall the heroes Twirling Tim and Hurricane Hank, and who they used to do battle with in the arena? Did you used to come home from school with bruised knuckles from trying to beat 100 clacks on your Klackers? Or was you the studious type carefully making lovely patterns with your Spirograph which, no matter how careful you were, always seemed to cut through the paper turning your masterpiece into a mess.

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