1970s Fancy Dress Shop
Welcome all you Foxxy Chicks and Cool Dudes to my 70s costume store. It's all here to help you choose the right costume and accessory to make you the coolest dude or the foxiest chic at the disco.

There is no party like a 70s costume party. Although the 70s always seem to get a real bad review as the decade that style forgot, everything about the decade screamed fun with a capital F. The flares, the platforms and the music all help make the 70s party the most fun out of all the themes you could choose from. I grew up in the glitter and glamour of the 70s and when I look back those memories always bring a smile to my face.

The thing you would normally do would be to go to a hire shop and hire an outfit but when you see the prices they charge it is so much better to just buy one. The advantages ar

1. It's yours so you can build up a great wardrobe of 70s gear as I'm sure you'll use it again as 70s fancy dress parties are always popular.

2. There's no need to worry all night about losing your deposit if you damage it or spill a drink over it and you can have a nice lay in the next day as you wont have to hurry back to the shop in time to make sure you don't lose your deposit.

3. If you really don't think you'd ever wear it again you can always just sell it on Ebay.