1970s Sweet Shop
I can remember so many sweets I used to munch on in the 70s that sadly are no longer with us. The Aztec Bar, the Milk Tray Bar (what an amazing idea that was), Spangles and Sweet Cigarettes which disappeared as they encouraged us kids to smoke....hmmmm really?

Anyway I do have some good news as we have here some real classic sweets still available. So take a look through my very own pic'n'mix of rhubarb & custards, space dust and pineapple chunks. Black jacks, Wham Bars and Liquorice Imps they are all here plus much much more. I have even sorted out some really lovely 70s sweet gift sets which would make a really lovely present for a 70's lover.........like me ;)

Everybody loves sweets and finding the old retro sweet shop while you're out shopping is always a treat. So it's a huge thing for me that AQuarterOF the biggest and best UK supplier of retro sweets has agreed to partner up with me let me create my very own 70s Sweet Shop. So grab your gobstoppers, put your dibs on your Dib Dabs and sizzle your Space Dust or just spend your doubloons on some Spanish Gold.