1970s Sweet Shop
Fudge Fayre
  • Chunky Chelsea Whoppers - As if bringing back the classic Chelsea Whopper wasn`t enough, we`ve gone that little bit further, and brought you Chunky Chelsea Whoppers! These are chunks, not bars, so for those of you that like your sweets in bitesize ch... More..
  • Cadburys Fudge - A slim bar of fudge covered in rich Cadburys chocolate... really delicious. But the best bit about it is, do you remember the advert? `A finger o` Fudge is just enough to give your kids a treat, A finger o` Fudge is just enough until... More..
  • Chocolate Fudge - A stunning double-whammy of deliciousness. . . rich, creamy fudge with a nice dollop of chocolate added in for good measure. Made especially for those of you who like fudge, and ADORE chocolate. It`s jolly good! - Qty In Order: a ... More..
  • Rum and Raisin Fudge - chunks of creamy fudge laced with rum and dotted with plump fruity raisins. Such a lovely combination, and the best we can find anywhere. - Qty In Order: a quarter of a kilogram - just over 8.8 ounces... More..

Everybody loves sweets and finding the old retro sweet shop while you're out shopping is always a treat. So it's a huge thing for me that AQuarterOF the biggest and best UK supplier of retro sweets has agreed to partner up with me let me create my very own 70s Sweet Shop. So grab your gobstoppers, put your dibs on your Dib Dabs and sizzle your Space Dust or just spend your doubloons on some Spanish Gold.