1970s Sweet Shop
Juicy Jellies
  • Jolly Joggers - We found these and couldn`t resist! Jelly trainers in all sorts of colours and flavours, so if you`re a sporty little thing, or you know someone who loves to run marathons, these will go down a treat! - Qty In Order: a quarter of a k... More..
  • Haribo Fried Eggs - Everyone remembers Fried Eggs!!! They are one of the classic Penny Sweets that featured in every little sweetshop in Great Britain - we remember them fondly as a regular in our little white paper bags.- . But who would have though... More..
  • Jelly Filled Snails - These are awesome! Mallowy gummy snails filled with a delicious strawberry jelly filling - .they are so lifelike it`s really quite odd - .a bit like the kind of grub bush-tucker man digs into, only much much tastier! - Qty In Or... More..
  • Foamy Teeth and Toothbrushes - Things here at A Quarter Of are getting stranger and stranger... I mean, who would want to eat Foam Teeth and Toothbrushes??? Well let me tell you something - these teeth and brushes from our pals at Swizzels Matlow (t... More..
  • Wriggly Jelly Worms - now these are horribly nice! They are multi coloured, soft jelly, segmented tasty wormies - each about 6 inches (15cm) long. So they are great for dangling and lowering slowly into your mouth... well that`s what I do anyway. Pl... More..
  • Haribo Friendship Rings - Dinky little friendship rings made of fruity jelly. . . a great way of letting your best pal/girlfriend/boyfriend/poodle/penpal know that you think they`re the bees knees. . ..and whether they`ve got chubby fingers or not, o... More..
  • Jelly Pythons - Deliciously juicy jelly fruit-flavour snake shapes! - Qty In Order: a quarter of a kilogram - just over 8.8 ounces... More..
  • Hot Chilli Peppers - Out of our way vindaloo curry, these little babies are hot hot hot! If you love all things hot and spicy, these hot jelly chillies will have your tongue tingling in no time. These little jellies have brought about a Marmite-esq... More..
  • Gummy Starfish - made by Haribo, these are fruity, gummy stars with little smiley faces. We`re not too sure where the `starfish` bit comes in, but if Haribo want to call them that then who are we to question? - Qty In Order: A quarter of a kil... More..
  • Heart Throbs - These little lovelies by Haribo are totally delicious - ..little heart-shaped jelly sweets that taste of juicy strawberries (with a yummy creamy foam layer). So, if you want to let someone know that your heart is throbbing for them,... More..

Everybody loves sweets and finding the old retro sweet shop while you're out shopping is always a treat. So it's a huge thing for me that AQuarterOF the biggest and best UK supplier of retro sweets has agreed to partner up with me let me create my very own 70s Sweet Shop. So grab your gobstoppers, put your dibs on your Dib Dabs and sizzle your Space Dust or just spend your doubloons on some Spanish Gold.