1970s Sweet Shop
70s Sweets
  • Banana and Custard Pips - A classic British taste combo, and the absolute ultimate in comfort food that will take you back to being little. One of the fab things about our new pips range is mixing and matching to make up your own flavour combinatio... More..
  • Sherbet Strawberries - a hard strawberry boiled sweet encasing with a fizzy sherbet centre. Made by Pascalls - they are the best we have found and the only ones we sell. - Qty In Order: a quarter of a kilogram - just over 8.8 ounces... More..
  • Large Gift Assortment - Chocolate Fest - If you know someone who has a serious weakness for chocolate, this is a gift made in heaven for them. We have gathered our most delicious chocolate delights, and created this veritable feast! This box is bi... More..
  • Treacle Toffee - big chewy chunks of smooth, chewy toffee with the delicious flavour of black treacle. - Qty In Order: a quarter of a kilogram - just over 8.8 ounces... More..
  • Black Jacks - One of the best classic British sweets EVER - we love them! They`re aniseed-flavour chewy black rectangles with a delicious and unique taste, and they make your tongue go black - so not to be munched just before you go out on that hot d... More..
  • Milk Chocolate Caramels - chewy toffee encased in rich smooth milk chocolate. These used to be called Merry Maids but they changed it recently. They are the same sweet - but with a different name. Odd!!! - Qty In Order: a quarter of a kilogram - jus... More..
  • Chocolate Hearts - Matt Silver - Beautiful little milk chocolate hearts enveloped in a matt silver foil. Absolutely perfect as wedding favours, or simply to give to your dearest beloved (who`ll be well impressed by such a fab romantic gesture!) The ... More..
  • Barratts Shrimps - raspberry flavour soft, chewy crustaceans. No other shrimp comes close to a Barratts shrimp... and believe me, we've tasted a few. These are definitely one of the definitive nostalgic, childhood sweets... one of the ones that al... More..
  • Fizzy Blue Bottles - bubblegum-flavoured fizzy jelly blue bottles (not the flies!). - Qty In Order: a quarter of a kilogram - just over 8.8 ounces... More..
  • Blackcurrant Pencils - long (about 24cm or just over 9 inches!), soft, chewy, blackcurranty sweets. Just don`t try and sharpen them - ! - Qty In Order: 10 pencils... More..

Everybody loves sweets and finding the old retro sweet shop while you're out shopping is always a treat. So it's a huge thing for me that AQuarterOF the biggest and best UK supplier of retro sweets has agreed to partner up with me let me create my very own 70s Sweet Shop. So grab your gobstoppers, put your dibs on your Dib Dabs and sizzle your Space Dust or just spend your doubloons on some Spanish Gold.