1970s Sweet Shop
70s Sweets
  • Juicy Jelly Caterpillars - spot the problem here? The makers of these sweets call them caterpillars... we call that hogwash! They are definitely centipedes... or millipedes... not caterpillars, because caterpillars don't have those sticky outy le... More..
  • Fruity Pops - deliciously juicy assorted fruit flavoured lollipops in lovely bright-coloured wrappers. - Qty In Order: 12 lollies... More..
  • Sugar Free Blackcurrant amp; Liquorice - a delicious sugar free version of the traditional favourite. Ingredients: Sweetener, Isomalt, Citric acid, Liquorice powder, Flavours amp; Natural Colours E162 E153 - Qty In Order: a quarter of a kilogram - ju... More..
  • Almond Nougat - chunks of soft chewy nougat with pieces of (no prizes for guessing!) almond. Trust me - its moreish! As you would expect - this sweet contains nuts (there`d be trouble if it didn`t!) - Qty In Order: a quarter of a kilogram - just o... More..
  • Space Dust - Strawberry - The world famous classic sweet, the King of all retro sweets: the magnificent Space Dust! It explodes and crackles on your tongue... remember? Nowadays sometimes its called Fiz Wiz or Crazy Shocks but explodes in your mo... More..
  • Luxury Handmade Sweets Selection Jar - This is one of the most beautiful jars we have... a great big jar crammed to the brim with the most stunning, colourful boiled sweets you will ever see.The sweets are all handmade by a traditional sweet-maker we... More..
  • Large Gift Assortment - Love Me Do - A magnificent way of declaring your love and devotion to your darling, and earning squintillions of brownie points in the process. This box is BIG and beautifully printed (and very sturdy), and it is crammed fu... More..
  • Lemon Bonbons - A lemon toffee centre in a crisp casing and a dusting of sweet lemon icing sugar. - Qty In Order: a quarter of a kilogram - just over 8.8 ounces... More..
  • Chocolate Candy Tools - Remember these???? Tool-shaped candy with a yummy chocolate flavour. They disappeared for a while, but we`re over the moon to say they`re back and taste just as they always did all those years ago. Phew! You`ll find span... More..
  • Milk Chocolate Beans - Deliciously chocolatey button shapes encased in a crunchy sugary coating. I suppose they are akin to those sweets that start with `s` and rhyme with `parties`... they are scrumptious! - Qty In Order: a quarter of a kilogra... More..

Everybody loves sweets and finding the old retro sweet shop while you're out shopping is always a treat. So it's a huge thing for me that AQuarterOF the biggest and best UK supplier of retro sweets has agreed to partner up with me let me create my very own 70s Sweet Shop. So grab your gobstoppers, put your dibs on your Dib Dabs and sizzle your Space Dust or just spend your doubloons on some Spanish Gold.