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Etch a Sketch

Dave – Anyone remember these or having one? Man i loved mine, i still think it is one of the best ideas ever. . . .those things were fantastic!!! Rennie – Hi Dave, yes I used tyo have one but it was impossible to draw a diagonal line. I spent hours over one picture when my hateful brother picked it up and shook it. It broke very shortly after that co-incidentally just at the same time my brother obtained a large bruise on his head. Karen – Hi, My etcha sketch was handed down through two other generations! Built to …


Mark UK – Just wondering if the kids today play conkers? I was always up the tree in the autumn shaking those conkers off the branches and onto my mate below. We used to slowly bake them in the boiler cupboard and make them rock hard. My record was a 1162’r Rennie – I think they’ve been banned because of the mess in the playgrounds *sigh* Mark UK – Did anyone really soak theirs in vinegar? Rennie – I never did, used to do the same as you leave em strung up for a week or two. Used to go …

Mouse Trap

James Blast – and then there was Awombleforever – Kerplunk!!!!!!! hours of fun, especially when the marbles ran off the table and all over the floor I liked Buckaroo as well, one of my friends had that, I didn’t get it for Christmas was most disappointed. Imp – No Batteries Required The Mule (in 10 parts) Buckaroo Horse Buckaroo Base Saddle Objects (Shovel, Water Bottle, Pan, Lamp, Bed Roll, Rope, Dynamite, Hat, Holster with Gun, Guitar, Rifle Box). 2 or More Players, 4 Years & up. Not many games like that anymore. Rennie – Loved mousetrap used to watch that …

Man from Uncle Spy Set

Karen – Always wanted man from uncle spy set……. unfortunately parents thought too masculine for their daughter……got a dolls house instead. Crazy … Mark UK – I used to have a small box like thing with man from uncle, a little tray with 9 sliding numbers that slid to reveal chars and scenes from the series. you had to roll the dice and decide what numbers you wanted to use to fulfill the number rolled, The idea was to slide all the numbers to win kept me entertained for ages until I found my hampster had made a nice cozy …

kick the can and yard games

Karen – UP North we used to play a game called kick the can – something similar to hide and seek…… does anyone else have a favourite yard game they played Rennie – Yes we used to play a version of that called *Kick the bucket* Other playground games included *Bulldog* and on the climbing frame we used to have competitions where you used to get your legs up and around the opposition and try to make them let go of the bars. We did have a fad of playing with those old balsa wood planes you fired with elastic …

Rope Games

Karen – We lasses used to play jumpin rope with two ropes – spinnning in different directions…… Tried it recently- my goodness what a workout….phew…beats aerobics anyday……now I know why boxers skip rope – Karen Rennie – I play rope games but no skipping to be seen anywhere!!! Karen – You is terribly naughty Rennie  Rennie – lol naughty…..but nice Anyone ever used to play french skipping I think it was called with the elastic? two people had around their ankles and you had to jump on it and other things. expound somebody please? Awombleforever – YUP, french skipping, bit …

Breyer Horses

Nix – I started collecting model horses when I was about 8, and the best horses came from a company called Breyer. I’d save up my allowance, and try to find extra chores to do to earn more money (Hey, I’ll clean that cat barf up for ya for a buck), with one horse in mind. I was very focused about it. I’d get the little collector’s brochure that came out every year, check off the ones I had, covet the ones I didn’t, and dig under the car seats for extra change. I took it all very seriously. …

And they made this because?

Nix – I have this great book put out by Rhino (yep, the record people) called Forgotten Fads and Fabulous Flaps. Forgotten is truly the operative word here, though I truly don’t know how I forgot this: In 1976 Ideal Toys decided to cash in on the success of All in the Family by selling the Joey Stivic doll (Joey was Archie Bunker’s infant grandson, the offspring of his daughter, Gloria and her husband, Meathead Mike). Only one thing kept the adorable, 14, drink-and-wet Joey Stivic doll from selling–his penis. Within a few years, anatomically-correct male dolls sold well, but …

The Walking Talking Doll

Awombleforever – Well they were big in the 70s a major present,like I say still got mine but is now dumb,I still remember most of her phrases though. MY NAME IS POPPET READ ME A STORY PLEASE CAN WE GO SHOPPING MUMMY I DO LOVE YOU MUMMY IM SO TIred PLAY WITH ME MUMMY I think that was it ,anyone have the same doll? Rennie – Pictures pictures pictures I surely got to come to see you. lol Let me know when you have all your seventies stuff out and I’ll come down to take loads of pics. Seventies Utopia …

The Monkey

awombleforever – I had this monkey when I was about 3 it was quite big and had a soft body with a rubber face , hands and feet.I loved it to bits and still had it when I was about 11 but it went missing,I think my parents threw it out. Iv’e seen them since at toy collectable type places I think they are a bit of a classic now. Rennie – I had one of those Womble. It’s hands feet and face were very hard. I can remember chewing it’s hands when I used to go to bed. Another …

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