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Mark UK – Just wondering if the kids today play conkers? I was always up the tree in the autumn shaking those conkers off the branches and onto my mate below. We used to slowly bake them in the boiler cupboard and make them rock hard. My record was a 1162’r

Rennie – I think they’ve been banned because of the mess in the playgrounds *sigh*

Mark UK – Did anyone really soak theirs in vinegar?

Rennie – I never did, used to do the same as you leave em strung up for a week or two. Used to go rock hard.

Mark UK – The other trick was to use nice thick laces that didn’t cut into the conker.

Rennie – lol Never thought I’d be on here discussing the tactics of conkers

Suze – You’re all sad boys talking about your conkers…… little things please little minds

Imp – They’re still playing conkers here but not at school that’s not allowed
There was a big discussion recently about the kids having to wear goggles LOL I can’t imagine it, I had a 65er and it was so hard just used to smash the opposition to pieces, nothing more satisfying … and never wore goggles or gloves or anything would have felt a right idiot

James Blast – tried playing conkers once, got hit on that bone that sticks out of your wrist, I didn’t like it. I was more into the supply of chestnuts side as I liked to climb trees and we had an abundance near my home, yeah… its a housing estate now

Imp – Used to be me that climbed up the trees until I slipped and ripped my best Sunday dress, did I get in trouble for that After the pain of my mother’s slipper I never climbed a tree again. Well not when I was wearing a dress anyway… we just used to throw things into the branches to knock the conkers down.

Rennie – my favourite trick was to climb the tree to shake off the conkers then when my mate was underneath collecting I would shake some more muahahahahah

James Blast – Evil child!

Rennie – Don’t worry he got his revenge big time but thats another story for when I get him on here

Aelf – I used to do the throwing stick bit until it came straight back and nearly took my eye out
Don’t do it anymore )

Imp – Ah but there’s a knack to it. You heave the stick up into the tree as hard as you can and then run like hell away until it comes back down with the conkers and quite a bit of the tree… LOL

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