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Rope Games

Karen – We lasses used to play jumpin rope with two ropes – spinnning in different directions……
Tried it recently- my goodness what a workout….phew…beats aerobics anyday……now I know why boxers skip rope – Karen

Rennie – I play rope games but no skipping to be seen anywhere!!!

Karen – You is terribly naughty Rennie 

Rennie – lol naughty…..but nice
Anyone ever used to play french skipping I think it was called with the elastic? two people had around their ankles and you had to jump on it and other things. expound somebody please?

Awombleforever – YUP, french skipping, bit like cats cradle but with your feet. We used to get up to four people at the same time making the patterns. Had to be thinnish elastic though otherwise you could break your neck if you weren’t careful

Karen – We loved those elastic ropes around the ankles (now behave Rennie)
We could skip in and out for hours.
Ohhhh and that ball attached to a hoop that slid up your leg that as it spun you would have to jump over…
What on earth was that called? darn and drat…..tut tut Dendrites must be expiring…..

Awombleforever – I never had a ball and hoop just a ladys stocking with a ball in the end,it did the same job though.We also used to throw them in the air really hard and they would get wound around the telephone wires

Hattie – Does any one remember doing hand stands (up against the school wall) gosh what did we do to the poor fellas ……..!!! sure as heck couldn’t do it now (sorry bad day had to add that)

Awombleforever – yeh I used to do handstands and then travel down the wall into a crab then back again,I could tumble but only through doing handstands not any gymnastic training.

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