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Favourite Elton John Song

Mark UK – Haven’t seen much of Elton been mentioned so I thought I’d start a thread just for him.

So many good songs by him and Bernie and trying hard to decide which is my favourite.

I think it goes to Funeral for a friend/Love lies bleeding such a great double track that has everything.

Lindy – cant forget….candle in the wind…for marilyn monroe

never knowing who to turn to when the rain set in,
and I would have liked to know you,
but i was just a kid,your candle burned out long before,
your legend ever did.

Then adapted for diana as… english rose

Rennie – Goodbye Norma Jean I’m the young man in the 22nd row
who’s sees you as more than sexual more than just our Marilyn Monroe

Yes lovely song.

Very hard one this I would have to go for YOur Soong because I play and sing that one but Sorry seems to be the hardest word has a place in my heart too

Karen – like the one about his brother…..Daniel.

So many good tracks hard to choose. from …..liked Yellow Brick Road album best off all.

Candle in the wind…..I changed lyrics around for my g’pas eulogy!!! (bad speller)

Rennie – Yes that his best album
sweet painted lady, I’ve seen that movie too,
not a duff track on there

Tanktop – Crocodile Rock for Me

Karen – Not a 70’s album – but I recommend his Peachtree album.

Rennie – Of all his albums apart from Yellow Brick Road, I would recommend you give Captain Fantastic a listen. Some very classy tracks on there including Someone Saved My Life Tonight when he was contemplating suicide.

A very good album with some great songs.

Karen – Hey Rennie
perhaps that do for me eh…..
No more PMS …….only joking around – thank goodness for chocolate lol

Rennie – Is it true they called it PMS because mad cow disease was already taken?

Karen – ohhhh u soo funny……

Sandie – I like all of Elton John’s music cannot pick just one but going with what you are all saying sorry :-


Crocodile Rock
Candle In the Wind

Hattie – Hi Sandie agree could not pick any atall from Elton, but yes at Candle in the wind too

Sandie – We need to liven up some old posts on this board so lets do it like a ROCKET MAN…………………….lol

Hattie – Hi Sandie yes agree, just added a top ten all time faves too, will be cool to see what all of our top ten faves r………sorry elton just passing by..

James Blast – Your Song (not the crappy remade version) and nowt else

Hattie – Evening James

Sandie – Hattie I think we ought to give James a cuddle…

(((((((((((((( Cuddle for James ))))))))))))))))))

Cheer up hunni xxxx

Hattie – (((((((((hugs)))))))))))) me thinks …….. all round

James Blast – I don’t do ‘touchy feely’ so please get off my… Censored

Hattie – Amazing thing with Elton John he was good in the seventies and just carries on and on …… mind you he was better then

Awombleforever – i like- I guess thats why they call it the blues,love that track.

Rennie – ahh yes I love playing and singing that one on my piano.
A good song to sing.
A also like *Sorry seems to be the hardest word*

Hattie – dont want to sound daft (again) would so love to have played the piano…used to play the guitar….why is it that it gets forgotten how to play an instrument……can still play the recorder ……wont get me a music acclaim though !!

Awombleforever – Hi Hattie ,bought a piano and an organ off ebay but I can’t play,just wanted them

Vee – Mark uk……i agree with you on that track…Funeral for a friend/Love lies bleeding…..that is one of my fav songs…’s a good driving tune, turned up loud…..i want that played at my funeral……lol….All the girls love Alice..
is really good too……my fav album is Goodbye yellow brick road…..have loved seeing him in concert, only twice, but i will get to see him again…i’m sure…..

Nix – The old man says he say Elton singing on the country music channel…in a cowboy hat.
The Armageddon hath begun…

Sheila – A song for guy…..was one of my favourite songs of Elton john….He dedicated it to his friend called Guy…who was killed in a car crash.

Awombleforever – I thought it was for Guy the Gorrilla.

Rennie – Womble…. you been on those pills again?????

Awombleforever – Well I did take my blood pressure tablets this morning but forgot my vitamins

Sheila – You are a naughty womble.

Natasha – My all time favorite is Your song, and equally liked is Crocodile Rock…and last but not least Candle in the Wind. I really don’t like any of his others much to be truthful.

Sandie – Hi Nat
With such a talented artist how can you pick and chose…. I like all his music as it seems to cover all aspects of musical talent.
Must agree though with your choices they are rather good especially Crocodile Rock… Reminds me of a club I used to go to called “”Crocs”” in Rayleigh, near Southend-on-Sea
All changed now as things do now called “”The Pink Toothbrush””

Rennie – the pink toothbrush?
doesn’t sound like my kind of place

Sandie – Not if it’s PINK anyway Rennie
Perhaps if it were another colour …. OR


You don’t need one anymore lol

Rennie – lol
thats right i put mine in a jar everynight now

The club everyone seems to go to now is Reflex you been there Sandie?

Sandie – Reflex:- Now that reminds me of a song………………lol….1980’s though I think..
Sorry Rennie,

Where is that, it is a new one on me …………………

Or perhaps I have led a sheltered life….

Milliemop – I saw Elton in concert in Plymouth on May 26th 2007 ,the first time iv seen him and it did not dissapoint, for a 60 year old hes got stamina played 2 and a half hours , was well good. Oh and the support band had a yummy lead

Rennie – Considering he was of my favourite artists I cant believe I still haven’t seen him. Would love to have seen him on tour with Billy Joel too.

Lainybins – Elton’s playing the fabulous new 02 Arena on 5 September if anyone’s interested…. The Red Piano Show. I saw all the posters for it up at the venue last night when I went to see Snow Patrol (who were incredible, I’ll have you know, and a snip at just £15 and a mere three miles from home!)

James Blast – hand me the pliers, I have a tooth that’s been bothering me

DJ Paul – My favourite Elton song has to be Philadelphia freedom, great track

Rennie – oooh might take a look… no one to go with now

Sarah Jordan – There are so many to choose from….
The toppers are:-

Tonight/Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word/Where’s the Shoorah (Blue Moves)
Someone Saved my Life Tonight/Bitter Fingers (Captain Fantastic & the Brown Dirt Cowboy)
Sacrifice/I Never Knew Her Name (Sleeping with the Past)
Philadelphia Freedom
Benny & the Jets (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road)
Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me
Don’t Go Breaking my Heart
Kiss the Bride/I’m Still Standing/Cold As Christmas (Too Low For Zero)

Johnny7andChadValli – What about that rocking track ‘ACT OF WAR’ with Millie Jackson?

Rennie – No -one mentions Crazy Water or Bite your lip get up up and dance anymore either…..
Okay James left the door open wide for you there…

Pota66 – Bennie, Bennie, Bennie, Bennie, Bennie & The Jets!!!!

Tiger Feet – I still love Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

Glam-Rockett – I think my favourite would have to be ‘Your Song’, followed by ‘Rocket Man’

Glittergal – Has to be Daniel, I love that song, I like the line It must be the clouds in my eyes. I’ve always loved Elton, as well as Daniel,was Daniel dead or blind? Ive often wondered, anyway I also like Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word, Ive fallen out with someone recently and think of him when I hear the lyrics, in fact I like ALL Eltons music, he is an icon and got a voice and style totally unique

Sladegirlie – Best one for me is Island Girl.

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