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can anyone help with this obscure piece of music?

Coop72 – HERE’S A TOUGH ONE FOR YOU……. I’m looking for a very obscure piece of music.
Calling all televison Adicts around my age or older, I’m 46 and I’m asking about an advert which was on TV around 1970-72 time.

The TV Ad was for “”Panama Cigars”” Here’s how it went…………..

It’s raining heavy outside the hat shop, The man goes in, from behind the counter the shop keeper offer the man
a range of different hats, than man rufeses them all until the keeper offers a Panam hat then the man is happy and pulls out his cigar which will now stay a lit outside because of the good size rim of his new Panama hat.

The shop keeper was a little shortish guy , he played the school teacher who visits Malcolm Mcdowell (sits on his bed with him) in “”A clock work orange”” he wa also in some Hammer horror movies, The hat buyer was a guy with blondish hair about 35-40 ish he used to be on British Tv alot playing upper class snobby type’s ( Small weak chined type)
also to be found in Ruth Rendal who done it type programes or an appearance in Yes minister.

To the Music ( The important part) it’s so rarely on TV I think I’ve heard it only around ten times over the years..
It was written to sound like a piece of classical music,
it evoked a very gloomy rainy overcast feeling with a very haunting
piano with slight echo and also had violins in it.. If anyone is familiar with the sound of Beethovens moonlight senata a merous doomy gloomy yet beautiful piece of music.

I believe it was aspecially written for TV….. you know like the bit’s they’d use in the Two Ronnies “”The Worm that Turned”” Music
or the piece they used in British movies or Tv the suspence music you’ve heard a thousend times over E.G in “”Dave Alan at large”” film segments..or .Milk tray Adver music….

They also took this piece of music I’m after and put it over a early 80’s “”Southern News”” 30 minutes programe about a haunted train carrage,
more recently in june 2004 while I was holidaying in whales a BBC2 programe host by “”Julia/ Abolutly Fabulas”” Sawala’s older sister Nadia called “”Sunday pass times”” Also used it over their show about hauntings… I did catch a little of the middle section of the music on my camcorder which I could mail out to anyone who thinks they know the music I’m speaking of, But as I say it is the middle section and not the main hook, but still enough of a taste to put you in the ball park.

Well I’ll leav this with you and prey and hope someone can enlighten me……………… Thanks you John, Alice cooper/T.rex fan.

Rennie – Welcome Coop72 Welcome to the site.

Now that you’ce described the ad I remmeber it but the music does elude me.
I do know some experts on the old tv progs and will call in there help to see what we can find out for you.

Coop72 – Billiant! that’s a lot I’d love any info in this, I did have the BBC address around here I was going to write and ask them as it had last been used on “”Sunday pass times”” BBC2

The little 30 mins programe that Sountern news use to make to fill up the
6.30 to 7 o’clock spot , The one I spoke of reporting a story about a haunted carraige of a train still being used at the time was a reporter called Ian shalcroft I believe..This went out early to midd 80’s….John.

Soulsister – Hi- I dont know if im way off track here but if its the bit of music you are talking about,that i think it is, then it was like a piano solo, with a bit of bass,or oboe in the background,then although i dont know the piece of musics name,it was the typical Hamlet advert for Hamlet cigars?? You’ve really got me thinking now!!! Wont sleep tonight.!!!!

Coop72 – Hi Soul Sister
Thank you very much for your thoughts..

I think your thinking of the Hamlet Cigar Ad they used Air on a G string for that.. By Bach.
I meant to put in my post>> Not to be confused with Hamlet Advert..

This music was quite spooky errie sounding and would and has fitted perfectly with ghost stories… It’s suspenceful, hauting,chilling feeling when you hear the piono section and the volins almost putting you in mind of black beauty galaping over
over the hills on a stromy evening……… God it’s so fustrating having a piece of music locked in your brain since 1972 and not having a name or recording of it!!! ………. One day!! Thanks again John.

Soulsister – hi COOP72- Still not had any luck with that piece of music??

Coop72 – Nope still no luck, It is very very obscure though, Not like it was ever in the charts what with it being a piece of TV music, So it’s not looking good, thanks for asking.. john.

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