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kick the can and yard games

Karen – UP North we used to play a game called kick the can – something similar to hide and seek……
does anyone else have a favourite yard game they played

Rennie – Yes we used to play a version of that called *Kick the bucket*
Other playground games included *Bulldog* and on the climbing frame we used to have competitions where you used to get your legs up and around the opposition and try to make them let go of the bars.
We did have a fad of playing with those old balsa wood planes you fired with elastic but most of the time we’d go exploring climbing on roofs to see what we could find.

Hattie – Marbles (dont anyone dare comment)!! But remember playing marbles in the playground around the drains ….soooooo unhealthy really but was great fun, there were all different colours plus sixers which were the large size ones… I think the winner of the game took the other players marbles ….anyone else remember playing that in the playground Hatts

Tanktop – Marbles at school oh yes cracksies someone called it, all colours and ball bearing type marbles

Rennie – oH YES I used to play marbles all the time. Couldn’t remember how the special move came about but under certain circumstances you could invoke the bombsie rule which entailed dropping your marble from a height and if you hit the opponent’s you won.
I used to love that game and played for hours in the playground.
I also used to live in a block of flats so we had the whole landing to play on.
But whatever you do don’t kneel on em, that hurts! ”

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