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Mark UK – Has to be Alien. The sight of the dead mummified alien in the space ship was so good but when I watch it I find myself still telling John Hurt not to look into the damn egg…… it’s not a Kinder suprise you know! Rennie – I do like that film too, I thought the sequel was a bit crap because the Alien was supposed to be the super killing machine yet in Aliens they got obliterated quite easily. Mark UK – Yes the first was the best one, so much more atmospheric Ridley Scott did a …

Goodbye girl

Rennie – Does anyone remember Goodbye Girl? Richard Drefuss really made me laugh in this one. A nice romantic comedy. Aelf – Vaguely, did he play the guitar in that naked? She asked if he was decent and he answered yes so she walks in naked twanging his instrument. Mark UK – She walks in naked twanging his instrument????? I don’t remember that!!!! Aelf – LOL I meant she walks in to see him naked playing his guitar and he says I may be naked but I’m decent

Play Misty For Me

Mark UK – Does anyone remember Play Misty for me? Now that’s a thriller. I just love it when she turns up at Clints front door wearing only a fur coat…………… what a fantasy that has become Imp – Isn’t that where the term “Stalker” first came from as we know it? I know I was riveted from start to finish was a great movie. Rennie – great film as was *The Beguiled* he does have a knack ol Clint does Rennie – But I agree with you on the fur coat thing….mmmmmmm

Monty Python and The Holy Grail

Rennie – We are the knights who say Ni MAD MAD MAD FILM…LOL Imp – I’m just waiting for the long thread of people’s favourite comments from it LOL!!!! Have to say the “Holy Hand Grenade” is one of my favourites Aelf – Hi I liked the bit when they’re in the caverns just about to get eaten by the dragon when the animator has a heart attack. Well made me laugh anyway Imp – I actually forgot that bit Aelf. That’s it! I’ve got to rummage through my old video’s and find my copy now, think I may have …

James Bond

Karen – I think I prefered Shaun Connery as J.Bond to Roger Moore. (M. was too slick) Glad Pierce Brosnan is playing Bond again! Imp – Connery was, is and always will be Bond LOL Moore will always be Simon Templar to me he played The Saint so well. Rennie – I agree there Connery was the best went to see Diamonds are Forever the best Bond film in my opinion. Loved the two gay baddies Wint & Kidd Imp – Didn’t like any of the other “Bonds” especially not George Lazenby he was pants!!!!!!!!

The Thing

Karen – Aw, YUK saw this movie- first time in yrs- last night! Still as gross as ever…..Kurt Russell looked so very young….hehe he’s often snapped over here at his sons hockey matches. You could say he looks kinda different. Rennie – yes I remember that one one of the scariest movies made. Tanktop – Relied to much on effects these modern films, now The Thing was made in the 50s with James Arness [not to sure about his name] didnt he go on to be a cowboy in gunsmoke or something similar.

Young Frankenstein

Imp – This film had me rolling about was just so full of puns and parodies it was brilliant. I’m a big Gene Wilder fan anyway but when you put Marty Feldman, Madeline Kahn, Peter Boyle and Terri Garr in one film its got to be a winner. Think my favourite part though was Gene Hackman as the blind man, priceless, that and the scene at the beginning where Igor tells Frode-rick to walk this way….. Mel Brooks definitely rocks. James Blast – a solid gold classic! I have it on video and it gets an airing every so often …


Lindy – went to leicester square to see this… elton john and some of the who were in it ..thought i was very grown was a kind of pop musical about a deaf dumb and blind boy that could play the pinball machines..bit weird with lots of platform shoes…. Imp – The Who at their best in my opinion!! But have to say my favourites were Uncle Ernie (Keith Moon) and “”Fiddle About”” and Cousin Kevin (Paul Nicholas) and the song “Cousin Kevin” LOL Guess I was warped from an early age and it just got worse as I …

Pink Panther

Pelican – There were at least 2, if not 3, pink panther films in the 70s. I remember seeing them at the pictures. Peter Sellers was brilliant as Inspector Clouseau, Cato was good, but I liked the chief inspector with the nervous twitch. Who played that part? Tanktop – Hi Pelican how you doing ? Herbert Lom is the actor in question whose real name is one of the longest names ever, luckily I don’t know it because it would take a page or two to type it in Rennie – Great films and still really funny. Were you expecting …

Black Beauty

Karen – Anyone love to watch the adventures of Black Beauty on a Sunday afternoon. I can hear the music….fab. Reminds me of bareback riding on my mates horse…finding myself sliding around its neck as my mate ran down a steep hill dragging me and horse with her Damn those old Roman cobbled roads…. Rennie – Ouch now that sounds painful. Didn’t used to watch it often bit girlie for even me Too busy outside playing knock down ginger! ”

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