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TV Themes

David – Okay Guys and Gals,

There were some great TV themes in the seventies – most of them were so much better than todays efforts. Here’s my top ten…….

1. The Persuaders
2. Man in a Suitcase
3. The Protectors (closing number – Tony Christie)
4. The Champions
5. Jason King
6. The Avengers (original)
7. Department S
8. Ace of Wands
9. Thunderbirds
10. The Saint (original)

Some of them may be late 60s but they’re allowed in as they were on regularly in the 70s.

James Blast – if anyone says Robinson Crusoe I will stab them

I love banna Splits which the Dickies recorded, Captain Scarlet by The Spectrum both originally 60’s shows but I can remember seeing them in the 70’s.

Agree with The Protectors, The Persuaders

I can probably recogonise more 70’s theme tunes than I can with the rubbish thats on telly today.

Awombleforever – Joe 90. I think Iv’e got the right theme tune but I could be wrong.I did fancy him too.
How you can fancy a puppet I don’t know.

David – Nothing wrong with fancying a wooden puppet, Womble.
I had the hots for Marina out of Stingray – until I discovered that blonde girl from Lost in Space……nothing much wooden about her.

Glam-Rockett – Well if we are fessing up mine would have to be Captain Scarlett

David “I can see the attraction, Glam.
A bloke in a spanky red uniform, who frequently saves the world whilst driving around in a big flash SPV (I think that’s what it was called), and to top it all – he’s indesructible! What more could a girl want……..?

Now for me, I had an older-woman thing going on (mind you, when you’re about 11, most of the women are older!) so it had to be Lady Penelope. A touch of class – and she had great legs. She could have whisked me away in her pink Roller anytime. And she used to smoke a real cigarette in a cigarette-holder – priceless!

Jack Regan – SPV – Spectrum Patrol Vehicle.
One of my all time fave shows Captain Scarlet real bad v good.

James Blast – Jack Regan wrote: SPV – Spectrum Patrol Vehicle
I have it in my mental library as “”Spectrum Persuit Vehicle”” but well done, now tell me what an MSV was without Googling

Jack Regan – James – You have put in my place once again of course it was. Loved the way you sat in the back of the vehicle driving from a telly screen showing the road ahead.
MSV – No idea.

James Blast – Maximum Security Vehicle and you sat facing backwards in the SPV

Rennie – Captain Scarlet also had his voice modelled on a very famous Hollywood actor which probably helped.
Can anyone tell me which one?

1. Scooby Doo
2. Wacky Races
3. Banana Splits
4 Randal and Hopkirk
5 The ghost and Mrs Muir
6 Hawai 5 o although it drove me mad
7 ABC – Jackson 5 programme
8 Love thy neighbour
9 On the buses
10 Playschool

Rennie – It’s really weird James I just bought the whole Robinson Crusoe series on dvd off ebay for just 2.50 including postage. I do love that soundtrack!!! *ducks and runs looking for a place to hide*

James Blast – that music still depresses the hell outta me

Jack Regan – I know francis Matthews did the voice over for Scarlett. Was it James Stewart Rennie?

Rennie – No Jack, Have a good listen to him then think of Cary Grant.
You’ll hear it then.

Sparky – You missed out The Baron…Now that was class!

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