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James Blast – sorry, thought I’d already started this topic
was: The Pink Floyd – Meddle
now: Family – Bandstand (yes the one with the 2 hits on)

Rennie – Was Pink Flod – Wish you were here/Dark Side
Santana – Moonflower
Now Coldplay – A rush of blood to the head

Tanktop – Coldplay AHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh most of todays artists with a small exception are cr……sorry that’s my opinion, that goodness we got a 70s site

Hattie – Also Cold Play and Damien Rice too as well

James Blast – Secret Machines – Now Here Is Nowhere, damn fine!

Hattie – Ok will give that a try James seriously …so whats your fave 70s track top ten then we will give ours ………..Hattie (hope not guest) cringe
Phew!! no its me !!

James Blast – Hattie wrote:
…so whats your fave 70s track top ten then we will give ours ………..
my top 10s change from day to day – I will say that after I heard that opening blast of Mellotron from the Genesis Live album version of Watcher of the Skies by well Genesis, my life was never the same

Tanktop – It’s your worse nightmare here James how you doing Hatties on holiday in Spain so I guess It’s A case of FOLLOW YOU FOLLOW ME

Rennie – James well I never, I thought you veered away from the pretentious rock preferring to damage your ear drums with the heavy gear.
Mind you Bauhaus were a little *out there* if I remember rightly not my cup of tea but then if we all liked the same thing wouldn’t it be a boring place.
I must admit I’m very lucky in that I like most good music.

Sandie – Playin all sorts at the moment but right now…..
My Coo Ca Choo ~~~~Alvin Stardust..

Hattie – Hi Sandie I kept singing all the seventies tunes yesterday(was scarey) so now have a seventies cd on….plus have replayed all my david cassidy cds over the last couple of days, has been fun …love my coo ca choo have the single in the loft though Hattie

Sandie – Playin Under The Moon of Love right now ~~~~~~
I’m havin such fun singin all these songs…………
Seem to have a permanent grin at the moment dancin around the room singin out loud……………..
Good way to lose weight too……………
Not that I need to lose much………………pmsl

Sandie – How about
Born To Be Wild ~~~~~~~ Slade
This is Brilliant

Hattie – lol sandie went back to david again
How can i be sure on right now ……also singing right out loud ….the cat thinks i have lost it …….
lol nothing new there

Hattie – Now i changed cd lol
In the summertime – Mungo Jerry for starters
anyone else playing music at the moment ”

Sandie – How about
Get Down And Get With It ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SLADE :)

Hattie – lol sandie got you to me r everything on at the moment – real thing
house work so must quicker with music lol ”

Hattie – blast forgot again ………barry white on now
youre the first the last”

Sandie – LOL…………………Hattie gettin confused……………..too much excitement Run Runaway ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Slade

Hattie – so u win again – Hot chocolate …..
anyone else around lol think they all ran away

Nix – I had The Carpenters’ “Top of the World” on earlier. But now my 3.5 y/o son is playing the Wiggles.

Hattie – Hi Nix ah bless him, I must admit I am having a battle with Mcfly in the other room …. I am just about winning lol

Sandie – On Suzie Q here ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Roxy Roller
Addicted now ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~GRoooooooooooVY

Hattie – Sandie got Sad Sweet Dreamer on here ……….. also love the carpenters Nix

Sandie – Wig Wam Bam
Bam Sham Alam
Wham Bam Bam Sham Alam


Hattie – lol sandie been having hysterics at little willie song here, our kids couldnt believe they allowed that in the seventies, been playing sweet album today, plus the one free with the paper am brainwashing them all
Silver Lady – David Soul …… so love that song

Sandie – Remember when Silver Lady came out.
Everyone swooning……………………lol
Well the Starsky and Hutch era all over again………………lol

Hattie – I know tell me bout it
Queen – Bo Rapsody here is so brill …..

Sandie – Boney M ~~~~~~~~~~~Rivers of Babylon
Everyone rockin with a Jamaican Beat ”

Nix – Had “Super Hits of the 70’s, Vol. 16″ on in the car (tracks are as follows):

“”Vehicle””–The Ides of March

“”Ride Captain Ride””–Blues Image

“”Midnight Cowboy””–Ferrante & Teicher

“”Toast & Marmalade for Tea””–Tin Tin

“”Overture for “”Tommy”” (A Rock Opera)””–The Assembled Multitude

“”Neverending Song of Love””–Delaney & Bonnie & Friends

“”I’d Love to Change the World””–Ten Years After

“”The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh) (Mbube)””–Robert John

“”I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony)””–The New Seekers

“”Daddy Don’t You Walk So Fast””–Wayne Newton

“”Small Beginnings””–Flash

“”The City of New Orleans””–Arlo Guthrie

The husband threathened to hold his head out the window and heave until I produced his Quiet Riot CD. Like he had a leg to stand on.

Hattie – lol Nix cooooool songs there
had such a seventies weekend here has been fun party at mine next weekend lol

Nix – Now I have “Silver Lady” stuck in my head. On whom do I place the blame for that?

Hattie – oh think it was free cd with paper so stuck in my head too lol
nice to think we singing the same song in our heads all those miles away

Rennie – Hey Nix it’s funny that the New Seekers had a hit with Neverending Song of Love.

Tanktop – Too late Rennie I posted the same about Delaney and friends, Nix the New seekers or Delaney who recorded it first

Nix – I honestly don’t know. But I did find this on the ‘net:

It gives a bit of history on the song. And, is it just a US phenomenon, or is the whole world being treated (I use the term loosely) to the new Coke ads (“I’d like to teach the world to chill” )?

I’ll be off in the corner, pounding my head against the wall…

Rennie – Ray Stevens – Misty
I can always remember this being played in a film. I think it was Lemon Popsicle… can anyone confirm that?

Tanktop – First of all Rennie what were you doing watching a naughty film I have to confess I have seen the film about 20 years ago and the soundtrack was brilliant, the opening song Greenfields by Brothers Four still gives me a sense of times gone by, but alas no Misty by Ray Stevens. The Isralien film centred mainly on the rock n roll era and was followed by a series of follow up films ie: Hot Bubblegum/Going Steady/Up your Anchor……the music really was superb.

Nix – Top this- “Cat’s in the Cradle”–Harry Chapin
While driving my 3.9 yr old to his first day of pre-school.
It was the ultimate in pathetic moments.

Hattie – Capitol Gold – Me and Mrs Jones – Billy Paul

Nix – When You’re In Love With A Beautiful Woman – Dr. Hook

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