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Etch a Sketch

Dave – Anyone remember these or having one? Man i loved mine, i still think it is one of the best ideas ever. . . .those things were fantastic!!!

Rennie – Hi Dave, yes I used tyo have one but it was impossible to draw a diagonal line. I spent hours over one picture when my hateful brother picked it up and shook it. It broke very shortly after that co-incidentally just at the same time my brother obtained a large bruise on his head.

Karen – Hi, My etcha sketch was handed down through two other generations! Built to last like the Steve Austin…… million dollar man My fondest memories included desperately trying to balance on my pogo stick hopping around……I always wondered why my dad gave it away

Aelf – Never had one of those used to play wth next doors they had everything i especially enjoyed the stilts

Tim – it great cos you can draw stuff! i like drawing!

Aelf – Perhaps you can borrow Rennie’s, I don’t think he uses his anymore.

Mark UK – No I think he broke it over his brothers head mate

James Blast – Infuriating beast! try drawing a diagonal or, God forbid, a circle!

Suze – it was a nice idea but I could never draw anything on it, I used to stick to my little water colour box and paint in my pain book

Aelf – I used to get those bumper books for xmas used to paint about 4 pictures then throw it away lol so easily bored me

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