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Battling Tops

Rennie – Anyone remember Battling tops? This was the best game ever in the seventies and I just so happen to have got it roflol. So anyone want a showdown at this superfun game just let me know. Might even bring it to Butlins!!!! Awombleforever – I never had this game ,I dont remember playing it,its a bit a scaled down version of Bay blades now I suppose?I remember the advert etc. Hattie – I think i do my fave was mousetrap, was so cool, mind u took ages to set up Awombleforever – mouse trap was my fave too,I …

Dungeons and Dragons

Awombleforever – I didn’t realise until now that this game came out in the 70s ,bought it for my son in the 80s,it seems to have a real cult following.Bought a new version for my younger son last year and he loves it. Hattie – I didnt realise that either Womble, my sons loved that in the eighties worse thing i done was all the star war figures etc wow they r worth a fortune from back then and mine had them all ……have u seen how expensive they r now in the shops Rennie – I can remember seeing …


Rocksgirl – Can anyone tell me if you can still get Slinkies? Mine went long ago and i’m sure my 3 yr old daughter would love one the same as i loved mine!!! Rennie – Yes you certainly can not sure if the metal ones are still available tho James Blast – and just what was the point of a Slinky? Imp – I’ve seen something like slinkies. They’re not metal though like they used to be. Brightly coloured plastic instead, not sure they’d last as long as the old ones. Rennie – lol i think it was the satisfaction …

The witches hat

Awombleforever – me and my husband were discussing playground safety and looking back on our playground days we decided they were so dangerous back then,I’m supprised there wern’t a lot of deaths..The witches hat being one of the most dangerous and the most fun. Nix – See-saws are gone. I just realized that recently. See-saws, teeter-totters, whatever you want to call them. I guess kids were getting catapulted off them, and school and playgrounds didn’t want the liability. Can’t entirely say I blame them. We’re very litigious here in the States. Most of the playground stuff is plastic, so there’s …


Awombleforever – I’ve got to ask this question.I once found a pair of metal shoe type springs at the bottom of my garden,they were buried and a bit rusty.They had a metal bottom and top with a spring in the middle and you strapped then to your feet.Iv’e never seen any since,anyone out there ever seen any Rennie – I’ve never seen anything like that but sure sounds like fun. I’m Tigger T I DOUBLE G ER That spells Tigger! *bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce …

Hats Off

Awombleforever – Just found this on a site that sells old games,I remember having this one,four sets of different coloured small plastic hats/cones.You had to flick them with a flicker into your own coloured holes,good harmless fun.

Dizzy Bug

Awombleforever – does anyone remember this game,don’t think I ever owned it but remember the advert but not word for word,something about winning when he is spinning,dizzy bug is here to stay. Awombleforever – I really want this game,does no one remember it.The advert went to the tune of I think ,La Coocaracha,Loved the advert.It was a friction bug,you made it spin,great fun.Think it was a friction bug,just remember someone bringing it into school on the last day of term as you could sometimes. Not many people remember this game,Never seen it since the 70s. Rennie – i remember something …

Shrinky Dinks!

Nix – A great way to preserve one’s childhood art. And the added bonus? They stunk up the house real good while baking in the oven. Probably carcinogenic. Everything fun is. Nix Hattie – We so didnt get those shrinky dinkys till the eighties, maybe as a girl i didnt have them……… did anyone else ???? My kids did in the eighties – Hattie Nix – I was a girl (still am, come to think of it), and allegedly you could also make jewelry out of them, or so the instructions said. Actually, I didn’t know too many boys who …

Sand game called War?

Mona – Anyone recall a game we used to play by drawing a circle in the sand, then dividing it between players as land? We would name our lands as continents? If I remember correctly…It involved a stick, or throwing a stick into your opponents land allowing you to use the stick to draw a piece out of their land to add to yours? I remember jumping to their land and drawing around myself to claim their land?? Does any of this jog anyones memory enough to remember the rules? I loved this game and my husband who is the …

Static Electricity Game?

Awombleforever – I’ve got this very vague recollection of a game in the 70s that was based on static electricity.It was a box with plastic on top,you would rub it a paper arrow type of thing would fly about and then stop attached because of the static build up.Can’t really remember anything else.This memory came to me suddenly today for some strange reason. Anyone else remember a game like this? I’m not mad ,really ,honest Rennie – hi Womble you know I don’t think you’re mad unless I am too. I do recollect a game like that but need help …

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