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The Walking Talking Doll

Awombleforever – Well they were big in the 70s a major present,like I say still got mine but is now dumb,I still remember most of her phrases though.


I think that was it ,anyone have the same doll?

Rennie – Pictures pictures pictures I surely got to come to see you. lol
Let me know when you have all your seventies stuff out and I’ll come down to take loads of pics.
Seventies Utopia

Hattie – I cant remember having one of those Womble ……I know i had a twin pram with a boy and girl doll in ……and I spose for the seventies that must have been an expensive doll

Awombleforever – Well like I say it was a major present,I had a pram too but not a twin one ,it got well battered,I remember it had some hard board type squares as the base and under that the rounded metel bottom,I used to get in it and be pushed around My friend who was much more well off than me had a silver cross pram it was absolutly gorgeous I was so jealous.

Hattie – Think that was like mine Womble, my nan and grandad had a pools win, thats how i came to get it being the only grandchild at the time..they only won about £100 ……but that was a lot then

Awombleforever – Thats funny I got my pram off my nan and grandad too

Hattie – must be a nan and grandad kinda pressie then …….dont think my parents could of afforded one

Karen – I too remember that talking dolly……… nana and grandad bought me tippy tumbles………..oh how i loved my tippy tumbles dolly

Awombleforever – Do you remember the advert for Tippy tumbles?

Tippy tumbles over and over
tippy tumbles the whole day through
up she flips and over she goes
and she can stand on her head like you.

not sure if the wording exactly right,remember the tune too

Karen – dont remember the ad, but I’m gonnna find a pic sometime from my parents.

Nix – I was afraid of some dolls. Such a cliche, I know. Esp. if they had teeth. My uncle brought me this red-haired demon back from Germany that I made my mother keep in the basement next to the furnace. I kept hoping it would melt. I preferred dolls that did something (aside from coming to life and killing you in your sleep–I was firmly against those). I liked dolls like Crissy and Velvet (they had hair that you could make longer by simply yanking on their ponytails) and Chatty Cathy. I also like Dawn, a 6.5 Barbie-type doll (the UK version of Dawn was Pippa).

Karen – Soo – Nix – did you somehow get to sneak a look at BARBARELLA? come on confess Nix.

Nix – Years later I saw it. Needless to say, I was horrified.

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