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Mouse Trap

James Blast – and then there was

Awombleforever – Kerplunk!!!!!!! hours of fun, especially when the marbles ran off the table and all over the floor I liked Buckaroo as well, one of my friends had that, I didn’t get it for Christmas was most disappointed.

Imp – No Batteries Required
The Mule (in 10 parts)
Buckaroo Horse
Buckaroo Base
Objects (Shovel, Water Bottle, Pan, Lamp, Bed Roll, Rope, Dynamite, Hat, Holster with Gun, Guitar, Rifle Box).
2 or More Players, 4 Years & up. Not many games like that anymore.

Rennie – Loved mousetrap used to watch that ball with bated breath hoping it would go all the way and trap my bro

Rennie – We used to make a lot of our toys in those days as we couldnt afford to buy them.
The best thing was our go kart…. get an old pram and some nails and wood with a rope and hey presto.
Brakes?????? what are they?

Imp – My Dad helped me to make a go-kart but it had to be done in secret otherwise Mom would have killed him and me both LOL!!!! Was the body of my old dolls pram on some boards and the pram wheels and I’m not sure how he fitted it all together but it ran like a dream. We painted it bright orange and Dad put a big No. 1 on the side.

You may have guessed I was a bit of a tomboy LOL, urrr still am I think. Had great fun with that kart until Mom saw me Dad managed to get me a Matchbox Motorway for Christmas after that LOL!!!! Said it was safer.

Rennie – We made our own skateboards out of old skates and a lump of wood my dad cut out was really cool as no-one had em in those days. Even got a rope one day and my brother towed us at full pelt behind his bike like a waterskier mad mad mad mad ………………..mad

Imp – I’m surprised we’ve all survived

Rennie – me too fell out so many trees and rooves no wonder my brain don’t work properly anymore

Lindy – You can still get buckaroo and kerplunk but the detail in them not as good as the originals..can still get twister too..rennies way sounds like more fun

Tanktop – Rennie on rollers wow what a cheep skate.

Rennie – Tank we’ll have to banish you if you keep coming out with those kind of jokes!!!

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