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Opal Fruits

Back in  the 1960’s the Wrigleys Company launched Opal Fruits, and in the 1970’s my mouth was forever thankful to them. It was a delight to open the packet and see individually wrapped fruit square shaped sweets to suck on. They seemed to last on your tongue for ages, and they were one of those products that really never got boring to me.

The most common flavours in the 1970’s were Strawberry, Lemon, Lime and  and Orange, and the colour coding made it so much easier too.

“Opal Fruits — Made to make your mouth water,

Fresh with the tang of citrus,

Four refreshing fruit flavours,Orange, lemon, strawberry, lime!

Juicy, chewy Opal Fruits .Made to make your mouth water.”

You could easily buy these in the yellow Square tube, or as my dad did, in the packet. Either way, they did what the ad said, they were refreshing and they did make my mouth water..for more.

Made to make your mouth water, lovely fruit flavoured sweets. Always but always opened the whole packet to get the strawberry one’s first.

Opal Fruits were the original Starburst sweets before being re-named and having their flavours messed around with. Also, there was a sister sweet called Opal Mints. They were delicious, chewy, creamy, spearmint chews. Eventually they re-named them Pacers, stuck a green stripe through them – then got rid of them altogether!

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70s Retro Sweets

If you had to describe sweets from the 70s one word you would not use is boring. The seventies produced some of the wackiest ideas for confectionary you have ever known. From candy that explodes in your mouth to popcorn type sweets called HankyPanky, a selection of chocolates in a bar and coconut flavoured strands of chewy sugar wrapped in a tobacco type pouch called Spanish Gold.

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