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Bounty Bar

Yes, I know it is still around, but it really is not the same. Just remember back in the 1970’s when colour TV came in, we sat and watched those amazing commercials for Bounty on the paradise-type island. More importantly, the bar itself was REALLY nice, it was normally a two bar pack, with either milk or dark chocolate. But the selling point was of course the beautiful taste of coconut in the middle. Delicious.

The product  was made by Mars and has been around since 1951 and also came in little sweet sized range too, although my favourite was the original milk chocolate bar version in the blue wrappers, the plain was in red.

“A Taste Of Paradise”, is what we were told in the exotic commercials, they had scantly clad ladies on a tropical beach, and coconuts cracking against the rock. It was an amazing TV ad, as at that time hardly any “normal” people, were able to travel to these places, and to see it in colour in your own room, really sold the product.


But the bottom line is that Bounty Bar was a great product, and in the 1970’s it really did make it’s mark as a big favourite to us baby boomer’s.

Fancy a coconut? I’d rather have a Bounty.
Bounty brings you tender coconut. The taste of paradise!

The Bounty hunters —They came in search of paradise

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70s Retro Sweets

If you had to describe sweets from the 70s one word you would not use is boring. The seventies produced some of the wackiest ideas for confectionary you have ever known. From candy that explodes in your mouth to popcorn type sweets called HankyPanky, a selection of chocolates in a bar and coconut flavoured strands of chewy sugar wrapped in a tobacco type pouch called Spanish Gold.

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