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Corona Drinks

If you told the kids today that you could get a big chunky glass bottle of fizzy drink from the store or Fish and Chip shop, and that when you had carried it home and drunk all of the great contents, you would save the bottle out the back.

Why? Well that bottle literally had a price on its head, the price ranged from 2p to 5p, and if you took the empty bottle back (my mum always washed it out) you would get money back on the bottle. Great idea huh. I can remember many neighbourhood trawls searching for discarded bottles to help supplement that weeks shilling pocket money.

We had Lemonade, Orangeade, Cherryade and my absolute favourite was Cream Soda.

Infact you did not have to go the shop as “the Corona Man” would sometimes deliver it, and I think my milkman did that too.

The bottles were very heavy, and if you broke one you really knew about it.

“Every bubble’s passed its FIZZical!”

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70s Retro Sweets

If you had to describe sweets from the 70s one word you would not use is boring. The seventies produced some of the wackiest ideas for confectionary you have ever known. From candy that explodes in your mouth to popcorn type sweets called HankyPanky, a selection of chocolates in a bar and coconut flavoured strands of chewy sugar wrapped in a tobacco type pouch called Spanish Gold.

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