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Cadbury’s Milk Tray Calypso

Memory tells me that these were like exotic milk tray chocolates, but I do remember something about chocolate hills and a steel band playing with these lyrics floating over.

“Why don’t you stop what you’re doing and come with me

To fourteen islands in a chocolate sea, Fourteen … that you’ll love to eat,

… chocolate treat? There’s … spice, Marzipan and a chocolate ice,

A nutty one from the nutty nut tree, Each a different island in a chocolate sea”.

The time line for this was 1974, but more than this I cannot remember. Are your memory and taste buds able to recall these products?

Then please share with us and get in contact so we can pass your 1970’s knowledge to all those baby boomers out there.

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70s Retro Sweets

If you had to describe sweets from the 70s one word you would not use is boring. The seventies produced some of the wackiest ideas for confectionary you have ever known. From candy that explodes in your mouth to popcorn type sweets called HankyPanky, a selection of chocolates in a bar and coconut flavoured strands of chewy sugar wrapped in a tobacco type pouch called Spanish Gold.

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