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Group from 70’s “Child” Any memories/info

Sweetdreamer – Who has any memories of this group – I can vaguely remember the young boy – had poster on bedroom wall – very angelic looks, lots of curly long hair. Would love to find out what happened to the band.

Tanktop – Hi sweetdreamer, are we talking about the 70s boy band called Child ? if so they had a few good songs like When you walk in the room, It’s only make believe and my favourite which I have recently aquired called Still the one, they were in the charts for a short time round about 1978, I have all three songs if you need them

Sweetdreamer – Thanks for info Tank. Do you know what happened to members of the band at all?

Awombleforever – Hi,Sweetdreamer,nice to see you on the forums .I remember it’s only make believe but can’t remember the other 2 records. I have seen Still the one as I acquired it for Tank.I have it’s only make believe on single and possibly another one of theirs but which one I now can’t remember as I havn’t seen my record collection for sometime. Nice to see you’re from newcastle ,my birth place.

Johnny7andChadValli – Hi All,Johnny knows the whereabouts of these guys and has some interesting memories. I’m trying to get him to log on so he can share the info, CHAD

Johnny7andChadValli – Hi There Johnny 7 checking in. Now there’s a name I remember well, Child!
Used to go drinking with Keith & Tim at The Darrington Hotel, Pontefract a lot of years ago. So what can I tell you about them. Lead singer, Graham Bilborough, sang round the yorkshire club circuit under the name of Ricky Graham and now has his own agency and I still see him from time to time. Guitar player Dave Cooper played in a band called Teachers Pet who I played Bass with for a brief spell back in the early 80s. Keith Atack played guitar with Bonnie Tyler and the David Cassidy and is now playing alongside Chris Cilds from Thunder in an Eagles tribute band called The Illegal Eagles. I am not sure what his twin brother Tim is doing. Hope this is helpful – Johnny 7 out

Tanktop – Excellent bit of info Johhny 7 I have three songs by Child, now with all your info and friends in the music buisness can you track down a mint copy of the 70s boyband Flintlock singing Carry Me ? a challenge especially if you can track down the drummer Mike Holloway and say yer old 70s pal thinks its a great ballad and deserves better…cheers Tanky out

Johnny7andChadValli – Hi Tank, I had a copy of Dawn by Flintlock but I’ll ask Chad about Carry me. I vaguely remember it from their own show, in fact wouldn’t mind seeing some footage of that with Pauline Quirk in it. Mike Holloways last known whereabouts was in acting roles. Was it Tomorrow People he used to turn up in from time to time? I will ask around, see if we can track him down Cheers for now, going to rig the Twin Decks and Oil Wheels up for a 70s night in the Village Hall – Johnny7

Sweetdreamer – Hello there Johnny 7. Thanks for the info on “Child”, blast from the past. Very worthwhile reading. You do mix in some interesting circles!

Johnny7andChadValli – Hi Chad here, I remember a song by Child called ‘ONLY YOU AND YOU ALONE’, maybe thats the missing song?? I am pretty sure i have a photo somewhere in an old ‘DISCO 45′ Magazine, i ‘ll have a look 10/10 till we do it again – CHAD

Johnny7andChadValli – Hi Again, Found this video on YOUTUBE of Flintlock on the ARROWS tv programme. There is a way to put it on here but for now click on the following link

bye for now – Chad

Tanktop – Hi Chad, I have this clip in my favourites on Utube already along with clips of Middle of The Road, Sweet, Slade, some rare Mud, but thanks anyway. Carry Me by Flintlock I had on vinyl and it was such a lovely ballad, but getting it on cd is virtually impossible. They appeared in Southampton years ago at the Guildhall, screaming girls and about three guys [you guessed it] they mimed to Carry me, which explained while the drums were still playing when Mike Holloway came of them to sing a song ..regards El Tanky.

Kevin1 – The best band of the 70s was rubettes and if that makes me sad then i will not apologise.

Awombleforever – It doesn’t make you sad Kevin ,we all have our favourites,I liked too many bands to have a favourite.

Rennie – Hi Kevin, the Rubettes were good and I was pleased that I could actually get that high note. They were at Butlins last Dec and were still impressive with their harmonies.

Johnny7andChadValli – Hi All, Just arrived back from my local car-boot sale where i managed to secure this item for 30p, I haven’t played it yet, but it looks in A1 condition, so it will be made into a CD. If anyone would like a copy then drop me a line.
The Tracks;

Johnny7andChadValli – Hi Cats,
Child LP, now on to cd.Anyone who reckons they cant live without a copy should send half a page of Green Shield Stamps as quick as you like.

But hey, there’s an idea!!!!! Lets have our own currency in the form of some tacky looking stamps and a book to put them in. We could exchange them for all manner of things within the group. Give them a a strip or page and you could also cash them in if you had a surplus. Proceeds to the kitty, or charity???? Just an idea.
mmmmmmmm carefull it may catch on second time around?? – HUSTLIN’ CHAD

Tanktop – Hi Chad, I had that LP by child, whats the condition like after you put it onto cd, If anyone says I am a sad muppet I will scream I might be interested in a copy and as BRUCE would say IF THE PRICE IS RIGHT

Rennie – I would never say you’re a sad muppet Tank so please don’t scream and nice to see you back.

Child would never be in my top ten but I’m sure they’re up there for some people. Everybody’s different.

Lainybins – I can vouch that the quality is good and me and my best mate from school days are LOVING it! How is it I could remember all the words to “It’s Only Make Believe” when I can’t have heard it for getting on for thirty years?!

Johnny7andChadValli – Hi Tanktop, See above posting re quality,if you want to send some postal details via private message system,i’ll run you a copy off and send it on its way,

Tanktop – Near on thirty years Lainybins, 1978 [ish] Child brought it out, originally done in 1958 [ish] by Conway Twitty [nice version] Chad yer a genious standbye for a private message

Johnny7andChadValli – Hi All, Guess what ??? Another superb charity shop purchase. The Child LP, Total Recall which is signed by one of the ATECK brothers and has an inner paper fan club order sheet (scarf’s badges etc). The LP itself is in excellent condition. Anyone interested? may go to ebay with this one so get in first – CHAD

Johnny7andChadValli – Johnny now has Keith Atek on his myspace friends list. Find the link to J7 listed on this site,from there go to J7CV myspace site then in friends look for Johnny7 promotions. if no good then let me know and i’ll post the direct link – Chad

Johnny7andChadValli – Howdy, Guess what??? Just secured CHILDS FIRST ALBUM in a gatefold sleeve from 1978
As my previous Child listing, This’ll go to CD so anyone fancying a copy should deposit a small number of Green Queens to a charity of their choosing, and away we go – Rave on, Chad

f1999 – Well this is Interesting! because i grew up with all the Atack brothers. there where three in fact. Simon, Being the eldest! and Tim and Keith twins. I remember them before child when they were called “Reincarnation”” we had some fantastic times as kids, i went to school with Simon and as a result got to know the twins and became great friends with them. so much so that me and Keith got involved in a certain bit of fun one night, that was brought to an abrupt halt by a Policeman and it involved a mk 1 escort… but that’s another thread.

Just discovered you guys fantastic site hope to spend some time here .. Pete.

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