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Hattie – Well just arrived back from Birmingham, went to see 10cc (wow) was Graham Gouldman, Rick Fenn, and Paul Burgess …. with Mick Wilson as Eric and Mike Stevens as the other band member it was fantastic got us all out of our seats …… Graham added some of the songs he had written inbetween for other bands (to think he was so young in the sixties when he wrote those!!) ……….We were all blown out of our seats by Im not in Love, Dreadlock holiday and Donna, Mandy, they were just fantastic ….
So if ever u get the chance to see them GO, comes highly recommended 200 per cent brill xx hattie xx

Forgot to add support act was KiKi Dee well she looked and sang fantastic too what a double whammy !!

oh and hi all Rennie I gave some people the site name too xx

Rennie – Glad you had a great time Hattie they are a band I would love to see.
Very clever lyrics and great melodies… my favourite has to be I’m Mandy Fly Me.

Lainybins – Ooh ~ envy, envy! Though I’d have missed Eric as I had a bit of a crush on him in my youth. (What is it with me and Erics? Eric Stewart AND Eric Faulkner on my Cool Wall.) Thanks for the review. It sounds like a great night.

Now I’m going to have to dig out “”Deceptive Bends”” and play “”I Bought A Flat Guitar Tutor”” which has me grinning like a loon in no time. Unlike “”Feel The Benefit””, which brings me out in goosebumps. Yes, I’m going to do it, even though I only have the album on vinyl and that means unplugging the DVD player in order to plug in turntable and yes, yet again I’ll be covered in cobwebs from crawling around behind the TV and CD player.

I thought by discovering this site I’d do LESS housework, not end up ridding dark corners of the house of their dust!

Rennie – Lainy, Why don’t you go get one of the turntables that plugs into your pc. Then you can convet all your vinyl into mp3s and play them all from your pc.
I have one myself, just haven’t set it up yet, the thought of doing all my 12″”s and singles is a little daunting.

Lainybins – Ooh, Rennie, don’t think that hasn’t crossed my mind, but my baby sister’s got one and I’m kinda hoping she might, well, you know, either copy all my stuff onto CD (yeah, right) or let me borrow the thing so I can do it myself.

Mind you, her musical taste and mine are poles apart ~ and I really do mean poles. Though she did make off with my vinyl album of Nilsson’s “”The Point”” when she was last down. Oh b*gger ~ now I want to listen to that as well….

Awombleforever – Hi Hattie ,great to see your posting again.Lucky you seeing 10cc.
Great band,loved them,I’m not in Love a favorite of mine,sentimental reasons.

Glittergal – Loved this group, my faves are Wall Street Shuffle and Im Mandy Fly Me, Ive found out the latter is about the drug, Mandraxxxx

Rennie – yes I loved that single, really taken by their lyrics
“I’m hiding in the small print wont you take another look”

Lainybins – Being a resident of the London Borough of Greenwich I naturally have a “”Greenwich Card”” which is supposed to bring you millions of benefits at venues around the borough. Hmm ~ I have had my card for almost a year and up until today ~ no benefits whatsoever unless I need to purchase a pine-framed bed…….or have my cat neutered.

BUT ~ today an offer of free tickets to see 10CC at Indigo2 and yup, I applied and got them and I’m going tomorrow evening!! Seldom have I been this thrilled with a freebie!

Awombleforever – You lucky thing . Wish I was going, thats a very good freebie.

Rennie – Oh wow that’s so cool Lainsy one of my fave bands they were too. Hope they do I’m Mandy for you.

Rennie – So how was it? whar did they play?

James Blast – they lost it when Godley & Creme left

Lainybins – Okay, so the line-up was Graham Gouldman, Rick Fenn, Mick Wilson, Mike Stevens and Paul Burgess and they opened with “”Wall Street Shuffle”” followed by “”The Things We Do For Love”” then “”Good Morning Judge””, “”I’m Mandy Fly Me””, Life Is A Minestrone”” and “”Art For Art’s Sake””. Already I was hooked…..

Then I heard the intro to the next number and I could hardly believe my ears ~ “”Feel the Benefit, Parts 1, 2 & 3″” from the “”Deceptive Bends”” album which, I confess, was the first of their records I’d ever actually bought myself (having heard most of their stuff when my elder sister bought it). I’ve always loved this and they did not disappoint. I had goosebumps and, by Part 3, I actually (and please don’t scoff) had tears running down my face. At the end, Graham Gouldman dedicated the song to his Mum who was in the audience and said the title came from her advice to him as a boy to not wear his coat indoors as when he went outside he would not feel the benefit. Aww….

Then, another wee surprise ~ “”Bus Stop”” (The Hollies) and “”No Milk Today”” (Herman’s Hermits) as a couple of the band members had been responsible for writing those particular tracks. It was almost as if the bands themselves were on stage, so good was the reproduction.

Then back with “”Silly Love”” and a rendition of “”Donna””. You’ll recall how there is a phone ringing during the track. Well, this version had that really irritating ring-tone that features so prominently in the film “”Love, Acually”” and everybody laughed! Next up, “”The Dean and I”” followed by “”I’m Not In Love”” and yet another surprise. In the middle bit where we were all expecting the “”big boys don’t cry””, Graham announced they were bringing on a guest vocalist ~ Dan Gillespie Sells, lead vocalist with The Feeling. He stayed on to help out on “”Dreadlock Holiday”” by which time everyone in the IndigO2 was up on their feet and dancing. Rapturous applause and off they went, only to re-appear minutes later with an extended version of “”Rubber Bullets””.

To be honest with you, if you closed your eyes, you would not have known that Eric and Lol weren’t there to do the vocals, so like the records did they sound. I loved absolutely every second of it, probably more so because I so rarely go to gigs, and certainly didn’t when 10CC were touring in their heyday and so I never expected to hear these excellent songs performed live.

And I have to say that the acoustics at IndigO2 are superb, the wine is nice and you can have free water too (should that be your type of thing).

Okay ~ I’ll stop gushing now. ”

James Blast – 2.5cc then?

I take a dim view of people peddling fake bands like that, I should know – I’ve been following The Sisters Of Mercy since 1985.

David – Sisters of Mercy – Who are they? Some kind of religious outfit? Do they dress up?

James Blast – one gig, well spotted David, they wore dresses for a laugh

Lainybins – Hmm ~ well I know that Rick Fenn joined the band when Godley & Creme left and the drummer had always been a part of the live set since 1973 so maybe what I saw was 6CC?!

Lainybins – And I completely failed to mention that the band also performed “”From Rochdale to Ocho Rios”” as well ~ a song I hadn’t heard in years but as soon as it began I instantly remembered all the words.

I’m currently watching the DVD of a 10CC gig filmed in Cardiff in March 2008 where Kevin Godley made a guest appearance ~ his first stage performance in 30 years!

Rennie – Sounds like a great night Lainsy wish I coulda gone

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