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Dungeons and Dragons

Awombleforever – I didn’t realise until now that this game came out in the 70s ,bought it for my son in the 80s,it seems to have a real cult following.Bought a new version for my younger son last year and he loves it.

Hattie – I didnt realise that either Womble, my sons loved that in the eighties worse thing i done was all the star war figures etc wow they r worth a fortune from back then and mine had them all ……have u seen how expensive they r now in the shops

Rennie – I can remember seeing the film D & D in which our mate Tom Hanks starred. You wanna see how young he looks in that!!

Imp – I was a gamer! Another form of escapism which I enjoyed a hell of a lot. Where else could you be a thief, find loads of treasure, consort with dwarves, elves, giants, spiders and the like, kill a dragon and then go home and have a cup of coffee and a bacon sandwich?

Awombleforever – I saw the film years ago I really enjoyed it.Think its called monsters and mazes and you cant buy it region 2 I dont think cause have looked to buy it.

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I started building Escape in 2005 and in it’s early form I had the pleasure of a great 70s community. Sadly with Escape’s new design we couldn’t incorporate the old threads into the new forum but so we don’t lose all those magical old chats we’ve collected them all here for you to go back and read.

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