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Rocksgirl – Can anyone tell me if you can still get Slinkies? Mine went long ago and i’m sure my 3 yr old daughter would love one the same as i loved mine!!!

Rennie – Yes you certainly can not sure if the metal ones are still available tho

James Blast – and just what was the point of a Slinky?

Imp – I’ve seen something like slinkies. They’re not metal though like they used to be. Brightly coloured plastic instead, not sure they’d last as long as the old ones.

Rennie – lol i think it was the satisfaction of actually getting to walk down the stairs like it was supposed to

Imp – Anyone remember Wall Walkers? Mine never worked. They had suction caps on them and you stuck them to the wall and gravity pulled them downward, supposedly without falling off the wall… ummm mine always fell off.

Goldencup – I remember those – and no, they never worked properly. This thread has got me thinking – there was a little verse on the original Slinky box but I can’t remember how it went. It was all about looking after the Slinky – I remember something about Don’t stretch me or strain me or tangle my hair.

James Blast – “Imp wrote: Anyone remember Wall Walkers?”
if that product is the one I’m thinking of, there’s an ad on telly at the mo’ that replicates it
don’t ask me what they’re selling, I never let a good ad get in the way of entertainment

Awombleforever – they are advertising diet pepsi or something like that ,its got no sugar in it,thats all I remember,might be an orange drink as his suckers are orange

Goldencup – OK, I’ve more or less remembered what my Slinky said on the box (I’m sure you’re all agog to find out lol)

I’ll last you for years if you treat me with care
Don’t stretch me or strain me or tangle my hair
If I once lose my temper you can’t do a thing
Please remember I beg you – I’m only a spring!”

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