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Finding Abba Make Up Guides

One growing trend in parties is to have a 70s fancy dress theme. Of course women looking to dress for such an occasion will also want to wear their makeup in a style that was popular at the time. In order to do so, they often try to find someone famous during the 70s and duplicate her makeup. One of the most popular bands of the decade was Abba. This means many women preparing for a 70s fancy dress party spend a great deal of time trying to find Abba makeup guides. There are thousands of different websites that are …

Make-Up in the 70′s

One of my illicit pleasures in the ’70s, while still only a schoolgirl, was stealing a peek in my Mum’s Cosmopolitan magazine. It was strictly forbidden of course, being ‘unsuitable’ for me, and kept hidden in Mum’s bedroom . Inside were pages of gloss and glamour, hints at risqué activities I could only guess about, the odd nude body, and arty shots of models with beautifully made-up faces. I remember seeing a feature on Zandra Rhodes, complete with green hair and amazing make up drawn onto her face -totally unique and now quite iconic. Glittery glam rock make-up of the …

Suzi Quatro Make Up Guide

Rock it to them! The human dynamo of diminutive proportions, clad only in leather and brandishing a bass guitar almost as big as herself … it has to be Suzi Quatro! In the closing days of the glam-rock era, Suzi shone like a beacon of hope to all those gals who wanted to be on an equal footing with the guys, whilst still remaining firmly feminine. She was an object of desire to all those lovers of leather and followers of ‘chicks with guitars’… and even better, she could REALLY play! The main thing to remember about Ms Quatro is …

How to be the Bad Sandra Dee

Now for the ‘Bad Sandy’ look. Unless your hair is naturally curly, or permed, you may want to start by using heated rollers all over your hair; these can then be left in while you apply make up. This time you can be altogether bolder in your application, because you’re going for that vampish look. Apply foundation and concealer as before, then define the eyes with black kohl liner. Smooth a taupe base colour over the upper eyelid and brow area, and then accentuate the socket with a darker brown colour, blended in well up towards the eyebrows. Use this …

How to be like Cute Sandra Dee

Grease may be ‘the word’ for Frankie Valli, but NOT when it comes to looking beautiful like Olivia Neutron Bomb! However, Sandy’s first, well-scrubbed appearance in ‘Grease’ is quickly eclipsed by the transformation into vampish hottie by the end of the movie. In fact, Sandra Dee seems to embody every man’s fantasy of the girl next door: all sugar and spice, but secretly hiding her true colours as a gyrating, sex-kitten, clad in black satin and four inch heels. So, in order to achieve Sandy’s look, you firstly have to decide what mood you’re in: Wide-eyed Innocent, or Woman of …

Farrah Fawcett Make Up Guide

Farrah Fawcett is definitely an icon of the 70s. She was the envy of every young woman and the dream of every young man. With her numerous episodes as a Charlie’s Angel, she was very much in the public eye. She was the “pin-up” girl of the ‘70s. In the ‘70s, not only did clothing fashion change, but the make-up fashion changed as well. If you notice, in the ‘70s, the skin began to be tanned and the “porcelain” look was no longer wanted. So, to mirror the look of the ‘70s, you must begin with a tanned surface, your …

Blondie Make Up Guide

Blondie’s front woman, Deborah “Debbie” Harry, was a punk rock / new wave icon in the 1970s. She is best known for her messy bleached blonde hair and bright red lipstick. To get Debbie Harry’s look, start by applying a translucent liquid foundation to the face. To highlight the cheek bones, sweep a blush across the cheek and bring it all the way to the temple for a fierce rock star look. For fairer complexions, try a dusty rose or light pink blush; for darker complexions, try a rose blush or one with peach or coral undertones. To add to …

Abba’s Agnetha Make-Up Guide

How to recreate Agnetha’s look from her Abba heydays for a big, 70s bash? Everyone remembers the blue eye shadow and Nordic blonde hair, but if you want to get the look down to a tee, start the day before. One of Agnetha’s most striking features is her dewy, fresh complexion, so make sure your skin is glowing by exfoliating gently and applying a face pack to suit your own skin type. The day before is the best time to do this, giving your complexion time to settle down and be most receptive to moisturising overnight. Make sure that eyebrows …

The 3 Factors of 70′s Make Up

If you are changing your look or going retro this year and want to achieve a proper ‘70s look with your make up then there are three primary factors that you must consider. These things include the skin, eyes and the lips. The way that you apply the make up will make a huge difference when you are trying to achieve a 1970s look. The skin was a very big change when the ‘70s came around. Women no longer wore foundation and powder but they went for a natural glow that they already had in their skin. No foundation was …

70′s Make Up Overview

If you are trying to achieve the look of the 1970s with make up, then you need to know that the most important change from the ‘60s to the ‘70s was the skin. A big change occurred during this era due to the feminists, the anti-war movement, and other social changes. Make up changed drastically into the ‘70s to a fresher and more natural look. In the ‘60s women did their best to achieve the best porcelain look they could with a pale skin tone that was perfect and flawless. This was achieved by applying quite a bit of foundation …

1970s Party Guides

There's no better party than a fancy dress party and to help you make your party the best party ever we've put together a whole load of 70s party guides. If you're struggling to find the right fancy dress costume we have included some guides to help you choose the perfect outfit for you. There's just so many great 70s fancy dress costumes available now choosing one can be a nightmare so take a look through our guides and hopefully we will help you decide which will make you the grooviest chick or the hippies dude at the scene.

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