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Banish Those Gift Buying Blues

It’s never easy to find that perfect gift. You might ask yourself: Will they already have one? Will they want one? I like it but will they? All of those questions can be answered if the person you’re buying for happens to be a Seventies lover. Nostalgia has been big for some time and will continue to be so why not make use of this trend to turn your gift buying into a pleasurable and fun experience instead of a stressful and fraught one. If you’re buying for the original Disco Queen maybe you could bring out the superhero in …

70s Decorations Guide

It’s Party Time! Whether it’s Christmas, a Birthday, Halloween or just the weekend we don’t need much of an excuse for a party. More and more people are theming their parties now and choosing your theme can be tricky. If you can’t imagine your Aunt Mabel in a Moulin Rouge Can Can Skirt maybe you should choose the Seventies as your theme. Costumes are varied and range from Dancing Queens to Beauty School Drop Outs to Rubik Cubes. The Long Flower Power Dress should be just the trick for your Aunt! Let’s start by setting the scene. Your living room …

Men’s Disco Outfits

It’s hard to know what to go for when it comes to men’s disco outfits. There’s so much choice and information out there catering for the ladies but not so much for the guys. That’s why I thought I’d put together this small guide to help you cool dudes choose which disco costume is for you. When it comes to Disco outfits there’s three main choices. 1. The Pimp Costume 2. The Leisure suit 3. The Genuine Vintage Look The first choice is the Pimp costume which comes in quite a few variations and all are very cool. I’ll go …

Rennie’s 70s Party Guide

How to throw the best 70s Party Ever! I’ve been asked so many times now about 70s parties that I thought I’d do a guide for those people who want to throw the ultimate themed party. The first thing you have to do is get into the 70s mindset. What were the 70s all about… Fun of course………Fun with a capital F. So you must do as much as you can to bring in that magic fun factor to bring back the memories of your guests. Therefore the first thing you must do is make it fancy dress. After all, …

The Variety of 70′s Fancy Dress

When you are shopping for fancy dress outfits you will soon realise that there is a huge selection available to you. Out of the most popular products at the moment, 70s costumes are probably the latest addition. Over the past couple of years there has been a huge amount of renewed interest in this decade. A lot of us are old enough to remember it with great clarity and the thought of its fashions, which a lot of us actually wore, make us cringe. Although it is not just the 70s costumes that pop stars wore that are generating people’s …

1970s Fancy Dress Ideas

1970′s fancy dress has never been more popular. Not only are seventies outfits being worn at Halloween and at costume parties, but now there are regular opportunities to dress up in these outrageous styles at themed discos and night clubs. This means that as well as being colourful, groovy and outrageous, 1970′s fancy dress costumes also offer great value for money, due to the fact that they can be worn at many different times throughout the year. For this reason, it makes good sense to purchase a good quality seventies outfit; one that will last multiple outings. The venue where …

70s Fancy Dress Costumes

As people get older, many of us end up looking back and cringing at dubious fashion choices. Many look back on the sixties and blush at the flared trousers and headbands they sported in the summer of love. Just as many are horrified by their eighties getups, with the Flock of Seagulls haircuts or the big frilly shirts of the New Romantics. However, the 1970s, a decade probably just as ridiculous for fashion as the ’60s and ’80s, seems to be regarded with a certain affection. The decade of ABBA, the Jacksons and Elton John has become a favoured source …

70s Fancy Dress Ideas

Costume parties are really making a comeback lately. Everyone seems to enjoy taking a break from reality, throwing on an outfit that is completely out of character, and dancing the night away with good friends. If you have been invited to one of these parties, you may have noticed that there is often a theme. A vampire ball might require some sort of gothic garb, while a disco dance will obviously call for a 70s fancy dress; but where will you find this type of outfit? If you are looking for gothic themed clothing, you are in luck. Even the …

70′s Pop Star Look

Fancy dress parties are always great fun, whatever your age. At the moment, there’s a huge 70s revival, popular with all age groups whether or not they experienced this decade first time round. 70s fancy dress is an ideal theme for a party and, as it was such a lively decade with so much going on, you will never be stuck for an idea. The 70s produced some outrageous outfits, from thigh high PVC boots and ten inch platform shoes, to huge Afro wigs and bell bottom jeans. If you like, you can be a pop star for a night …

70s Fancy Dress Styles

A party that is based around the theme of 70s fancy dress could be a great idea. Picture a house full of your friends and family dressed in flared trousers and fly away collared shirts. It would certainly be difficult for people to not enjoy themselves in such a surreal and silly atmosphere. One of the best things about the nineteen seventies is that there were actually quite a lot of different styles that came and went through the period. When you think about 70s fancy dress what styles immediately come to mind? Do you think of the days of …

1970s Party Guides

There's no better party than a fancy dress party and to help you make your party the best party ever we've put together a whole load of 70s party guides. If you're struggling to find the right fancy dress costume we have included some guides to help you choose the perfect outfit for you. There's just so many great 70s fancy dress costumes available now choosing one can be a nightmare so take a look through our guides and hopefully we will help you decide which will make you the grooviest chick or the hippies dude at the scene.

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