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Banish Those Gift Buying Blues

It’s never easy to find that perfect gift. You might ask yourself: Will they already have one? Will they want one? I like it but will they? All of those questions can be answered if the person you’re buying for happens to be a Seventies lover. Nostalgia has been big for some time and will continue to be so why not make use of this trend to turn your gift buying into a pleasurable and fun experience instead of a stressful and fraught one. If you’re buying for the original Disco Queen maybe you could bring out the superhero in …

70s Decorations Guide

It’s Party Time! Whether it’s Christmas, a Birthday, Halloween or just the weekend we don’t need much of an excuse for a party. More and more people are theming their parties now and choosing your theme can be tricky. If you can’t imagine your Aunt Mabel in a Moulin Rouge Can Can Skirt maybe you should choose the Seventies as your theme. Costumes are varied and range from Dancing Queens to Beauty School Drop Outs to Rubik Cubes. The Long Flower Power Dress should be just the trick for your Aunt! Let’s start by setting the scene. Your living room …

Rennie’s 70s Party Guide

How to throw the best 70s Party Ever! I’ve been asked so many times now about 70s parties that I thought I’d do a guide for those people who want to throw the ultimate themed party. The first thing you have to do is get into the 70s mindset. What were the 70s all about… Fun of course………Fun with a capital F. So you must do as much as you can to bring in that magic fun factor to bring back the memories of your guests. Therefore the first thing you must do is make it fancy dress. After all, …

70s Fancy Dress Parties

70s fancy dress parties have got to be the most fun parties in the world. I enjoy nothing more than seeing what costumes my mates have chosen and I must admit to being very quick in pointing out if the costumes they’ve chosen isn’t from the 70s for instance one year my friends came in army uniforms and so when I asked the connection to the 70s he smugly answered “M*A*S*H”! I must admit that when I first started throwing my 70s fancy dress parties, which was around the early 90s, there was very little to find in the fancy …

70′s Fancy Dress Party Guide

It is always important when planning any party to make sure you pick the right venue. If this party is for a 1970’s fancy dress occasion, then you might not have to worry about the venue too much. You could have your 1970’s fancy dress party on the street, at your house or any place casual because it was the 70’s and if that doesn’t make sense, let me tell you why. The 70’s were a time to relax and stop talking about war so much. So be sure to decide on a great theme meaning you need to narrow …

1970s Party Guides

There's no better party than a fancy dress party and to help you make your party the best party ever we've put together a whole load of 70s party guides. If you're struggling to find the right fancy dress costume we have included some guides to help you choose the perfect outfit for you. There's just so many great 70s fancy dress costumes available now choosing one can be a nightmare so take a look through our guides and hopefully we will help you decide which will make you the grooviest chick or the hippies dude at the scene.

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