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Men’s Disco Outfits

It’s hard to know what to go for when it comes to men’s disco outfits. There’s so much choice and information out there catering for the ladies but not so much for the guys.

That’s why I thought I’d put together this small guide to help you cool dudes choose which disco costume is for you.

When it comes to Disco outfits there’s three main choices.

1. The Pimp Costume
2. The Leisure suit
3. The Genuine Vintage Look

The first choice is the Pimp costume which comes in quite a few variations and all are very cool. I’ll go through the main one’s here one by one so you can see the differences. The great thing about these is that they all look really great and they make a right proper fashion statement. The drawback is to really get the full effect you should have to buy all the accessories to go with them. ie the Pimp cane, the Pimp hat and all the bling. If you’re planning to wear the whole ensemble again then that shouldn’t be too much of a problem for you.

This is the one normally referred to as The Pimp Daddy. As you can see it’s a very slick affair. The black leather look coupled with the purple trim looks very effective and when topped off with all the accessories looks really good.






This one is my favourite as it really reminds me of one of Marc Bolan’s outfits and is an extremely popular choice for a disco outfit.

The Zebra pattern is luxurious looking and with the added touch of the pattern inserted into the flares makes it a very nice disco costume to add to your wardrobe.


That’s the two main Pimp Disco outfits but there are lots of others in different guises for you to choose from if the Pimp route is the one you want to travel down.


The second option is what I refer to as the leisure suit. This is otherwise known as the John Travolta look, you know the one I’m talking about. The famous white suit that he wears for the competition in Saturday Night Fever. This disco outfit is again a great looker and with this 70s costume you don’t need any accessories apart from maybe a medallion so it’s a money saver there.

They come in  different colours too and some are quite bright so if it’s the proper disco outfit you’re wanting then this is the one for you.

The last option is the vintage look which are normally separates. Just a pair of flared trousers and a nice loud shirt, polyester of course, with a huge collar. This disco outfit has the big advantage of being the most versatile as you can buy two pairs of flares and two disco shirts and you’ve pretty much got four disco outfits. Also there’s no real need for any accessories apart from again the 70s gold medallion.



The one thing all these disco outfits have in common of course is that they’re fun which is what a 70s fancy dress party should be. The rule I use when choosing a disco outfit is that if when I imagine myself dancing away wearing it if I start to smile then it’s a winner.

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