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It’s Party Time!
Whether it’s Christmas, a Birthday, Halloween or just the weekend we don’t need much of an excuse for a party. More and more people are theming their parties now and choosing your theme can be tricky. If you can’t imagine your Aunt Mabel in a Moulin Rouge Can Can Skirt maybe you should choose the Seventies as your theme. Costumes are varied and range from Dancing Queens to Beauty School Drop Outs to Rubik Cubes. The Long Flower Power Dress should be just the trick for your Aunt!

Let’s start by setting the scene. Your living room can be transformed into a scene from Studio 54 with a few clever decorations. Cover your room walls with a Disco Boogie Squares Roll and you’ll have even the most reluctant dancers shaking their booty, pin up a few Disco Dancers on the wall to show them how and there’ll be no stopping them. Hanging Disco Swirls will add to the scene and finishing off with must have Disco Balls will transport you to Seventies New York as they reflect the light from your disco lights.

Now let’s get on with the food. Spread your table with a Disco Dancer Table Cover and add some matching paper plates and napkins. Seventies favourites like grapefruits skewered with cheese and pineapple chunks will of course take centre stage unless you want to shove them to the side and put a Prismatic Disco Party Centre Piece in their place. Add cocktail sausages on sticks, devilled eggs, quiche, bowls of Iced Gems and a Black Forest Gateau and your guests will be in awe of your culinary skills. If a more formal evening is what you’re aiming for dig out the Fondue; Cheese or Chocolate your guests will be dipping all night. Add the final touch by sprinkling some Disco Confetti over your table and you’re ready to go.

Every Seventies party needs a good playlist and with Seventies music you are spoilt for choice. Mix it up a bit and you’ll please everyone. James Brown is a must along with Abba and the Bee Gees for those Dancing Queens and why not throw in a bit of Black Sabbath for the head bangers. Donny Osmond and David Cassidy should finish the night off nicely with a smooch or two and whatever you do don’t forget a bit of Glam Rock; Sweet’s Ballroom Blitz will get any party going. If you really want to impress why not play a DVD of Saturday Night Fever on a loop and watch the drama unfold.

Of course no party is complete without drinks so take the theme to the edge by offering your guests some Seventies liquor as they arrive. Bubbly Babycham will go down a treat as well as Blue Nun for the wine drinkers and a Party Seven for those whose tipple is beer. If you’re feeling generous offer Harvey Wallbangers, the classic Seventies cocktail, and your party will go with a swing. All you need to do now is PARTY!

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