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Banish Those Gift Buying Blues

It’s never easy to find that perfect gift. You might ask yourself: Will they already have one? Will they want one? I like it but will they? All of those questions can be answered if the person you’re buying for happens to be a Seventies lover.

Nostalgia has been big for some time and will continue to be so why not make use of this trend to turn your gift buying into a pleasurable and fun experience instead of a stressful and fraught one. If you’re buying for the original Disco Queen maybe you could bring out the superhero in her by giving her a Wonder Woman Messenger Bag, with this hanging over her shoulder she’ll fly to work, or why not give her Wonder Woman Socks to wear under her platform boots. If Wonder Woman isn’t her thing how about livening up her walls with a poster that evokes the seventies; maybe a panoramic homage to Jimi Hendrix or a colourful image of Camper Vans; that should nudge a few deeply buried memories.

For the house proud Stepford Wife somewhere to store her Jammie Dodgers could be just the thing and a Storage Tin decorated with retro chocolate bars, the perfect place. Serving drinks made with ice shaped like Space Invaders will make her drinks parties stand out from the crowd.

Men are notoriously difficult to buy for and if his drawers are full of boxed hankies and boring socks it’s time for a change. If strutting his stuff on the dance floor came to an abrupt end thirty odd years ago spice up his life with gifts that remind him of his youthful white-suited self. Give him a great start to the day by giving him a Giant Dalek Mug to drink his morning tea from after he’s been woken up by his Space Invaders Alarm Clock. Then he could get dressed in his Beano Boxer Shorts and Batman Socks; his sock drawer will never look the same again. Pulling on his ‘Nudge Nudge…’ Monty Python T Shirt will give him a warm feeling all day; even if he does have to wear his work shirt over it he’ll know! And when he arrives home after a hard day at work he can open his beer with his Space Invaders Bottle Opener and take a long cool gulp from his Dr Who Glass.
For the techno freak Seventies fan why not buy him or hers Star Wars Darth Vader Iphone Case. You might find that these new items will mysteriously disappear from time to time but look no further than your children; I wouldn’t mind betting that what we think of as nostalgia is ‘Dope’ to them. Let’s spread the word and convert a few teenagers to the scintillating 70s. I know of a few teenage Jimi Hendrix fans who would love to have a poster of him adorning their walls alongside Kristen Stewart. Whatever you choose your gift buying blues will be over.

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