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70s Fancy Dress Styles

A party that is based around the theme of 70s fancy dress could be a great idea. Picture a house full of your friends and family dressed in flared trousers and fly away collared shirts. It would certainly be difficult for people to not enjoy themselves in such a surreal and silly atmosphere.

One of the best things about the nineteen seventies is that there were actually quite a lot of different styles that came and went through the period. When you think about 70s fancy dress what styles immediately come to mind? Do you think of the days of Glam rock with its’ glitter and glitz? Or does it make you think about the Hippy look that was once such a popular image with youth? Perhaps it brings to mind the days of disco with its open-chested shirts and dance floors made up of flashing coloured squares?

If you are planning to organise a 70s fancy dress party then don’t be put off by the fact that there are so many different styles that made up the decade. Use this to your advantage. Instead of feeling daunted by which look you think epitomised the seventies best of all why don’t you choose just one of them and base your party around that? You could, for example, have a 70s fancy dress party where all of your guests dress up as hippies for the evening. Think of things to wear such as loon pants, bell-bottoms, flowery shirts and kaftans. Accessories could include items like beads, headbands and long wigs. If you really wanted to push the boat out then you could use face paints to draw flowers on the faces of your guests. Perhaps you could even have some incense sticks burning around the room (patchouli, sandalwood or ylang ylang would all be a great choice to add to the authenticity).

Perhaps a hippy event doesn’t sound very exciting to you. Think about what you and the people that you invite would enjoy. Would it be more fun to have a 70s fancy dress party that was centred on the disco scene? The outfits could be just as much fun to choose as they were to wear. Think about the image that was built on for the movie of ‘Grease’. Can you see any of your friends or family dressed up like John Travolta or Olivia Newton-John? Other good places to look for ideas for costumes and hairstyles would be bands such as Boney-M or The Bee Gees.

Maybe the Glam scene would be a better idea? Again, try and imagine your guests wearing the appropriate outfits. Can you picture your brothers, sisters, parents or friends wearing platform shoes and getting down to the boogie on the dance floor?

Whatever style you decide on for your 70s fancy dress party it should prove to be very popular. There are all sorts of clothes and hairstyles from back then that have been long forgotten. Although in some cases this is perhaps for the best……never!

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