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Hairstyles in the 70′s

Was there ever a more mixed selection of hairstyles in any other decade? Ask five different people to describe a typical 1970′s Barnet, and you almost guarantee at least five different answers! Personally, I cringe to remember the shaggy perm I had around 1978 – well, after about three months it started looking shaggy; before then, it looked as if I’d thrust my fingers into the nearest electrical socket. Definitely NOT a good look . In the early ’70s, if Marc Bolan, with his black, curly locks, didn’t get your Dad tutting behind his ‘News of the World’, David Bowie …

70s Fancy Dress Parties

70s fancy dress parties have got to be the most fun parties in the world. I enjoy nothing more than seeing what costumes my mates have chosen and I must admit to being very quick in pointing out if the costumes they’ve chosen isn’t from the 70s for instance one year my friends came in army uniforms and so when I asked the connection to the 70s he smugly answered “M*A*S*H”! I must admit that when I first started throwing my 70s fancy dress parties, which was around the early 90s, there was very little to find in the fancy …

1970s Party Guides

There's no better party than a fancy dress party and to help you make your party the best party ever we've put together a whole load of 70s party guides. If you're struggling to find the right fancy dress costume we have included some guides to help you choose the perfect outfit for you. There's just so many great 70s fancy dress costumes available now choosing one can be a nightmare so take a look through our guides and hopefully we will help you decide which will make you the grooviest chick or the hippies dude at the scene.

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