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The witches hat

Awombleforever – me and my husband were discussing playground safety and looking back on our playground days we decided they were so dangerous back then,I’m supprised there wern’t a lot of deaths..The witches hat being one of the most dangerous and the most fun.

Nix – See-saws are gone. I just realized that recently. See-saws, teeter-totters, whatever you want to call them. I guess kids were getting catapulted off them, and school and playgrounds didn’t want the liability. Can’t entirely say I blame them. We’re very litigious here in the States. Most of the playground stuff is plastic, so there’s no more 2nd-degree thigh burns off the slide on a hot day. On the other hand, you won’t be going very fast, either. Plastic is not particularly conducive to speed. It’s a shame. I had some near-misses back in my day, but I always had fun.

Rennie – Yes I remember the witches hat . Used to get some real speed going on that. It is really sad nowadays that everything is toned down. I can remember going on holiday where lilos ands balls were banned from the pool. How sad is that?

Rocksgirl – Last summer we took my daughter on the Mountain Railway here in the valleys. Stopped off at a lake for half hr and Megan wanted to go into the childrens play area. She was really upset that there were no swings. I emailed the Mountain Railway asking why there were no swings and they said due to H&S, they cant have any!!!
In one of the parks here, they have a ‘flying fox’.. or death slide as we used to call them, they also have a roundabout and a see-saw. Its nice to see that they’ve kept some of the old stuff, i know some playgrounds don’t anymore.
If my parents had seen what we’d got up to in the playgrounds back then, they would’ve had a fit! Me and my bro alongside our mates used to stand on the swings, get em as high as we could, then jump off. Bro stopped doing that after he jumped off and winded himself.. luckily my grandparents only lived over the fence from the park so i climbed over and got my grandad! lol”

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