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The summer holidays!!!

The summer holidays were great. A different boy every day almost!!! (I was lucky, coz there were “Home” Boys and “Camping” Boys!!!) This is when I couldn’t spell John Denver! I also got to meet the love of my life (then), Noel Edmonds! (Couldn’t spell his surname either!)

Thursday 1st August 1974.

Watcha! It’s been a great evening. As you know, I fancy David P. Well, I knew that he hated people to send messages about liking people. So, I went up to him and told him straight out that I liked him. Guess what he said? “Same here.” That’s just so fantastic. I’ve been with him & Paul M. all evening. He’s gorgeous looking and I really do fancy him.
I suppose I’d better try to forget about Glen B. I wasn’t really sure whether I liked him or not. But, I’m scared if he comes over & David finds out.


Friday 2nd August 1974.

Hi, this mad crush on David P. is really great. I have been with him & Paul M. all evening, but Trevor was there and he kept showing me up. David is really lovely. I’m gonna miss him when I go and stay with Cheryl. At least I’m only staying until Wednesday.
Gina fancies him as well. But, I’m the lucky one. It’s a bit mean of me really to like him, ‘coz’ she has lived here a year and fancied him. Not to worry, she’s moving soon.
Our phone came today. It’s yellow. The no. is 747426.

Saturday 3rd August 1974.

Dear Me, My love for David P. is still going strong. I’ve seen him twice today. Gina’s everso jealous. She’s been telling Kathryn (Dave’s sister) not to speak to me and that I’m taking her boyfriend away from her. I wouldn’t mind, but Dave can’t stand her. Kathryn told me to go and knock for him tonight. She said that if I didn’t, he’d probably think that I didn’t like him. So I plucked up courage and asked him if he was coming out. He had company, but he said that he’d be out tomorrow. Just when I’m going to the Christening.
Not staying with Cheryl now.


Sunday 4th August 1974.

Hi ya, We went to the Christening today. The baby, my cousin, Andrew, was really marvellous. He didn’t cry once. I’ve missed David all day. Mind you, if I’d have been at home I probably wouldn’t have seen him, ‘coz’ it’s rained continuously. I think it’s still raining now and it’s 10.20pm.

We got home at 9.35pm. I really do fancy David. He’s so nice that I reckon he’s better than Lee H. I really wish, wish, wish it’s not raining tomorrow. I’ve just gotta see Dave. Luckily, my sister’s home now, so I will be allowed out all day.


Monday 5th August 1974.

Dear Me, It started off to be a good day. Kathryn P. knocked for me and informed me that David had gone car washing. She said that he was gonna knock for me, but Paul M. knocked for him first and so he didn’t.
Anyway, this afternoon, David came over to the back garden, ‘coz’ I told him to knock. We went over the park but his mates were there and he wouldn’t speak to me (Well I spose it was me ‘coz’ I sat on my own.)
This evening it was better again, ‘coz’ we all mucked around and he was alright to me. Kathryn says he does like me, but he didn’t want to admit it in front of his friends.


Tuesday 6th August 1974.

Watcha, It’s been an awful day. I rang Dave up this morning (‘coz’ our phone now works) and asked him if he was coming out. He said yes, after he’d been up the shops. But, he didn’t come round. Trevor went to knock and he was going to the pictures. So, I didn’t see him all afternoon.
Then, this evening, we knocked for Paul M. who knocked for Dave, who was going to Southend. We just went over the park for 10 minutes, then Paul went in and so did I. Paul did say that Dave liked me. If only I could believe it was really true. Never mind. By tomorrow I should know whether he likes me or not.


Wednesday 7th August 1974.

Hi ya, We’ve been with David all this afternoon and evening. Mind you, me & Trevor knocked for Paul M. first. Anyway, Dave is just as gorgeous as ever. I just can’t tell whether he likes me. It’s so strange! He seemed better towards me when this boy Mark (his friend) had gone home. I think it must be that he’s shy to admit it. Paul M’s really funny. We had “Famous Five” books out and were having a laugh with them. Paul threw my book in the river twice.
My sister’s been rowing with my Mum and Dad since I’ve been in.


Thursday 8th August 1974.

Dear Me, There was a terrific storm in the night and this morning, so my Mum was scared at leaving us at home. She didn’t go to work. We went up the shops & saw Dave. Anyway, this afternoon, Helen came over and we were having a right laugh together, going up and down the river.

This evening, David and Paul came along and they stopped and played with us. Helen couldn’t stop laughing at David (he’s had his hair cut). She turned me off him. But, Toni told me that they had previously been standing outside, supposedly waiting for me, so I think I still do fancy him.
Top of the Pops was on.


Friday 9th August 1974.

Hi, Haven’t seen David P. or Paul M. at all today. You see, I haven’t been playing out in the street.
The Partridge Family was on Southern tonight, but it was one we’d already seen on Thames.
We’re going camping tomorrow. Should be good and I hope that Paul S. is there. He might be nice to me again.
I’ve been very good and sewn my trousers up in every place that it needed. They were falling to bits, but they’re now almost as good as new.

See ya, Me.

Saturday 10th August 1974.

Watcha, I’m now down the campsite and in Elaine’s tent. You see, she asked me to sleep with her without asking her Mum. So, I am. Ray & Lee keep running round the tent. They want us to go over to their tent for a bit. Hmmm! But, my Dad keeps checking on us. He doesn’t trust me, that’s what it is! I still like Lee.
By the way, Dave G. is down here. Apparently, yesterday he was telling Elaine about the letter I sent him and he wrote back. But, his Mum got it and wouldn’t let him send it. Shame.
I’ll tell you what we did in Ray & Lee’s tent tomorrow.


Sunday 11th August 1974.

Dear Me, We eventually went across the field to Ray & Lee’s last night. They were both in their sleeping bags. Anyway, Ray immediately put his arm round Elaine and me & Lee were just left sitting miles apart. Elaine kept on at Lee to be with me just for the night. So, he kissed me. (I was really happy!)
Ray & Lee have been with us for most of the afternoon.

Gotta go now, Me.

Monday 12th August 1974.

Hi ya, It’s been a good day. Kathryn P. is home from her Nan’s and so she got Trevor to knock for me. We went out. David has been around, but I’m not sure if I still like him. He kept running after this girl (who’s 3 years younger than me) and playing football with her. He doesn’t like me anyway, I don’t think.
This crowd of boys over the park fancied me, but, Yuk, they were horrible. If you read July 16th, I wrote about Martin M. Well, he was up the park tonight and kept shouting out “Acorn” and telling all his mates about my first day at school.

Tuesday 13th August 1974.

Watcha, David P. doesn’t fancy me still, “coz” today proved it. He was in the corn-field with these two girls. (Both younger than me. 3 years!) But, tonight he seemed alright to me again. I don’t care. I was with Lee on Saturday night.
My Mum got a new job today. She took the day off work, rang up for 2 job interviews and in the afternoon, they told her she’d got the job. So, she’s just left Willis Faber completely and not going in tomorrow.
3 Degrees are no. !.
Washed my hair tonight.


Wednesday 14th August 1974.

Dear Me, I’ve been with Kathryn all day. David might like me again. (I’m not sure though). You see, I like this boy called Roy and I think David might be jealous and fancy me again. I’ve been apple picking, (climbing trees & scrumping etc.) I went with Paul, Trev & Kathryn. We got 7p each. Big stuff!
My Mum’s gone to Bingo with Paul M’s Mum & Gary T’s Mum tonight. She’s not back yet.
Pooh, I’ve just taken my socks off. My feet really, really do huff!

See ya, Me.

Thursday 15th August 1974.

Dear loveable Me, How are you? Oh great, thanks! I’ve made up my mind, I think I do like that Roy. I don’t like David anymore.
Martin M. was over the park tonight with all his mates. Anyway, one of them was meant to fancy me and so they chased us home on their bikes. Martin came up to me twice. He’s quite nice, but I’m scared of the others.
Top of the Pops was introduced by the Osmonds. This is who was on:
Glitter Band, Sylvia, 3 Degrees, Sweet Dreams, Donny & Marie, Osmonds, Stylistics, Cozy Powell, Bay City Rollers, (I didn’t see the beginning or end).


Friday 16th August 1974. 
Hi ya, At the moment, I’m camping at Balls Park in Hertfordshire. I’m in my tent (with yukky Trevor). I was meant to be sleeping in with Elaine, but she didn’t seem to be coming. But, she did!
Today, I was over the park with Roy and these others. He actually called out, “See ya” when he had to go home for dinner. I really do like him, even though he has got blonde-ginger hair and freckles.
Also, I’ve got a crush on Paul (camping). But, he’s 24, married, wife who’s pregnant. I like him too!

Gotta sign off now, Me.

Saturday 17th August 1974.

Hi ya there, me old kiddies,
This place is the duddest campsite I’ve ever been to. It was meant to have a disco for all the kids, but nobody turned up. And what’s more, there’s no decent BOYS at all. Not one single one have I seen.
Me & Elaine had a great water fight today with Chris & Alan & Paul (who soaked me a couple of times).

Tara, Me.

Sunday 18th August 1974.

Dear Me, I’ve got great news. Elaine is staying with me for the week. We brought her home from camping tonight. I think it was a dud weekend.
At the moment, I’m sitting in my bedroom. Elaine’s going through all my pen-pal’s letters and I’m just about to put the tape recorder on.
I’m gonna sign off now,
Luv, Me & Elaine.

Monday 19th August 1974.

It’s been the best day of my life. You see, the Radio One Roadshow was in Southend with Noel Edmunds and I was picked out to do the Bits & Pieces comp. Anyway, I came 2nd tie, so we had a tiebreaker. This other boy got it right and so I came 3rd overall. I won a Radio One T-Shirt and this boy won a bag. At the end, I got Noel Edmunds autograph. My Dad took photos with Noel Edmunds with his arm around me. It was really great to think 100’s of people could hear me on the radio all over Gt. Britain.

Happiness, Me & Elaine.

Tuesday 20th August 1974.

Hi ya, I still haven’t got over my shock yesterday. Toni spoke to me on the phone today and she heard me on holiday in Scotland! It was great.
Glen rung up this evening asking me if I’d go to the pictures with him tomorrow night. But, we’re all going out for the day, so that was my excuse. I don’t like him anyway.
This evening, we went out in the car and as we were going past the chippy, Elaine noticed Roy was there. So, as soon as we got home, we rushed round the chip shop. Roy said “hello” to me and we walked on.

Me & Elaine.

Wednesday 21st August 1974.

Hi ya, It’s been a great day. Me & Elaine went to Walton Beach with my Mum & Dad. Well, we spent all day at the fair on the pier. Every boy who owned the stuff chatted us up. There were just a few boys we liked. Anyway, in the afternoon, they asked us if we’d like to go for a walk and they took us up on the cliff in between the beach huts.
I was with a tasty boy called John and Elaine had Alan. I kissed him, but I’ll tell you more tomorrow. Part2. Da, da, da, da.

Me & Elaine.

Thursday 22nd August 1974.

Watcha, I can’t be bothered to tell you about the 2nd part about what happened yesterday, “coz” I’ve got news about today. Me & Elaine went down the town twice. Every boy gave us the eye (only coz Elaine had her revealing top on. Wollop!). BUT, even better news. Later in the evening, we went down the park and this boy called Ian asked Elaine out. She accepted and I had to get lost with a boy called Roy C. Luckily, we met Roy G. on the way. I’m still cracked on him. Elaine asked Roy if he’d go out with me, but I still haven’t got a definite answer.

Bye, Me & Elaine.

Friday 23rd August 1974.

Watcha, Roy gave me an answer this morning. He shouted out across the field, “I don’t wanna go out with you”, but I pretended not to hear. So he sent a mate over to tell me he was sorry. BUT, later this afternoon, I discovered that he had changed his mind & DID want to ask me out. (I can’t wait. I cried with joy!)
We’re now camping. Paul S’s here. He looks great. Paul brought a boy from my old school down. (Of course, he fancied Elaine. She’s really lucky.)
We’re now in my tent, undressed, waiting for Don to come in. We’re gonna have a giggle!

Luv, Elaine & Me.

Saturday 24th August 1974.

It’s been like a nightmare that I’ll never forget tonight. We had a car-crash. You see, it was 10 o’clock and somebody suggested to go for a ride round the camp in Mick C’’s car. (Me, Elaine, Ray T. & Mick C.) But, this Mick was drunk & we didn’t know it. Anyway, we went speeding down the lane and just crashed. The car turned over in a ditch. Me & Elaine were more frightened about telling our Mum & Dad. When we got back to the campsite, I ran in crying to tell Glen. He put his arm round me. (He was really hunky.)

Shocked, Me.

Sunday 25th August 1974.

Dear Me, I’m still under shock after last night. Mick apologised to both of us. But, coming to good news. I’m now going out with Glen. We did the smooch together. Later we went for a walk. He put his arm round me, but my Mum & Dad saw us on their way over the toilets and they suggested that he should take me back to my tent. He did, and came in to talk. We kissed. It was great. Then, my Dad came along again and said that I’d gotta go to bed. Glen was waiting in the bushes for a long time, but my Dad kept watching. Mum & Dad both like him & he likes them.

Monday 26th August 1974.

Here I am again. We got up at 11.30am to find it pelting with rain. Elaine & Me went in the hall where they were having a “Bring & Buy” sale. Glen wasn’t there, but Elaine’s boy, Pete, was.
This afternoon, I was with Glen, (swoon) Lee & Ray. I really do luv Glen. It seems he likes me too.
We’re now at home. My Nan, Uncle Bill, Uncle Stuart & Aunty Cheryl are here. On their way back from holiday.
Got a postcard from Kay S. Nice of her.


Tuesday 27th August 1974.

Dear Me, It’s been quite a good day. Got up at 10.30am, had breakfast, went down shops. Ian, Elaine’s boyfriend, who she met down here, wanted to speak to me. When I saw him, he just wanted to talk to me. ( I think he fancies me “coz” he kept telling me to sit next to him and he wanted to meet my Mum. BUT, I don’t fancy HIM!)
I rang Glen up today. I found his phone no. in the phone book. I knew he’d be at work, but I rang just to see if he lived there or not. His Mum was in. I luv him.


Wednesday 28th August 1974.

Hi there! I’m not feeling too good at this precise moment. You see, I’ve got a cold and sore lips. I think it’s the shock of Saturday night coming out on me. If not, I’ve got Glen’s cold.
You never guess what? There was this letter come through the post addressed to Toni. But, as she’s on holiday, my Mum opened it. It was from her old boyfriend, Andy. He’d written from prison, saying that he wanted to start from the beginning again. If she won’t be nice and write to him in prison, I’m jolly well going to!
Bye for now, Me.

Thursday 29th August 1974.

Watcha, Top of the Pops was on tonight. Here’s who was on: Osmonds (who’re now no.1 ), John Denbar, Johnny Bristol, Showaddywaddy, Bryan Ferry, Cozy Powell, Carl Douglas, Donny & Marie, Sweet Dreams, Barry White, Kiki Dee and KC & the Sunshine Band.
It wasn’t as good as usual.
I got a letter from Sue this afternoon and I sent one straight back. Also, as it’s Julie C’s birthday, I rang her up to say “hello”. She’s alright!
I’m still thinking of Glen. There’s only tomorrow, then he’ll be down the campsite and I’ll see him Saturday.

Friday 30th August 1974.

Hi ya, Sue received my letter this morning, “coz” at 11.30am I got a phone call from her. She was really funny. It was good to hear her voice again.
It’s Friday night and we’re going camping tomorrow morning. Glen should be down there. I’m glad that this week’s gone so quickly.
My Mum said that Kathryn P. could come camping in 2 weeks time, so she asked her Mum & Dad and they said it was ok.
Toni’s back from her hols. She’s now at Kelvedon with Jane.
Bye, Me.

Saturday 31st August 1974.

Watcha, I’m camping, but Glen’s not down here. So, this afternoon, I rang him, but he didn’t come camping because Lee & Ray hadn’t come. Shame!
Beaky (Keith) & Dave are down here. I was with them part of the evening, but then Keith started going off with this girl, Jenny.
So, being like I am, I went with Ray T. again. I only walked with him, but then he put his arm round me. I said to him, “I’m always mucking you around, aren’t I?” He replied, “Yeah, I know”.
It’s only because of Glen that I can’t make myself go out with him.

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