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I went to the pictures with a boy for the first time!!!

I went to the pictures with a boy for the first time!!!

See how complicated it all got!!!

Monday 1st April 1974.

Good evening, I don’t think Ray could have told Gary K. to ring me, because he didn’t phone. If it wasn’t that, it must’ve been thatGarydoesn’t like me. (I don’t like him now!)

I’ve been to see “Oliver” again tonight. (It’s my 3rd time). I really enjoyed it and would go on watching it for weeks and weeks. Geoffrey M. sang really nice and sweetly. (He’s a real tasty geezer!!!)

By the way, I got in free again tonight AND I was not selling tickets. Don’t know why Smelly Dee didn’t ask us to pay up.


Tuesday 2nd April 1974.

Dear Me, I’ve got to do a load of revising now, while I’m in bed. It’s 9.20pm. The exams are tomorrow. I haven’t learnt anything that I should’ve.

I saw Terry J. down the shops tonight. (He’s so nice, but I just don’t know why I don’t want to go out with him). My Mum saw him as well. She was speaking to him.

By the way, there’s a new no. 1. Get ready for it. One! Two! Three! Yes, it’s ….

“Seasons in the Sun” by Terry Jacks.

See ya, wish me luck for tomorrow,


Wednesday 3rd April 1974.

Hi ! We had the first 3 exams today. Geography, History, then Maths. It wasn’t half as bad as I expected.

We’ve got R.K. , Music, Maths and Science tomorrow.

I went up the shops tonight, but not only to get sweets. Yes, you guessed right. To see a boy! But you don’t know who! It was Terry J. In fact he was up there, so I offered him a sweet. I think I fancy him again. I’ll probably ask his brother in school tomorrow whether Terry’s got a girlfriend. If not, well I’m in luck!


Thursday 4th April 1974.

Dear Me, I’ve got really great news. You know yesterday I said I’d ask Terry J’s brother if Terry had a girlfriend, well today, I did. Yes he has! But tonight I asked Bobby if Terry liked me and he said yes. So Bobby told Terry that I wanted to go out with him. I’ll tell you everything else tomorrow.

We had those rotten exams today. I’ve probably done badly in all of them.

Top of the Pops is on right now. By the way, if I hadn’t already told you,

Terry Jacks is number one.

See ya, Me.

Friday 5th April 1974.

Hi ! I’m going out with Terry J. again. Me and my mate, Kim went round where he lives after school and also most of the evening. Kim’s gonna go to the pictures with Bobby and I’m going with Terry on Monday. (A nice little foursome, don’t you think?) We’re gonna see “American Graffiti”. It’s about rock and roll and teddy boys.

It’s been a great evening. Kim’s coming round at 10.30am on Monday and the boys at 11.00am. We’re gonna leave at about 1.30pm.

See ya, Me.

Saturday 6th April 1974.

Good evening, Well it’s Sunday morning really because it’s past 12.00pm or am!

I rang Terry J. up this afternoon, but he wasn’t in, so I asked for Bobby. He wasn’t in either. There’s only one more whole day until I’m going to the pictures with Tell.

I’m at the campsite at the moment. Ray and Lee wouldn’t even speak to me today at all. Silly old bags!

I’m in my new fluorescent sleeping bag. It’s really nice & comfortable.

Gotta sign off now,

Luv, lovesick, Me.

Sunday 7th April 1974.

Hi ya, I rung Terry J. up again this morning (or was it afternoon?) Anyway, he wasn’t in, so I asked for Bobby and he wasn’t in either!

Tomorrow’s the great day. Me and Kim and Terry and Bobby are going to the pictures. I can’t wait, but they better turn up or Bobby had better come or it means I won’t go on my own with Terry.

Lee & Ray said it was me who wouldn’t speak to them. (Blimmin’ liars).Marina’s gone home and so have both the boys, so I’m on my own. Well I didn’t go round with them anyway.


Monday 8th April 1974.

Hi ! It’s been a great day and I’m so happy. BUT, we didn’t go to the pictures. NO, because they didn’t turn up. Terry went to Southend with all his mates and Bobby weren’t gonna come on his own. So tonight Kim and me rang them both up and asked ‘em to come out. They did. Terry eventually put his arm round me and well, Bobby had to be given a little encouragement before he put his arm round Kim.

We’re suppose to be going to the pictures tomorrow, even though none of us have any money.


Tuesday 9th April 1974.

Watcha! We all went to the pictures today. We saw “American Graffiti”.

Bobby’s really tasty and I fancy him. But he’s going out with Kim and me with Terry. I wish we could swop. I’m not sure if we’re gonna see them tomorrow. I don’t really care if I do or don’t. Well, I wanna see Bobby. (Nice!)

My Mum and Dad have sold our settee and 2 chairs tonight, because we’ll be moving in about 2 months or less, so we’re getting new furniture.


Wednesday 10th April 1974.

Dear Me, It’s been a great night! You see, Kim & me rang Bobby and Terry up and told them to be up the shops at 7.00pm. BUT, only Terry turned up, so we went round his house to find Bobby. Anyway, Bobby talked to me all evening and he was letting out all his & Terry’s secrets. Kim got a bit jealous I think. But the reason is that Bobby doesn’t like Kim (but I’m not to tell her!)

I like her and I like Terry & Bobby as well. He was really nice. Also, he told me that Terry’s gonna give me up when I move.


 Thursday 11th April 1974.

Hello Me, I don’t think Terry likes me. Well, in fact, I’m POSITIVE. Last night I wrote on the pavement outside their house, “*** & Terry”. This evening when I went round there, the Terry had been crossed out and Bobby put in its place. I knocked and asked who did it and they didn’t know. Terry must’ve got jealous last night. I’m never gonna  phone or knock at his house ever again. And this time I’d decided to be nice to him and he now doesn’t like me.


P.S. Top of the Pops is on soon.

The camping season was underway and you thought I was “Boy- Mad” at home! Wait and See……!!!

 Friday 12th April 1974.

                     DAVID CASSIDY’S BIRTHDAY.

Hi, As you can see, it’s David Cassidy’s birthday. He’s 24. (Getting old, but still beautiful). I didn’t even send him a card!

I met this new boy (down the campsite) tonight. We went for a walk and first of all he put his arm round me and then we just held hands. I’m not sure if I like him, because after everybody had gone to bed, me, Elaine, her friend and my sister, went in Lee & Ray’s tent. (They’re talking to me!) Elaine said Lee likes me.



Saturday 13th April 1974.

Watcha! It’s been really great tonight. That new boy (he’s called David by the way) went for a walk with me after the hall had closed. Elaine went with Don and Cathy with Raymond. Anyway, he kissed me. He’s really nice, but if Terry J. likes me then I’ll go with him and not David, who’s 15 and very short.


See ya, Me.

Sunday 14th April 1974.


Dear Me, I’ve been with David nearly all day. There’s something nice about him. My sister keeps singing and taking the mickey out of Don. He thinks everyone fancies him! I don’t.

Lee asked Elaine to go out with him, but she said no because she’s going out with Don.

Tonight, my Mum and Dad are organising the Bingo over the hall, me in the canteen.


Monday 15th April 1974.

Hi ya, I’ve been with that boy, David all today. He’s gonna come camping with his mate next week. (I should think they’re gonna come every week, because they’ve joined the Youth).

It’s been a great Easter. BUT, there’s one big thing. I didn’t get any Easter Eggs at all. My Mum said she’s gonna give us 50p each. (Nice of her, don’t you think?)

Gotta go now, Me.

Tuesday 16th April 1974.

Dear Me, I rang Dave up today. He sounded really nice on the phone. I asked him to ring me back in the phone box and he couldn’t get through, but eventually he did. THEN we got cut off. I rang back later and he wasn’t in, so I’ll see him on Saturday at camping.

Bobby and Derek B. were being followed tonight, by me and Susan. They’re so tasty! Derek came into the phone box and he got his scarf and hit me on the bum. (I’ll never wash again!)

See ya, Me.

Wednesday 17th April 1974.

Dear Me, I saw Terry J. up the shops today and he talked to me. Also, he’s had his hair cut. By the way, Kim phoned up today and she said Terry does like me because she phoned up and asked him. He was nice to me! (I’ll probably have Terry in the week and see Dave at the weekends!) Two- timer, aren’t I?

At the moment, I’m listening to Tone’s Roxy Music L.P. “Mother of Pearl” has just started. It’s really lovely.

See ya, Me.

Thursday 18th April 1974.

Hi ya, It’s been a bit of a boring day, except this afternoon when my Mum took me and Trevor over to see our new boy cousin. His name’s Andrew.

At the moment, it’s 8.30pm and “Special Branch” has just started. Haggerty, Patrick Mower, one of the stars in it, he’s really tasty.

Top of the Pops was on just now. This is who was on: Wombles, Glitter Band, Mott the Hoople, Sunny, Limmie & Family Cooking, Jimmy Osmond, Terry Jacks, Abba, Bay City Rollers. Wizzard, (I think there was one more, but I can’t think of it!)


Friday 19th April 1974.

Dear Me, At the moment, it’s 9.50pm and I’m lying in bed, eating a black jack and writing this diary.

Tomorrow’s the great day! You know why? Well, because I’m gonna see Dave down the campsite. It should be really good.

Today, me and Sue went and bought 4 records. Abba, Limmie & Family Cooking, Chi-Lites and the Wombles. They’re not for us, but for Kelvedon’s camp social.

Gotta sign off now,

Luv, Me.

Saturday 20th April 1974.

I’m down the campsite and Dave said he’d be down here. BUT, when I got down here, NO Dave. Then this evening, he turned up in the clubhouse. He hasn’t really talked to me much and I didn’t even get a kiss from him. Hope he’ll go around with me tomorrow. I really fancy him!

I’ve started this David Cassidy scrap book. It’s really good! I’ve got lots of pictures and I know they won’t all fit into the scrap book.

See ya, Me.

Sunday 21st April 1974.

Watcha Me, It’s been another fantastic day. Dave has been around with me all day and he’s been kissing me etc. (The etc. doesn’t really mean much, it doesn’t mean anything actually!) He kept holding my hand and cuddling me and…. I really like him. He’s not going camping next weekend (sob sob!) He asked for my phone number and he might give me a ring. (Nice!)

Now I’m at home and I’ve just made a rhubarb crumble, put it in the oven and everyone’s waiting for it to cook. We’ve got rice with it as well.


Monday 22nd April 1974.

Dear Me, We go back to school tomorrow. It’s been a good holiday anyway!

Today, my Mum told this man that he can borrow our caravan for a few weeks, which means we can’t go camping. BUT, my Dad says he’ll take me camping. I’ll have to cook for myself and sleep up the Youth Field. It’ll be really good, but that’s only if Dave’s there. (Mind you, I wouldn’t get up to anything, that’s a promise!)

The Top 20’s on tomorrow. I’ll let you know if there’s a new no. 1 or not.


Tuesday 23rd April 1974.

Hi fans, I rang Dave up today after school. He’s really nice on the phone and he spoke to Sue. (Mind you, I prefer him when I see him, NOT on the phone!) I wish he lived nearer, but then we’d see each other more often, therefore, not like each other so much.

Terry Jacks is no. 1 for the 4th week running, Abba no. 2, Mud no. 3, Wombles no. 4  and the Glitter Band no. 5.

I got some of my exam results today. Maths- 65%, R.K.- 49%, Science- 35% and History- 46 out of 80 or 100 (Not sure!)


Wednesday 24th April 1974.

Dear Me, Was alright at school today. I haven’t had any more exam results. Probably get some more tomorrow.

Dave is still on my mind. I haven’t phoned him up today. I think I’ll leave it until I’ve seen him again, which’ll probably be in 1 ½ weeks time.

I washed my hair and had a bath tonight. My hair’s really come up nice, because my water had bubble bath in it as well.

At the moment, it’s 10.16pm. I’m laying in bed writing this. (Cor! Top marks for observation).

Gotta go now, Me.

Thursday 25th April 1974.

Dear Me, Top of the Pops was on tonight and I missed it. My mate, Marina, from down the campsite, was on there. We missed it, because as you know, our caravan is being leant to someone. We had to tow it all the way to a place near Chelmsford. We set out at 6.45pm and didn’t get back ‘til about 12.00am.

It was alright at school today, except Smelly Dee was having a go at me for something or another. I’ll be really glad when it’s time to move.

See ya, Me.

Friday 26th April 1974.

Watcha, I did 10 whole pages on an oil topic tonight. It took me about 2 hours.

We’re not going camping tomorrow, but just visiting for the evening. I don’t really wanna camp because Dave won’t be there. Or Marina, Elaine & Cathy.

At the moment, I’m sitting on the loo.

This girl in my class, Kim, has leant me this book called “Skinhead”. It’s all about the life of a skinhead and is really dirty in parts. I’ve only just started from the beginning, because I read all the good, dirty bits first.


Saturday 27th April 1974.

Hello, me old mate, We visited Kelvedon, the campsite tonight. Hardly anybody was there. Dave and his mate weren’t there. It was quite boring really. We got home at 12.45am and now I’m in bed writing this.

Me and Sue went to Elm Park this afternoon. I bought myself some “Body Mist” deodorant. It’s rose flavour.

I haven’t got anything to write about, so you’ll just have to put up with me writing a load of old rubbish.

See ya tomorrow, Me.

Sunday 28th April 1974.

Dear Me, At the moment, I’m watching, “Doctor at Sea”. It’s really funny and I just love Duncan Waring. He’s really lovely looking.

We went up the campsite again today, but it was boring, because we got there at 1 o’clock, didn’t have any dinner and got home at 6.45pm eating Chinese food.

The Sunday Mystery Movie is on in a minute, but I can’t be bothered to watch anything on the telly.

I’ve done all my homework, there’s nothing to do and I’m cold.

Gotta go now, Me.

Monday 29th April 1974.

Dear Me, You’ve probably noticed that I keep writing this diary in lots of different pens. (It’s nothing important, so don’t worry about it). Also, you’ve probably noticed that I’m writing a load of old rubbish just to fill up the space!!!

I keep thinking about Dave. He’s really lovely! I hope he’ll be camping with his mate, coz I’m gonna take my friend, Rhona, with me and we’ll make a good little foursome. (I hope!)

At the moment, I’m sitting on the loo. I’ve just had a blow-me-nose session. I wiped my nose on toilet paper. (Yuk!)


Saturday 30th April 1974.

Hi ya, fans, Yesterday I wrote about taking my mate camping. But, tonight I rang her up and she can’t come. NO, because her foot is in plaster after having her toenail pulled off! I’ll just have to go on my own!

I’m a good girl coz I’ve done all of my homework. Like yesterday, I’m sitting on the loo.

By the way, the new Top 20 was on. No. 5 Glitter Band, no. 4 The Wombles,                                                             No. 3 Terry Jacks, no. 2 Mud  AND  no. 1  Abba, singing “Waterloo”.

My music exam, I got 52%



Phone Box Residence

This is the month that I practically lived in phone boxes with my friends!!! (I apologise now to all those poor boys that I pestered continually!!!) , I couldn’t spell the “Rubettes” & I kept changing my mind on what boy to fancy!!!

Wednesday 1st May 1974.

Dear Me, On the telly tonight, a TV programme called “And Mother makes Five” was on. In it are these 2 boys. I used to like the big one, but he’s had his hair cut short, so now I like the small one. He’s got that brilliant name, David!

David Parfitt. (Tasty!)

It’s 8.50pm and I’m here, laying in bed. There’s nothing on the telly, I’ve done my homework, so I’ve just come to bed.

David G. is still my no.1. He’s really gorgeous and he’d better be down Kelvedon on Saturday.


Thursday 2nd May 1974.

Watcha! I had the day off of school today. Yeah! Because my brother didn’t have to go to school, so I stayed and looked after him. (My sister weren’t half jealous!)

It’s now 5.20pm and I’m sitting on the loo AGAIN! Top of the Pops is on tonight. Abba will definitely be on (coz they are no.1).

I’ve got nothing really interesting to say, except I had a bath and washed my hair this morning. (Don’t you think that’s really wonderfully, excrutiatingly interesting? I do!)

Gotta sign off now,

Luv, the one and only,


Friday 3rd May 1974.

Dear Me, I nearly had a chance to go camping tonight. YES, but my Mum put a stop to it. You see, there’s a boy who’s suppose to fancy me and his Mum’s really pleased he talks to me and so she tries to do anything to please me. (That’s my conclusion anyway!)

Dave should be down there and I know my mate Elaine is. Hope they don’t get together and leave me out. (I’d be really upset!)

Went over my Nan A’s tonight. We’ve just come in. It’s 10.40pm.

See ya, Me.

Saturday 4th May 1974.

Hi ya, It’s Saturday night and Dave’s not down here (the campsite). But there’s this boy who’s 16 and he’s really tasty. (Trevor’s his name). He goes around with 3 other boys. Anyway tonight, Me, Elaine and Cathy went in their tent and he kept sitting next to me. (Elaine likes him and she’s jealous!)

We stayed up until 1 o’clock and we couldn’t stop laughing. This woke the Youth Leader up and he came out and told everyone off.

I still like Dave and if, just if, and supposing that Trevor did like me, I don’t know who I’d go with. (Probably Dave and let Elaine go with Trev).


Sunday 5th May 1974.

Dear Me, It’s Sunday evening and I’m in bed after a really gorgeous day camping. That boy, Trevor, is really tasty. Anyway, we went for this walk with him and his other mates and there was this really high hill in the woods. He kept helping me up and holding my hand. (Nice). Also, he was walking most of the way with ME. (Elaine really got annoyed!) But, I can’t help it if I’ve got all the charm.

Dave’s gonna ring me some time in the week, because I rang him yesterday and he said he’d been trying to ring me.


Monday 6th May 1974.

Watcha. Elaine rang me up tonight. She asked me what happened after she’d gone home last night and I was left with all the boys down the campsite. She said that she was gonna go out with Terry and I could have Trevor, but I said “No! I’m going with Dave G. and you can go with Trev”. (Wish I could have him though! Shame!)

It was quite good at school today. You know we had to do Paper 2 of our Maths exam again! Guess what I got? 100%. I’m not just a pretty face.

My Uncle said that it’s in the paper that David Cassidy’s retiring after his concert in the U.K.


Tuesday 7th May 1974.

Dear Me, It’s 9.32pm and I’m in bed. We’re not going camping this weekend and if Dave does, I’ll just do my conkers. I think I’ll ring him up tomorrow. Even if we don’t camp, we’re still gonna visit.

The new Top 20 was on today. No. 5 Bay City Rollers, No. 4 Peters & Lee

No. 3 Wombles, No. 2 Roulettes (or something), No . 1 Abba.

I’m not sure, but I think that Bobby J. is the best friend I’ve ever had. He is so grown up and I love talking to him.


Wednesday 8th May 1974.

Hi ! I’m so happy. You see, I rang Dave up tonight and well, I love him. Anyway, Kim put another 2p in and I spoke to him for a little bit longer. Then I asked him to ring me back, but he said he couldn’t get through. I borrowed Kim’s money again and I got through to him. The stupid boy had forgotten to dial the code. (That’s why he couldn’t get through!) Anyway, I asked him to ring me back after. So he did. Guess what? He’s going camping this weekend when I’m not. Never mind, we’re visiting. He’s really marvellous.

Gotta go now, Me.

Thursday 9th May 1974.

Dear Me, I forgot to tell you last night. Dave’s gonna ring me tomorrow, Friday. Oh, I’m so happy. It’s not fair though, we’re not camping. Never mind, I’ll see him for Saturday evening. That’s better than nothing!

Top of the Pops was on just now. This is who were on:

Bay City Rollers, Peters & Lee, Roullettes, Wombles, Abba, Anita Tranquilly (or something like that), Paper Lace, S.P.A.R.K., Philadelphia, Status Quo. I liked everyone except, yes, I forgot to mention it, Vince Hill. He was on. (I feel sorry for him, coz he appeared and he’s not really appreciated).


Friday 10th May 1974.

Watcha, I rang Dave up tonight and Kim and Susan were in the phone box with me. Anyway, when he rang me back, Kim picked up the phone and started speaking all posh. She was really funny! I don’t reckon he’ll like me tomorrow, coz Kim told him that I reckoned he had a small bum!

On the telly tonight was, “It’s a knockout”. It was really good!

On April 26 th I wrote that Kim had lent me a book called “Skinhead”. Well now I’ve got “Trouble for Skinhead 1”.

Gotta sign off now, Me.

Saturday 11th May 1974.

Hi ya, We’ve just got back from down Kelvedon. Dave was there. He’s really fantastic. But, I don’t think he likes me! We’ll find out tomorrow. There was a bit of trouble down there, because the Youth Leader wasn’t there. Cathy fainted and so she’s got to sleep in Mick’s the night. Elaine’s gotta go in with her Nan! It’s all because someone started pulling tents down.

I’m gonna blame Kim if Dave doesn’t like me, coz I really, really do like him. Aah!

See ya in a few hours, Me.

Sunday 12th May 1974.

Sadness, Sadness!

Guess what? We got back down the campsite at precisely 12.50pm and Dave had gone home. Yes, just like that! So I rang him up at home. He was in bed, but I made his brother get him up. Anyway, the reason he went home was that he didn’t have nothin’ to do. Marina took the phone from me and she asked Dave if he still liked me. The answer was “Yes” I’m pleased to say. Next week we’re going camping Friday night. I’ve gotta ring Dave and tell him in the week.

There’s school tomorrow. Nice for me, ain’t it?

See ya, Me.

Monday 13th May 1974.

Dear Me, I’m really in a sad mood. On the telly was this programme about a Children’s home and that they need people to adopt them. Following the American style, they’re interviewing some of the kids on telly. Anyway, there was this boy of 12, he was the best looking boy I’ve seen for ages and I really would love him to live with us. His smile was just out of this world and his eyes, although he looked a bit Chinese, were really lovely. I’ll probably cry myself to sleep over him.

Gotta go now, Me.

Tuesday 14th May 1974.

Hi ! I rang Dave up tonight, but he wasn’t in, so I chatted to one of his brothers. Anyway, he told me that Dave was over the fields and he didn’t know what time he’d be in. Then I asked if he knew whether Dave was going camping at the weekend. The boy said he didn’t know, but he definitely knew Dave’s going at Whitsun. This boy said, “Does Dave know your number?. Have ya got a phone?”

I said “Yes”. He said “I’ll get him to ring you then!”

It’s now 10.40pm and he has not rung, probably too shy.


Wednesday 15th May 1974.

Hi. I’ve had a really great evening. You see, Julie S, Christine, Susan and Me all went out tonight. We stopped and talked to Terry J, who admitted I was a horse-face and I admitted he was a Wanker, Bender and Tosser.

Anyway, we also rang Dave up. He doesn’t know if he’s going camping this weekend, but he’s gonna see with his friend tomorrow and then ring me at 7.00pm.

I had a bath and washed my hair tonight. It’s really come up nice (my hair), even if I do say so myself.

Luv, Me.

Thursday 16th May 1974.

Dear Me, Dave didn’t ring me up tonight. (Sob! Sob!) Anyway, we’re not going camping on Friday night, but Saturday morning instead. (It’s not fair!) Mind you, he’s probably not even going, because he didn’t ring tonight.

Top of the Pops was on as usual. This is who was on: Jim Stafford, Bay City Rollers, Cliff Richard, Wizzard, Roubettes, Alvin Stardust, 3 Degrees, Status Quo, Another new group, Another 2 people from the Eurovision Song Contest and I can’t think who else.

Gotta go now, Signed, Me.

Friday 17th May 1974.

Hi ya, Been out with Susan, Julie S, Christine tonight. Anyway, we rang Dave up and he’s not going camping until Whitsun (next week). My Mum, Dad and Brother and Me walked Julie home tonight. She lives at least 2 miles away. It was a good evening.

At the moment, it’s 10.40pm and I’ve just had a bath and washed my hair. Then I dried it and now I’m in bed writing this.

Downstairs on the telly, I can hear the TV awards programme on.

See ya, Me.

Saturday 18th May 1974 .

Dear Me, I’m down the campsite. Anyway, there’s a whole group of boys, who’ve come on a walk from London. As me and Marina are the only 2 girls down here, every single one of them has chatted us up. I’ve decided I like the one who’s got a delicious smile. He was talking to both of us on the swings. After the hall had closed, they wanted to walk us back to our tent. But, we didn’t tell them where it was. So, they followed us. Not in so many words we told them to push- off. But, we both wished we hadn’t!


Sunday 19th May 1974.

Watcha! As Marina slept in my tent up the Youth Field with me, we both got up at 4.45am just to see those boys off, because they were getting up early. Anyway, we went over the toilets, walked round the field about 100 times and it was freezing cold. At 6.15am we watched them all get up and suffer, but I couldn’t see the one with the gorgeous smile and Marina couldn’t see her one. At 7.20am we went back to bed and missed them all. They all went home. (Sob Sob!)

See ya, (I’m not 2 timing Dave). Me.

Monday 20th May 1974.

Dear Me, At the moment, I’m in bed. Anyway, I forgot to tell you that Ray and Lee (down the campsite) brought a friend down with them this weekend. Well, he’s the ugliest boy I’ve ever seen (not trying to be horrible, but he was). He fancied me and kept coming over and talking to me.

Coming back to this evening, he rang me up tonight, asking me if I’d go to a disco with him up his school. (Broxhill, Harold Hill). I said “No”, because I’m already going out with Dave. Then later, Ray phoned up, not knowing his friend had already rung, and asked me to go with this boy. But, I still fancy Lee and I go out with Dave. What do I do?


Tuesday 21st May 1974.

Dear Me, It was “Sports Day” at school today. I came 3 rd in the Hurdles, 7 th in the 100 metres and we came last in the Relay. Never mind! At least we had a go!

Tonight, we all went up to the “Elm Park Hotel” for this Disco. 7.30-10.30

Anyway, when we got there it was packed and the thing had been cancelled. Yes, because lots of people, too young, came up there. The police sent us all away. (not fair!)

The new Top 20 was on, but I didn’t hear it. All I know is that “Sugar Baby Love” is no. 1


Wednesday 22nd May 1974.

Watcha! Me, Christine and Julie S. all went out tonight. Well, Julie came home to my house straight from school and we had toast for tea. Then we went back round Julie’s, expecting to meet Christine there at 7.00pm. But, no Christine. Instead, a phone call from my house saying she’d gone there. So we said we’d all go back and meet in Elm Park. After, we went back to Julie’s until 9.00pm when her Dad took us home.

By the way, if you’re wondering why Susan didn’t come tonight, it’s because she wouldn’t speak to me on Monday.


Thursday 23rd May 1974.

Hi, This is who was on “Top of the Pops” tonight: Anita Trinquetti, Roubettes, SPARKS, Show Waddy Waddy, Osmonds, Paper Lace, Cockney Rebel, Brian Ferry, Lena Zavaroni, Alan Price and I can’t think who else. There should be one more!

We break up from school tomorrow. Great, a whole week holiday. Wowee!!!

At school we had another boring day. Smelly Dee is just as awful as ever.

Gotta sign off now,

Luv and stuff, Me.

Friday 24th May 1974.

Dear Me, Tonight’s the night. Yes, when we go camping. It’s Whitsun Weekend and Dave’s gonna be down Kelvedon. (He said he was anyway!) I’m doing a sponsored walk tomorrow for Kelvedon’s C.C.Y. (Camping Club Youth). I’ve got quite a number of Sponsors, including Smelly Dee.

We broke up today, but it wasn’t all that exciting.

Stuart F. keeps giving me smiles. I still like him, just as I still like Lee. But, I simply go mad over Dave. Aaah!

See ya, Me.

Saturday 25th May 1974.

Hi. It’s Saturday and Dave’s not down here.

We did that Sponsored Walk. Ten miles. Cor! Ray and Lee did the walk too.

By the way, guess who’s down here? Yes, Mick and Martin. Two boys that we met last Whitsun.

Haven’t got anything else to say.

Bye, Me.

Sunday 26th May 1974.

It’s now Sunday and the Sports are on. I’ve just come 1 st Girl, 2 nd overall in the obstacle race. So I’ve won a record token.

There’s this boy, Paul S. who knows most of the boys in my class. He lives in Rainham. Anyway, I’ve been talking to him all day. He’s everso nice, even though I don’t fancy him. He’s just a friend to talk to! I reckon my Mum & Dad and his Mum & Dad think we fancy each other. (Nice!)

See ya, Me.

P.S. Sorry about the awful writing.

Monday 27th May 1974.

It’s Monday. Yes, when the Bank Holiday is almost over.

Today, we had to hunt for Johnny the Pirate (All the kids) and make him walk the plank of the swimming pool. Anyway, it ended up everybody being chucked in. Me as well !!! With all my clothes on too!

I’ve been talking to Paul most of this day.

By the way, my mate, Marina went to see David Cassidy yesterday. (Sob! Sob!)

Tara , Me.

Tuesday 28th May 1974.

As you know, most weekend campers were suppose to go home yesterday. But, my family have decided to stay on for another day, because the weather’s so nice. At the moment, I’m sitting in the caravan on my own. You see, Mum, Dad, Toni and Trevor have gone home for the day, so my Mum can do her washing etc. But, now I’ve been told we’re staying for another whole week. Great!

Last night, me, Elaine & Cathy went in Mick and Martin’s tent. What a laugh it was! Me.

Wednesday 29th May 1974.

Watcha! Mick and Martin are going home today at 6.00pm. Again, last night we went in with them. It was a real laugh because they got a bit merry! And Mick started playing football at 1.00am. It was a right laugh.

It’s quite boring down here. Nothing much to do. Just laze in the sun or anything else.

The two boys, Mick and Martin are coming back here in a couple of weeks, because these other two girls are coming down. Even though they can’t stand one of them.


Thursday 30th May 1974.

It’s not fair!

We’re gonna miss “Top of the Pops” tonight. Yeah, because we ain’t got our portable telly with us. Not to worry. I’ll probably just have to miss

“Darling David” and all the other good ones.

I’m really quite enjoying my little holiday down here. Ray and Lee came down this afternoon. I still fancy Lee. I wish, wish, wish he still liked ME. They didn’t have any money to get home with. I would’ve lent them some money if I had it.


Friday 31st May 1974.

The week’s almost over. All the weekend campers are coming back on this Friday night. Ray and Lee are coming down tomorrow. Cathy’s got something special to say to Lee. I think you might know what it is. Yeah, you’re probably right. That I wanna go out with him again. “Love is a very splendid thing”. I don’t somehow think he will, but you never know.

Gotta sign off now, Me.

P.S. If you’re wondering why I don’t speak about Dave, well Elaine & Cathy told me that he told them he didn’t like me, but didn’t know how to tell me. Sob! Sob!

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