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Smurfette’s Diaries January 1974

Tuesday 1st January 1974.

Dear Me, It’s the New Year and I’ve made some resolutions. They are as follows:
1) To be good, kind & considerate.
2) Not to swear or be rude.
3) Not to think or look at boys so much.
4) To be fussy about my appearance.

Today it’s very cold and there’s ice in the air. I had to wear my Mum’s gloves. Boy oh boy! Did I get some funny looks!!!
As the power & energy crisis is still on, it looks as if we’ll soon be using candles and riding bikes everywhere. Hope it’s not like this in 1974.

Wednesday 2nd January 1974.

Hi! It’s Me, Me.
Just written in to say or tell me everything that I’ve done or will be doing today. This morning I went down the shops and saw Terry J. I said watcha and he ignored me. Well you can’t have them all. Probably coz I won’t go out with him. Doesn’t really bother me though. Mum’s banned me from going out in the morning, coz it’s not fair to Toni & Jane (Tone’s camping friend). So Mum said I can only go out in the afternoons. Not to worry, there’s never anywhere to go. It’s such a dump. I went round Sue’s this afternoon. We played David Cassidy cassettes.

Thursday 3rd January 1974.

Haven’t done much today. Got up this morning at about 11am. Had a bath and washed my hair. Then went down the shops with Jane & Trevor. Laurence L. was down there and Jane said he waved to me. I wish I’d have waved back, but I didn’t see him do it. He probably thinks I don’t like him. (Boo hoo!)
This afternoon I went to Elm Park with Sue and then I met my Mum there to help her with the shopping.
Now it’s 6pm & I’m sitting on the settee writing this diary. Top of the Pops is on at 7.20pm. (Oh Goodo!)

Friday 4th January 1974.

Morning! (Or is it afternoon?) Anyway, it’s 12.35pm and I’m still in bed. (It’s a disgrace, an utter disgrace.) There’s only one more weekday until we go back to school, so I’m making the most of it. (Why not, I ask myself. Why not?) I’ve been playing Cluedo & cards with Trevor since 10.45am. I’m hoping to go & get David Cassidy’s LP, “Dreams are nuthin’ more than wishes” this afternoon, with £2.00 from Christmas.
It’s now 7.15pm and I have got David Cassidy’s LP. It’s great. Jane came with me to get it. (Wasn’t that nice of her?)
See ya.

Saturday 5th January 1974.

It’s coming up to 4 o’clock on this rotten old, raining Saturday. At the moment, I’ve got my loony friend, Sue, sitting opposite me, giggling her head off. I’ve just farted. (Sorry, I forgot my manners. It should have been that I passed wind). If you’re wondering why my writing’s so terrible, blame it on Susan. Oops! There she goes again! Sue’s just saying that a picture looks like David Cassidy. Considering it IS him………
Whoever reads this after me & Sue, please keep it in a condition how you’d expect to find it. Must sign off now,
Me, fans.

Sunday 6th January 1974.

It’s Sunday morning and I’m laying in bed writing this. Sue’s coming round at
2 o’clock and we’ll probably go over the building site.
My Mum & Dad are decorating. They’ve just finished the landing and next is their bedroom. Mine doesn’t need to be done, coz it’s covered in David Cassidy & Sweet pictures.

Monday 7th January 1974.

Good Morning. Oh no! I’ve done it again, it’s 12.08pm, it’s afternoon & I’m still in bed! Well, why shouldn’t I? We go back to school tomorrow. I got my transistor working last night & I’ve been playing it ever since. I did a good deed for myself last night, by tidying up my bedroom & sticking some more David Cassidy pictures on the wall and cupboard door.

Sorry about the writing, but it’s very awkward writing in bed.

Be back tomorrow. BYE!

Tuesday 8th January 1974.

Back to school today & what a day it was. We had tons of homework, but I have done it all. (Swotty knickers!) It was good to be back with all my mates.
As I was just leaving school tonight, my Music Teacher came up & told me that I’d passed my Grade 1V clarinet exam with merit. (It deserves a pat on the back I think!!!)
Me & Sue have been just as mad as usual today.
Gotta sign off now,
Luv, Me.
P.S. Sweet David Cassidy dreams coz it’s 10.40pm.

Wednesday 9th January 1974.

Second day at school today. It was quite good, but Laurence L. is ignoring me. I feel so sad. He’s going round with a girl called Lyndsey. I’m jealous. He liked me for a little while, but then he said I got on his nerves. I can’t cry over spilt milk now. Sobs & sniffs.
P.S. I still luv Laurence.

Thursday 10th January 1974.

Dear Me,
At the moment I’m sitting on the loo, writing this diary, listening to my tranny. Was alright at school today, but Stuart T. (boy in my class) has got a friend who fancies me. Stuart was asking all my mates my phone no. so he could give it to his friend. I don’t know what I’ll do if he rings me up.
There wasn’t quite so much homework tonight, but it took me 1 ½ hours just to do Maths. (There was only one question).
Laurence L. still looks as gorgeous as ever, but I don’t suppose he’ll ever ask me out again.

Friday 11th January 1974.

It’s 10.04pm and I’ve been in bed since 8.00pm. coz I’m not well. At school today, Sue broke up with me again. (She did yesterday as well). We’ve made up with each other now.
At school I still see Laurence L. and I still love him. If only I hadn’t followed him anywhere at all. When I’m in the 3rd Year he might think I’ve grown up a bit and decide to go out with me.
It’s not very good music on my tranny at the moment, but that’s ok, I’ve got D. Cassidy & Sweet staring at me from every direction.

These pages include the week that I skived off school !!!

Saturday 12th January 1974.

Afternoon Me,
How are you feeling today? Not too bad, but I’m very hungry. You see, I’m not suppose to be eating anything.
The Sweet are no. 1 in the Capital charts. I love their records and of course, Brian Connolly. I’m too young to go and see him. (Sadness).
I’ve got nothing interesting to say today. It’s quite good listening to my tranny. Cozy Powell’s on at the moment, with “Dance with the Devil”. I don’t know what I’d do without my radio.
See ya, Me.
P.S. Hurry up and get better. I will, don’t you worry.

Sunday 13th January 1974.

Dear Me,
I’m better now. I got up this morning and had a bath and washed my hair. But my Mum says I’ve still got to stay indoors.
Three boys rang me up last night. First a boy called Nick, then John E. & Richard J. They asked me to go round their house and play records. Then Terry J. rang up and asked me if I wanted to go to a party. But I refused to speak to him. (Nasty, aren’t I?)
P.S. It’s my Nan’s Birthday today. I haven’t bought her anything.

Monday 14th January 1974.

Hello Me,
It’s been quite good today. My Mum seems to be in a very good mood. She’s being very nice to me & Toni.
Tomorrow I’m making bread in Science, but I’ll tell you how that turns out tomorrow.
I’ve got another craze on this boy at school. His name’s Michael W. He’s got a lovely personality and gorgeous hair. But, Laurence L.’s still my no. 1. I’m hoping there’s still a chance that he’ll like me again.
Luv, Me.

Tuesday 15th January 1974.

Hi, been to school today and had to make that bread. I promised to tell you how it turned out, so here goes:
It was lovely, but the crust was really hard like rock.
In school, the inevitable struck for the first time. It’s a new experience.
The Sweet have gone straight in the charts at no.6. It’s great! D. Cassidy’s out of the “Top 30”.
I’ve had another row with Sue, but as usual, we made up again at the end of school. See ya.
P.S. Be back same time tomorrow.

Wednesday 16th January 1974.

Dear Me,
Just written in to say that it hasn’t been much of a day. The rain & wind are the worst yet, for some years, so the Newsman said.
I’m listening to my tranny as usual. My Mum keeps asking me if I feel alright, because my face looks funny. She knows I’m on. (I reckon half the World knows now.)
I’ve decided I don’t like Michael W. now. I luv Laurence L. still.
Be back tomorrow,

Thursday 17th January 1974.

Hi, I’ve been in bed all day. I didn’t go to school because I’ve got a headache, a sore throat, a cough and bad cold.
My writing is very untidy. I just can’t control my pen. Toni stayed home with me. (Isn’t that nice of her?)
here's the very bad handwriting
Although I’ve got plenty of room left, I can’t be bothered to write anymore.

Friday 18th January 1974.

I’ve been in bed all day and have nothing to say. When I’m better you’ll probably see I haven’t got enough room to write everything I want to.
See ya,
Luv, Me.

Saturday 19th January 1974.

Dear Me,
I’ve been in bed again all day for the third day running. (Ready everybody – Aaah!!!)
I’ve just gotta think about letting Laurence L. out of my life. I know it’s going to be hard, but I’ll try.
Be back tomorrow,

Sunday 20th January 1974.

Good morning, I’m still in bed. My brother, Trevor’s been very good to me. Every day, he’s been down the shops getting me sweets or a comic. He’s down there at the moment.
My Mum & Dad are decorating the lounge, so they said it’s best if I stayed in bed, as they’ve got no heating on. My Mum says I’ll probably go back to school on Wednesday. Lucky, aren’t I?

Monday 21st January 1974.

Hi ! I’m feeling better this morning, but Toni’s now got a cough, but my Mum & I think she’s only jealous and wants the day off with me.
Last night my Mum said it’d be better if I got up, had a wash & got dressed this morning. I can’t be bothered though, so I’m still in bed.
You can guess what I’ve got to keep me company. Yes. You were right. My tranny.
Gotta sign off now,

Tuesday 22nd January 1974.

Good morning. Looks as if Toni’s jealousy hasn’t worn off, because she’s still at home with me. She’s putting on a cough and pretending to have a headache. Poof! I don’t believe a word of it.
Anyway, the “Top 20”s on in 40 minutes, so I’ve got that to cheer me up.
Mum says that she’s gonna take me over the Doctor’s tonight, to get something for my cough & sore throat.
Yesterday I went out for the first time in 5 days.
Au revoir and all that stuff.

Wednesday 23rd January 1974.

Hi ! I’ve got great news. The doctor says I’ve gotta have the rest of the week off. Toni has as well. That means I’ll have had 7 school days off!
Yesterday I listened to “Top 20” and Mud are no. 1. The Sweet are no.2 (not fair. They’re always no.2).
I wonder how Laurence L. is. I haven’t been to school to see him. He’s probably just as gorgeous as ever.
I’m gonna have to go now, coz my sister’s just come in.

Thursday 24th January 1974.

Watcha, I’ve been a good girl and taken my medicine. Gotta have some cough mixture in a minute. Yuk!!
Great, I’ve had all this time off school. I’ve got to go back on Monday. There’s only tomorrow left for a lay-in. Not to worry.
The Osmonds are on my tranny at the moment. 539m Capital is a great station. The Sweet were on Top of the Pops tonight. Gotta go now, there’s no room,

Friday 25th January 1974.

Hi. Had a good sleep. I didn’t wake up until 11.45am. Then I had a bowl of porridge and after that, I went down and got some chips for dinner. I’m going back to school on Monday. I’ve had quite a good holiday, even if I am ill.
I’m probably gonna go down my old school this afternoon. My brother’ll be my excuse. I’ll go and pick him up, then bump accidentally into one of the teachers.
Signed, Me.

Saturday 26th January 1974.

I didn’t go down the school yesterday. I couldn’t be bothered. I’ve been to Elm Park with Sue this morning and I’m meant to be meeting her at 2.00pm, but I haven’t even had my dinner yet. It’s 1.50pm.
My nose keeps running. (Well run after it then.) Ha! Ha! Wasn’t that funny? No comment. Alright, you don’t have to laugh. I won’t.
David Cassidy was on the Partridge Family this morning. He’s just as gorgeous as ever. See ya,

Sunday 27th January 1974.

Watcha! At the moment I’m sitting in my Dad’s car with Sue. We’re both having a mad mood, writing our diaries.
Tomorrow I’m going back to school. Smelly Dee will be there, the S.O.S.He’ll probably make some crack as to why I’ve been absent.
Sue’s got the hiccups and every time she hiccups, she bangs her head on the window. (Mad if you ask me). Sorry! I’ve just passed wind.
Signed by,

Monday 28 th January 1974.

Hi ! It’s Me,

It was good at school today, but have I got lots of copying up to do!

The new Top 20 will be on tomorrow. I’ll probably take my tranny illegally to school, but I’ll tell you no. 1 tomorrow night.

Laurence L. doesn’t even notice me, he’s with Lyndsey all the time. I’m so upset. Not to worry, there’s plenty more fish in the sea (that’s my Dad’s saying).

Bye, Me.

Tuesday 29 th January 1974.

Dear Me,

I said I’d tell you who is no.1 so I will.

no.1/ Mud no.2/ Sweet no.3/ New Seekers no.4/ Leo Sayer.

At school it was quite good, but I hate my teacher, Smelly Dee. He’s always got something to moan about. Sue’s just as loony as ever. Well, we’re both good at being stupid.
Trevor got a letter from little Ricky and now we’ve got their address, I can write to Kim.

Signed, Me.

P.S. The weather’s got worse.

Wednesday 30 th January 1974.

Dear Me,

At the moment I’m in school And Smelly Dee is rabitting on about the school swimming gala. Sue’s looking at me very funnily. Now she’s burst out laughing. I’m sneakily watching her leg swing to & fro under the desk. Smelly Dee’s still jabbering on.

Jeremy W’s. just looked at me. (He looks like a fish).

Now I’m at home and I’m in the middle of my homework.

See ya, Me.

Thursday 31 st January 1974.

Hi ! It’s Me,

It was terrible at school today. Laurence L. was talking to his friends about me and he was calling me a slag and taking the mickey out of me. I hate him now.

It was quite good in art. We were allowed to play radios and we listened for the whole morning.

I haven’t been given any homework today. (Must have gone mad).

Top of the Pops is on tonight. I hope The Sweet are on.

Signed, Me.

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