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This is when I started at my new school

This is when I started at my new school. Although they hardly get mentioned, I met my two best friends there, Heather & Andrea. We’re still best friends 32 years on, although Andrea now lives in Australia!

Monday 1st July 1974.

Hi ! Thought I’d use the flash pen seems I didn’t get a chance to use it at school today. By the way, I’ve decided I hate the school. Everybody seems nice, but it’s just not what I’m used to.

I was crying today, because I didn’t like it and the Mistress took me to the class where I was suppose to be and told the class to be nice to me. I felt a right “Dick”. When I got home I cried even more. My Mum says stay on ‘til’ the end of term and if I still don’t like it, I can leave! But, I’m dreading those 3 weeks.

I’m now going to write to Julie S.

See ya,

Unhappy, Me.

Tuesday 2nd July 1974.

Hi. I went to sleep crying last night and this morning I was crying too. I’ve found out what is making me cry. It’s that I miss all my old mates and my school. I cried tonight because I wanted to go back home and I’m crying now. It’s terrible! Tonight, my Mum was crying too. I made her cry, because I was crying.

I got a letter from Sue at dinnertime (when I came home to dinners.) It was really funny, but it makes me feel sad when I think of her and everybody else.


Wednesday 3rd July 1974.

Dear Me, I’ve been alright today. My Mum didn’t have to go to work, so she picked me up from school at dinnertime. It was a bit better today.

I rang Measy up tonight. It was good to be able to speak to her. Kim A. is apparently going out with Terry J, Susan W. and Beverley P.(these two old 3 rd Year girls) with Bobby J. Then Jane V. with Bobby B. (this girl who used to be in the juniors). I’ve missed all the good fun that’s been going on. (Not fair!)

It’s 10.45pm and I’m now going to get under the covers and go to sleep.

Luv, Me.

Thursday 4th July 1974.

Dear Me, I think I’m beginning to get used to school now. My Mum again had to work a whole day today, so she went down to my old school and saw the Headmaster. She told him about me being upset and he thinks I’m in the wrong school. I’m too brainy for it. (He said I was in the Top 3 of my class there). He reckons I ought to go to the other school here, but from what I’ve heard it’s much rougher.

I made bread rolls in cookery. They really turned out nice. I’m pleased.

Luv, Me.

Friday 5th July 1974.

Hi ya, Thought I’d use the flash pen for a change again. Although this page is about Friday, I’m writing it today, Saturday.

Me and Marina are up the youth field and so are Lee and his cousin, Glen.

Anyway, Marina & me slept in their tent all night. (We didn’t actually sleep, but just stayed there all night!)

At the moment, it’s 8.05am (Saturday). Paul should be down the campsite this morning. I hope so, I’m really looking forward to seeing him.

By the way, Glen fancies me and last night he kept cuddling me. I don’t like him ‘coz’ I still like Lee as you already know!


Saturday 6th July 1974.

Watcha! Paul S. did come down here this morning. He really looks nice! But, Andrew told Paul that I fancied him and so Paul told me he was already going out with a girl. It’s not fair! He’s still being nice to me, thank goodness!

I haven’t been with Lee, Glen or Marina all day. They probably thought “Oh sod ya then!”

In a minute my Mum’s doing the disco for a topsy-turvy dance. It’s 7.20pm.

I hope I’m still gonna be allowed to sleep in marina’s tent tonight, seems as I have not even said “Hello!”


Sunday 7th July 1974.

Dear Me, It’s 9.33pm and we’ve just got back from Kelvedon. I’ve been with Paul all day (well most of the day anyway). Last night, Lee & Glen asked Paul if he’d go out with me and I didn’t know nothing about it. He said “No”. For one thing I’m too tall and another, he goes out with a girl called Anita. But, I still really like him. He’s everso nice to me!

I haven’t been with Marina all day. Last night, she slept with the boys again ‘coz’ I woke up without her being in her own tent.

See ya, Me.

Monday 8th July 1974.

Dear Me, Went to school today. It was alright! We first of all had French, then Art, then after dinner, Geography and Science.

Tonight, I went and knocked for the girl over the back, Alison. She used to live in Harold Hill and her dad was a milkman. Well, he delivered all down Gary K’s road and down Ray P’s road and down Lee’s road. A very small world, don’t you think?

Anyway, we went for a long walk with this other girl, Heather. It made a change from being here.


Tuesday 9th July 1974.

Watcha! Had quite a good day at school. You see, most of the class went on a trip to Greenwich. There was only 5 of us girls and 7 boys. It was a good laugh with such a little class.

I’m waiting for a reply to Susan’s and Julie’s letters. I should get one tomorrow, that’s if they’ve written back quick.

At the moment, I’m laying in bed writing this diary. It’s 10.25pm. My sister’s still downstairs, but my brother’s in his bedroom.


P.S. I like this 2nd year boy, David P. and a 3rd year boy, Robert C.

Wednesday 10th July 1974.

Hi, Me. It’s been an alright day. I find the school days go much quicker here, because there’s only 4 lessons a day, which last an hour each (only once do we have 2 half lessons).

I had a bath and washed my hair tonight. This Bristows shampoo is really nice.

At the moment, I’m sitting upstairs on the loo, even though I’m not going to the toilet!

Downstairs, Charles Aznavour (who’s still no. 1 by the way) is doing a concert with Liza Minnelli.

See ya, Me.

Thursday 11th July 1974.

Dear Me, Had a great evening. You see, Me and Toni went down to the fair near us. It was great. While Toni was on the Big Wheel, I decided to go on this rocket thing which had a ski-jump. Guess who I went on there with? Yes, obert C. He was really gorgeous. Martin and all his mates were there and we went around with them as well. I’m gonna start following this boy, but not so that he gets sick of me. I just can’t wait until tomorrow. School!

See ya, Me.

Friday 12th July 1974.

Dear Me, We all went over Dick & Joan’s house (Mum & Dad’s friends) in Basildon tonight. Anyway, they’ve got this son, Glen, who’s 15. He used to fancy me, but I didn’t like him. I saw him tonight and he’s really tasty now. I think he might still fancy me. (Nice!)

You know that boy, Robert? Well I’ve decided I don’t like him, ‘coz’ Martin supposedly told Toni that he can’t stand me. (Not that I care!) Also, Martin said that he doesn’t go out with girls, he’s just a scrounger.
Goodnight, I’m thinking of Glen.


Saturday 13th July 1974.

Hi, I’ve just come to bed in a huff, ‘coz’ my f***ing sister, Toni, didn’t help with the wiping up. She reckons she made the cakes and washed that stuff up and today, I did the washing & wiping up of the breakfast things, dinner things as well. The whole f***ing house makes me sick.

Glen’s been on my mind all day. If only I’d have liked him when he used to fancy me, but I think he might still fancy me. I’ve got his phone number.

See ya tomorrow,


Sunday 14th July 1974.

Dear Me, I’ve got great news. I’m now going out with Glen B. You see, this afternoon, 5 o’clock, I rang him up. He said he didn’t mind me ringing and also he asked if I’d go to the pictures with him tonight. I said “No”, so he said about some other time. I can’t wait. I told him not to tell his Mum or Dad and he said he wouldn’t. Luckily, my excuse for ringing was that Toni had left her earrings there.

It’s 10.35pm and my brother’s gotta sleep in our room, ‘coz’ my Nan’s staying for the week

See ya, Me.

Monday 15th July 1974.

Hi, My Mum informed me at 11.00pm last night that I was having the day off of school today. So I did. You see, I had to stay with my Nan while the men delivered our new fridge, new deep freeze and colour television. It’s really a nice telly. We can get a beautiful clear picture on BBC1 and a nice clear picture on Southern (ITV).

I’m thinking of Glen all the time. If only he would hurry up and come over. But, I’m still not sure whether I really do like him. Of course I do.

Toni went back to school today. (She’s staying on at our old one, ‘coz’ she’s nearly 16.) She gave a letter to Marie for me.

Tuesday 16th July 1974.

Watcha, It’s been quite a good day at school today. You see, this boy in my class, Martin M, asked me to go out with him. I’m not sure if he was playing about or not.

I got a letter from Sue today. Also, I gave Toni letters to Kay, Deb, Julie and Elaine. She did give them to them. I think all the class miss me. Aaah!

Glen just keeps looming up in my mind all the time. He’s so nice, but I like him, but I’m not sure if I really am ready to go out with him yet.

See ya, Me.

Wednesday 17th July 1974.

Dear Me, I had a real shock this morning! I got a letter from Glen. Yes! My Mum read it, she likes him. I pleaded with her not to tell anyone and she promised not to. But, when my Dad & sister came home from work, they both started teasing me. He’s coming over probably next Thursday or Friday. Nice, but I’m quite scared.

At the moment it’s 9.04pm and I’m sitting on the loo. In a minute I’ve got to have a bath and wash my hair.

By the way, got a letter from Coral today and also gave Toni a reply to Sue’s letter, to give to her.


Thursday 18th July 1974.

Hi there, It’s 9.37pm and I’m in bed after a tiring day at school, in which I watched a boring film all morning and made a fruit ring in Cookery all afternoon.

I should think Glen’s in Wales by now. You see, he’s gone on a field trip with the school to Snowdon. I wish I’d have gone with him (Shame!)

My Mum’s left St. George’s today. She cried when she got home. (Now she knows what it’s like to leave all your friends. I went through it all!)

Gotta go now,


Friday 19th July 1974.

Hi, Got a letter from Julie S. this morning and this evening I got one from Debbie, Julie C. Lynne N. and Susan. She says she won’t come to stay cause it’ll cause too much bother for us all. So my Mum told me to write and say that she’d pick Susan up. But now, my Dad says that if she wants to come, she comes herself, by train. I’ve just torn up the letter I was writing and come to bed, crying. It’s not fair, I won’t see none of my friends at all these hols.

Thinking of Glen makes me cry more.

See ya,


Saturday 20th July 1974.

Dear Me, I got a postcard from the one and only this morning. Yes, it was from Glen. He’s really kind and thoughtful, the sort of boy that I like. He’s coming home from Wales on Tuesday.

This evening, Me, Mum, Dad, Trevor and Nan all went for a long walk round the country. It was really good. And to end the evening, we sat downstairs eating hot dogs with onions. Really nice!

It’s 11.30pm. I’m just doing a wee and writing this diary. Trevor’s outside waiting to go a loo.

See ya, Me.

Sunday 21st July 1974.

Hi ya, My Mum & Dad & Nan & Toni & Trevor have all been teasing me about Glen.

Tonight, we had to take my Nan home, then we went back to our old house and after that we called round Sue’s to see if she’d be allowed to stay with us for a week. Her Mum made lots of excuses why she couldn’t stay with us. So, I’m gonna ring Marie up tomorrow, to see if she can come. If not, Julie S. but she’s gone on holiday with Lynne N.

Luv, Me.

Monday 22nd July 1974.

Hi, We’ve had a really good day. You see, my Mum & Dad are on holiday from work and so at about 5.00pm we all went down to Chalkwell for a swim in the sea. My Mum didn’t go in because of certain reasons. It was really great fun. The sea was warmer than the air itself.

By the way, I rang Marie up this morning and she says she thinks she will be able to come, but not for the whole week as her Mum & Dad woild be off of work holidaying. Also, it wasn’t definite ‘coz’ her Mum & Dad were at work. I’ll ring her tomorrow and find out.


Tuesday 23rd July 1974.


Dear Me, Yes, it’s all arranged. Marie is coming to stay. Her Mum & Dad are gonna bring her down on Sunday morning and she’ll stay until Wednesday night (or longer if she wants to).

Glen got home from Wales, I presume, today. He said he was on his postcard. Also, he’ll be down on Thursday or Friday. (Yuk! I’m scared.) I keep telling my Mum that I don’t like him, but I do really. He’s great.

My Dad took me & Trevor to Chalkwell for a swim again. It was much better than yesterday. The water, I thought, was much warmer.

See ya, Me.

Wednesday 24th July 1974.

If you read yesterday’s, you’ll see that I put that Glen was coming down on Thursday or Friday. Well, it’s Thursday tomorrow. I’m really scared. My Mum said to me just as I was coming to bed, “What time’s Glen coming over?” She said it in front of everyone just to embarrass me. I’m really quite scared. (Silly of me).

We all went on a bus to Southend today. I bought my sister a late birthday present with a £1.00 my Mum lent me & Trevor. We bought her Womble ( Orinoco) talc, foundation cream and black mascara. It came to 90p altogether.


Thursday 25th July 1974.

Watcha, It’s now about 10.50pm and luckily Glen didn’t come over. I’m pleased, but it probably means he’s coming tomorrow. Shall I hide? I won’t know what to say.

My Nan came over for the day. She stayed to dinner & to tea. Quite a good day I suppose.

Our garden is looking quite shipshape. It’s a split-level but there are no turfs laid down yet. It’s just top-soil. It still looks nice. Also, one side of the garden is fenced off.

Me & Toni were playing badminton with Martin & David most of the evening.


Friday 26th July 1974.

Dear Me, Phew, am I glad today is over. You see, Glen didn’t come down today either. I wanted him to come, yet I didn’t want everyone to tease me.

Me & Toni have, most of the day, been in with Martin playing cards, Mousetrap & Cluedo. It was quite enjoyable. Then we played badminton.

It’s Saturday tomorrow. Hurray!

The “Partridge Family” was on Southern tonight. But, it was one we’d seen a few weeks ago on ITV (London Weekend).

Gotta go now, Thinking of HIM (Glen),


Saturday 27th July 1974.

Hi ya, At the moment, I’m laying in bed, it’s 11.45p.m and I’ve just scoffed a chocolate which Toni gave me. You see, she’s been down the campsite on her own for the day. Anyway, Jane gave her a box of chocolates for her birthday. (They are scrumptious!) I wrote to Glen today, I feel ever so stupid. Also I wrote to Julie S.

I got a letter from Sue this morning. Her mum says that she can’t come to stay here, but she expects me to get train rides over there just for one day. Hard luck I won’t be going.

See ya,


Sunday 28th July 1974

Watcha, Measy’s here. I’ve been waiting half an hour to write this diary, while she’s read most of it.

Today we went over the park. I climbed up a wall and couldn’t get down again. So, these boys & Marie told me to do it a certain way. I did, and fell, grazing both arms.

We went round Mark W’s house, but he wasn’t in. Also, we phoned Glen up & Colin answered the phone. He said that Glen was on holiday for 2 weeks. Rather strange!

Tara ,


Monday 29th July 1974

Hi ya, We went round Mark W’s today. He hasn’t changed a bit, except that he’s got a few spots and his voice is breaking. He said that he would come round and see us later that evening. He did.

Me & Marie met up with Paul M. I think he’s everso nice. David P. came out too. We went over the park and everywhere. It was quite a good evening.

I’m glad Measy’s here ‘coz’ she’s helped me make friends. (Aah, ain’t that nice of her?)

Gotta sign off now,

Tara ,

Luv & Stuff

Tuesday 30th July 1974

Dear me, Woke up at 11.30a.m this morning. Had a wash and went down the shops to get chips for dinner. After that, we came home and went to talk to Paul & Mark. Later this evening, we went over the park with Paul, Mark & David. I thought it was good. Mark likes me, but I don’t fancy him, ‘coz’ I like Paul, David & him all the same. (I really think Paul’s better).

Anyway I’m supposed to be going out with Glen B.

See ya.

Wednesday 31st July 1974

Hi there, It was Measy’s last day here today. We got up at 10.30 am (after listening to my mum crying half the night ‘coz’ she don’t like it here, and my dad threatening to leave!) After us both washing our hair we went down the shops and got our dinner. Chips & a cake.

This afternoon, we went out in the street and talked to Paul M, Mark W (he’s started coming out now I’m around!) and David P. It was quite a laugh. After that Marie had to be taken home and we’ve just got back from Cheryl’s. It’s 11.50 p.m. I’m staying at Cheryl’s next week form Sunday.


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