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This was the week I got out of the School Swimming Gala!!!

This was the week I got out of the School Swimming Gala!!!

Friday 1st February 1974.

Well it’s the 1st Feb. and here I am in my form room, just writing this. It’s break time. We’ve got double maths next. How terrible!

The Sweet weren’t on Top of the Pops last night. But Mud were.

I’m now at home. The double maths lesson this morning wasn’t as bad as I thought. I actually understood what Smelly Dee was on about.

It’s quite good on telly tonight, but also tomorrow the “Partridge Family” are on. Can’t wait.

See ya, Me.

Saturday 2nd February 1974.

Hi ! I haven’t been around with Sue today, as she said she had the flu yesterday. I don’t believe her.

Mick and Edy are suppose to be coming over tonight, but they don’t always keep their promises.

Toni went to work for the first time today in Littlewoods at Romford. She earns £3.00 for a Saturday. Good, if you ask me.

I watched the “Partridge Family” this morning. Andy & David Williams were in it. I still think David Cassidy’s better.

Gotta sign off, Me.

Sunday 3rd February 1974.

Dear Me, It’s today. (Clever aren’t I?) I’ve just eaten a gorgeous, super, (wait for it) fantastic, excruciating, ICE LOLLY!!! It was lemon flavour.

I’ll be going over myNan’s for tea tonight. It’s ages since we had tea with her.

Mick & Edy didn’t come over last night. I knew they wouldn’t.

The new people in Kim & Ricky’s house are horrible. I think they are anyway.

See ya tomorrow,


Monday 4th February 1974.

Hi ! Just popped in to write all about today. Nothing exciting’s happened as usual.

I’m spose to be in the swimming gala tomorrow, but I don’t wanna be in it. The boys P.E. teacher said I had to, but I said I can’t. (You know the reasons even if they aren’t true). He kept asking me WHY? I went and told our P.E. teacher and she said to have a word with my form teacher (another Man), coz he’d be able to get somebody to take my place. I haven’t asked him. I’m getting my Mum to write a note.


Tuesday 5th February 1974.

Watcha, Had quite a good day at school today. The Top 20 was on and Sweet are still no. 2  Mud are no. 1 again.

The swimming gala is on tonight and I got away with my excuse at school. My Mum wrote a note and I had to give it in to the Man P.E. teacher. Luckily, he didn’t even read it!

My Mum’s decided she wants to read my David Cassidy life story book. But so far she hasn’t got further than the first couple-o-words.


Wednesday 6th February 1974.

Dear Me, It’s 10.25pm and I’m sitting on my bed listening to Lulu singing “The Man who sold the World” on my tranny.

I’ve just been a good girl and tidied my bedroom and dressing table up.

It was quite good at school today. We came 2nd in the swimming gala overall, last night.

Top of the Pops is on tomorrow. It’s about time David Cassidy had a new single out. The Sweet will probably be on. I’ll tell you about it after I’ve watched the programme.

Gotta sign off now,Me.xxx

Thursday 7th February 1974.

Dear Me, Top of the Pops was on at its usual time tonight. The Sweet were on right at the beginning, so we didn’t see them singing. David Cassidy hasn’t got a new single out yet, perhaps next week.

It was quite good at school. Colin B. kept chatting me & Sue up. He’s got something about him that I really like. I spose I fancy him, but it’s a secret between you & me. Nobody else!

My tranny’s on again as usual. A person called Barry White’s on, singing

“I’m never gonna give you up”.

See ya, Me.

Friday 8th February 1974.

Hi! Been to school again today (as usual). Susan broke up with me, just because I told my mate, Kay, a secret and I didn’t tell her. (Silly old cow. That’s what she called me).

Anyway, I’m going out with Kay tomorrow. So if she knocks for me, I won’t be in.

Colin’s really tasty! I’m going to send him a Valentine’s Card. Actually, the secret I told Kay, was that I fancy Colin. Kay said to Sue, “Lyn’s got a secret lover” and when I wouldn’t tell her who, she called me all the names under the sun and said I only wanted people to ask questions about it.


Saturday 9th February 1974.

Dear Me, What a day it’’s been. It’s been raining most of the day and I’ve hardly been out. Well that’s a lie, I went down the shops and then went out with Mum and Dad to Hornchurch.

The Partridge Family was on this morning. It was as good as always. I’m having my hair cut, like Susan Day’s now got hers. It should suit me!

My Mum and Dad went out to a dance last night and they’re going out again tonight. MyNan’s staying with us, thank goodness.


Sunday 10th February 1974.

Watcha Me, So far the day’s going well. Last night I had to sleep on the settee. Actually, I’m still in my nightdress, laying on the settee now and it’s 12.10pm.

It’s now 4.50pm and I’m dressed!

The Top 20’s on at 6.00pm and I’m going to take it down on paper.

I’ve got to do a lot of revising for a Maths test in school tomorrow.

I’ve been playing my David Cassidy LP most of the afternoon. I feel better after it’s been played.

See ya, Me.

Monday 11th February 1974.

Dear Me, At the moment, I’m in my form room writing this diary. I’m meant to be revising for my Maths test. Deborah D. is yacking away behind me and I just can’t stop laughing.

SmellyDeejust said that it’s a bit dangerous if I bring my diary to school. (Doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Silly man!)

At 10.10pm Colditz is on. (I must watcheth that). My latest craze today is to speaketh in the Olde English wayeth. (mad, aren’t I not?) Yeseth.

Goodbyeth, Me’eth. Xxxx’eth.

Tuesday 12th February 1974.

Hi! I’m in the dreary old form room again. The Top 20 was on.

Sweet no. 4   Lulu no. 3   Susi Quatro no. 2   Mud no. 1

We’ve got no homework at all tonight. I didn’t have any yesterday either, because I did it all in school.

There’s nothing much on the tellyvizion tonight, so I’m going to play cards.

Now I’m at home. Cor! There’re some really tasty workmen outside. (Well, one really). They keep speaking to me. Wollop! Kerunch!

Signed, Me.

Wednesday 13th February 1974.

Watcha, It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow. I’m suppose to be sending Colin B. one, but I haven’t even got a card. (Or money, come to think of it). He’s sitting over by the wall at the moment. There’s just something about him which makes me fancy him. Sue likes him as well. But not half as much as me.

Old fish-face, Jeremy, has got orange and yellow striped socks on.

Hi! I’m back again. It’s 7.20pm and I bought a Valentine’s Card for Colin on the way home from school. It cost 10p.

See ya, Me.

Thursday 14th February 1974.

Dear Me, How are you? Oh, very well, thankyou! Top of the Pops is on at 7.55pm.

My mate, Marie, put the card in Colin’s desk this morning and this boy David R. said it was my writing. Colin seemed to be quite nice to me today. I think I luv him.

I made some more bread today, but this time in cookery. Next lesson we can make:

Lemon Crunch Pie or Onion Soup or Fruit Fool or Jelly Mousse.

I’ll probably make Jelly Mousse.

See ya the same time tomorrow,



Friday 15th February 1974.

Hi! Had just the same normal day at school as usual. Got my Maths test results today. Get ready to hear how many I got. Ready- Wait for it !!!    12/20

Twelve out of twenty! Good, if you ask me.

If you’re wondering what happened to my pen at the beginning of this page, I’ve just washed it out with water.

Hi. I’m back again. We first went to see myNanin hospital, then went over to see my Mum’s Aunt Phylis.

This morning, Helen, my cousin, sent me mascara & eye-shadow.


Saturday 16th February 1974.

Dear Me, I’ve been out most of the day. This morning, after the Partridge Family, I went round for Sue and we went toElmPark. We went back in the afternoon to get each other’s birthday presents. I bought her blue mascara and she bought me the same.

At the moment, the Saturday Thriller is on. It’s not all that scary so far.

Aah! I’m back again and the thriller is getting quite scary. It’s about a girl who’s got a new car that’s haunted. When driving along she hears screams and the car won’t let her go where she wants to go.


Sunday 17th February 1974.

Watcha, It’s 2.10pm and I’m sitting on the settee writing this diary. Thunderbirds is on the television. It’s been repeated about 6 times already.

I’ve just been playing cards, “biddy”, with Toni. I won both of the games. (Very unusual for me).

I got my new shoes yesterday. They’re really nice. I’ll probably wear them to school with tights tomorrow.

Gotta sign off now,


Monday 18th February 1974.

Dear Me, It’s 6.10pm and I’m worn out after a hard day’s work at school.

I wore my new shoes with tights. Richard H. a boy in my class, whistled at me and most of my mates liked them.

Colin keeps bumping into me, accidentally-on-purpose. I think I fancy him and I’ve got a feeling he likes me. (I wish it was true).

“Love thy Neighbour” is on the telly tonight, so I’m definitely gonna watch that. Also, Colditz should be on.

I’ve done all my homework in school. I’ve only got to do my topic and even then I don’t have to.


Tuesday 19th February 1974.

Dear Me, I’ve been to school as usual today. It was quite good coz Colin’s there. I really like him. He turns me on!

I wore tights again today with my new shoes. I ‘fink’ I look alright, even if I do say so myself.

I’m gonna play table tennis with my brother in a minute. Woopee!! (Shouts of joy and happiness).

The top 20 was on today and Suzi Quatro’s no. 1  Mud no. 2  Alvin Stardust no. 3

Wombles  no.4


Wednesday 20th February 1974.

Hi! I’m in a mood today. SmellyDeekilled my little money spider in the Maths lesson. Poor little thing.

When I came home tonight, there were loads of ladders & holes in the back of my tights. I felt so embarrassed when I walked along.

There’s a tasty boy who’s moved in next-door-but-one. My Mum says he’s only about 11. Age doesn’t bother me though. I hope I can meet him.

Colin flicked an elastic band at my leg this afternoon. I fancy him. “Luv is a very splendid thing”.


Thursday 21st February 1974.

Dear Me, It’s been a good day today. Top of the Pops was on at 7.55pm. Suzi Quatro was on and Bay City Rollers, Barry White, Alvin Stardust, Gilbert O’Sullivan, Hollies, David Bowie, Queen. I can’t think of any others.

My sister, Toni is a right old cow. She’s been reading my diary, because I left it out this morning. She keeps saying, “Laurence & Lyndsay” and everything I put about Colin. But, I’ve read hers!

At the moment it’s 10.20pm and my radio’s not on for once, because the battery’s going.

See ya tomorrow,

Signed, Me.

Friday 22nd February 1974.

Hi, We broke up today for half term. Great, isn’t it? We only get 3 days off. My brother gets a whole week off.

I think we’re gonna move, because my Mum and Dad have got lots of leaflets about houses for sale in Basildon & Billericay. We’re gonna go and look over some of them tomorrow.

It was quite good on the television tonight. “Within these Walls” was on tonight and this horror film is on at 11.05pm. I’m not allowed to watch it though.


Saturday 23rd February 1974.

Watcha! At the moment I’m sitting in the car in Sparrows Herne. My Mum and Dad have been in one house and they said it’s horrible. By the way, I’m inBasildon. I forgot to tell you that. They’ve just gone to knock at another house. It looks quite nice from the outside and inside, as a matter of fact! They’ve now come out and they don’t like it. So, we’re now outside another one which looks alright. I’m gonna go now. See ya same time tomorrow,


Sunday 24th February 1974.

Dear Me, We had no success yesterday in the house-hunting. There was one we went in which was very futuristic, but my Mum and Dad didn’t like it from the outside. It was brand new & cheap too!

It’s been quite a good day. Mick, Edy & Paul and Johnny, Pam & Jenny came over for tea. They’ve only just gone. It’s 10.10pm

Sue came round this afternoon and we were playing skipping and running races. (We can be very mad at times).


Monday 25th February 1974.

Hi! It’s good to be on Half-Term. Today Sue and me went toElmPark, so that I could get Trevor, my brother, a yo-yo. We rang Coral first to see if she’d meet us there. So she did and then she came round my house for an hour or so.

It’s 11.15pm and this evening we went and had a look over this house. It was really beautiful, but my Dad was the only problem. He found fault with every possible thing!!!

If you look at Feb 20th you’ll see I put that this new boy was tasty. But, I saw him today and he’s not! (I think I saw him).


Tuesday 26th February 1974.

Dear Me, I got an unexpected letter with a present in from my Cousin this morning. Inside was some rouge. I wrote back and said thanks.

Today, Sue and me went toElmParkagain. (Not to look at the shops, but for another reason. Boys !!!!!!!!)  (Well I went for that reason anyway!)

I’ve just had a phone call from one of the boys down the camp site, Ray P. Nice to have these boys ring me up. We’re gonna see them down the camp site on the first weekend of the season.


Wednesday 27th February 1974.

Watcha, At the moment it’s 3.02pm and I’m sitting here on the settee listening to my David Cassidy LP and of course, writing this diary.

This morning, Sue and me went toElmParkand then we went round Coral’s house for an hour or so.

Just now I went up the sweet shop hoping to buy some chocolate for cookery tomorrow. But, when I got up there, it was closed. (Stupid place!!!)  With my sweet money, I bought a cake instead.

By the way, I’ve gotta go back to school tomorrow.


Thursday 28th February 1974.

Hi ! It was quite a good day today. We went back to school and MY Colin was there.

Top of the Pops was on tonight. Suzi Quatro was on & Lena Zavaroni, Ringo Starr, Paper Lace, David Bowie, Bill Hayley, (Surprising!) Wombles, Hudson Ford, John Christie, Charlie Rich and a couple of others were on.

It’s voting day today and there’s no results come through yet. I think Labour will be the party to get in, but I’m not sure.

Gotta go now, Me.

As you’ve probably worked out, this wasn’t a leap year!

But I still put the page to very good use!!!

February 29th 0000

It isn’t “today”, today, so I’ve stuck the Sweet in, instead.



I turned 13 and the hormones really kicked in!!!!

I turned 13 and the hormones really kicked in!!!!

(Completely Boy Mad!!!)

Friday 1st March 1974.

Dear Me, It’s the day after election day and still there’re NO results. As far as everybody knows, nobody has been elected, because they’re all equal. (Or nearly anyway).

Do you like the Sweet picture on the last page? Deborah D. gave it to me. She’s kind!

Colin burst out crying in class today. I didn’t know he was such a baby, because he really acts a “tuffy” at school. I still luv him anyway. I started to write a letter to him after school tonight and this boy told Smelly Dee what I was doing.


Saturday 2nd March 1974.


Watcha, As you can see it’s Kim’s birthday today. She’s 9. If you’re wondering who Kim is, well she used to live next-door-but-one. I used to take her & Ricky (Kim’s brother) to Elm Park, swimming and I practically lived in their house. I babysat and even slept there twice.

At the moment, we’re at Pitsea, house-hunting. There’s some new ones which my Mum likes. It looks quite a nice place to live in. I wouldn’t mind it.

See ya, Me.

Sunday 3rd March 1974.

Dear Me, As you know, we came down to Pitsea yesterday and looked at some brand new houses. Well, at the moment, we’re down at Pitsea again. My Mother and Father (Posh, aren’t I? calling them Mother and Father) like the house, so they’ve asked to have one built if possible.

It’s now 6.30pm and the Top 20 is on. Charlie Rich’s singing his song called “The most beautiful Girl”.

Now Lena Zavaroni’s on. My Mum doesn’t like her, but I think she’s got a brilliant voice for a girl of 10.


Monday 4th March 1974.

Hi ! We went to school today as usual. Colin is the greatest boy ever. He keeps asking to borrow my biro and so I lend it to him. He actually gives it back! I luv him wildly, madly and passionately.

Coming off the subject of boys, I think we’ve got a house in Rayleigh. It’s detached and is a bit bigger than the one we looked at yesterday. My Mum and Dad are going to have the day off work to go and see it.


Tuesday 5th March 1974.

Dear Wonderful, Happy, Lovesick Me, How are you? I’m ok thankyou. If you’re wondering who I’m lovesick about, it’s Colin. Today he asked to borrow my pen again. So, as usual, I lent it to him. He didn’t give it back to me tonight, but I don’t care. I trust him. I know he’ll give it to me tomorrow. (Well I hope he will anyway).

The Top 20 was on today. No. 5 is David Bowie No. 4 is Ringo Starr

No. 3 is The Hollies No. 2 is Suzi Quatro and

No. 1 is (wait for it!) Alvin Stardust.

Bye, Me & my love. X

Wednesday 6th March 1974.

It was another wonderful day today. Colin used my pen all day and he actually gave it back to me at the end of school. I LUV HIM MADLY. If only he liked me and if only I wasn’t so tall and he wasn’t so small.

Bobby & Derek B. were up the shops tonight. They kept looking at me, but I kept looking at them, so that’s probably the reason.

In cookery at school, I made shepherd’s pie. It turned out really gorgeous. We all had it for our tea tonight.


Thursday 7th March 1974.

Hi ! You never guess what? We’re gonna move. To Rayleigh! My Mum and Dad have found a brand new detached house. It’s suppose to have a great big back garden and a stream at the end of the front garden.

The school nearby is Comprehensive and the colour of the uniform is red.

Bright red!

But my Mum keeps bringing up problems which will eventually lead to us NOT going, even though a deposit for the house has been paid.

Top of the Pops was on tonight.


Friday 8th March 1974.

Dear Reader, (in otherwords Me!) I told all the class about me going to Rayleigh. All the boys kept shouting, “*****’s moving, 1,2,3 !!!” They were really stupid. Most of my mates want me to write to them, so I won’t worry.

At school in cookery, I made potato cheese pie. But I didn’t trust my cooking and so I didn’t have any for tea. My Mum, Dad & Brother said it was nice.

Colin is really gorgeous. I’ll never forget him, even when I move and meet other boys and friends.

Run out of space, Me.

Saturday 9th March 1974.

Dear Me, It’s Saturday evening, 10.40pm to be exact and I’m laying in bed. Trevor has just come and asked me to play cards with him. Well, I suppose I did promise him.

This afternoon, we all went to Romford (except Toni who was at work, Romford, in fact). My Mum bought me 2 pairs of knickers, yellow and a blue pair. They’re really nice.

Actually, next door sound as if they’re having a party OR if not, some kids have broken in and knicked all their booze!

See ya, Me.

Sunday 10th March 1974.

Hi ! This morning we all got up bright and early, even though the weather wasn’t bright. And we set out at about 11.15am to go to Rayleigh and see our new house. It’s really gorgeous. Out the front is this brook which has got cement or concrete banks. Today, though, it looked like a river. I hope we do move. It’ll be really exciting, I should think.

Gotta sign off now, Me.

Monday 11th March 1974.

Watcha, It’s 8.45pm and I’m up in my bedroom after just being hit by my f’ing old Mum. It’s all my f’ing sister’s fault. I hate her guts. She makes me puke!!!

I think we’re still moving. My Mum rang up the school in Rayleigh today and there is a place there for me.

It’s my birthday in exactly 2 weeks from now. Monday, the 25 th.

There’s a new Top 20 on tomorrow. I’ll write about it in tomorrow’s edition.


Tuesday 12th March 1974.

Good Evening, It’s 9.20pm and I’ve decided to have another early night. As you know, I said something horrible AND rude about my Mum when she hit me. Well, I take back what I said, because my Mum apologised and gave me a kiss.

On the Top 20 today, “Billy, don’t be a Hero” is No. 1. It’s by Paper Lace.

I got a letter from Kim in New Zealand this morning and I sent one back straight away. (Well by the 5.00pm post anyway). It’s Air Mail, so it should get there within the next week.


Wednesday 13th March 1974.

Hi ya kiddies, I washed my hair tonight. It’s now 10.55pm.

Yesterday, Ray from down the campsite rang me up. He wanted to know if I would go out with his friend, Gary K, who I used to go out with. But, being the fool that I am, I said NO. I wish I hadn’t! (Sob,sob). So tomorrow, I’m hoping my sister will lend me some money, so that I can phone Ray up from a call-box and change my mind. This Gary was really good looking. I’ve still got all his letters from 2 years ago.


Thursday 14th March 1974.

Watcha! It’s been quite good today. At school, in cookery, I made fish pie. We had it for our tea. It was really nice, even if I do say so myself.

I still haven’t rung Ray up to say that I’ve changed my mind about going out with Gary K. He’s probably tastier now, because his hair’s suppose to be longer.


I don’t like Colin anymore. He’s the worst boy I’ve ever seen. In school, he’s realised I sit behind him in every lesson. He said I was stupid.

Marcel wrote to me this morning, telling me his news.


Friday 15th March 1974.

Dear Me, I’ve got a confession to make. Even now, I still haven’t rung Ray up to tell him I’ve changed my mind about going out with Gary K.

At school, me & Debra have got a crush on this boy called “Pegwards”! He’s everso small, but really good looking. He once put his arm round me, when him & all his mates used to come round my house. I LUV HIM! (Mind you, I think I prefer Gary K !)

By the way, I’m still not talking to Susan.


Saturday 16th March 1974.

Good afternoon, I still haven’t rung Ray up. It’s a terrible offence. I meant to do it this morning! Anyway, Mum and Dad are going out tonight to another dance, so I’ll probably ring him then.

The Partridge Family was on this morning. It was really good as usual.

It’s my birthday in 9 days time. I don’t even know what my Mum and Dad are going to buy me. To be precise, I don’t even know what I want!

Gotta go now, Me.

Sunday 17th March 1974.

Hi ya Me, I suppose you’re wanting to know whether I’ve rung Ray up yet, well, the answer is NO !!! And the reason is that I just can’t be bothered to.

This afternoon, we all went down to pick the caravan up, so that we could bring it home. On the way there, we called in on Mick & Edy and they came down to the farm with us.

It’s 9.15pm and there’s nothing very good on the telly. Only a boring old play which we’re sitting through.

Bye for now, Me.

Monday 18th March 1974.

It’s 10.33pm and I’m in bed. My Nan came over this evening with my Uncle Roy. As usual they bought us sweets.

If you read yesterday’s, you’ll see that I put about sitting through a boring old play. In fact, it turned out to be really good, but sad.

I still haven’t rung Ray up. (It’s terrible, isn’t it?) Never mind, we’re going camping in 2 weeks. I’ll see him then.

By the way, I’m 12 years and 359 days old.


Tuesday 19th March 1974.

Dear Me, It’s been a great day. I’ve fallen madly wild about this 3 rd Year boy, Pegwards. He goes around with Stuart F. and they used to come round my house. Once Pegwards had his arm round me. It was really great, but I didn’t think he was particularly wonderful then. Me & Sue hung round his house after school tonight. And when we saw him, he said that he was already going out with a girl. (Not fair, is it?)

By the way, instead of ringing Ray up, I wrote a letter to Gary and sent it off tonight.


Wednesday 20th March 1974.

Dear Me, I’m still in luv with Pegwards and this girl who knows him said he was lying when he said about already going out with someone.

That letter which I posted to Gary K. should get there tomorrow. I hope it does!

There’s only 5 days until my birthday. It is my Mum’s birthday tomorrow. Toni and I have bought her a bottle of “ Tweed”, £1.35 and Charlie Rich’s record, 48p.

Gotta go, Me.

Thursday 21st March 1974.


Hi ! Pegwards has been avoiding me all today. When me and all my mates stayed to watch the dance competition tonight, Pegwards was with this girl. He was sitting next to her and he was mucking around with her. It’s just not fair!

Anyway, I’ve still got Gary K. (I hope so. He should’ve got that letter today!) If I haven’t got him, I’ve got Bobby J. (He’s a 1 st year and Terry J’s brother).

I like him and my friend knows it, but I keep saying he’s horrible.

Bye for now, Me.

Friday 22nd March 1974.

Hello! It’s 10.08pm and I’m in bed. This evening I had a bath and washed my hair. (It’s still a bit wet! I’m going to have a cold probably tomorrow!)

I’ve decided I like Bobby J. and also I like this other 1 st year, Toddy. (That’s the only name I know him by!)

My birthday’s in 3 days. This evening I should have been home late, but I was early and so, got home before my Mum. I caught her in the act of bringing my birthday cake home.

See ya, Me.

Saturday 23rd March 1974.

Dear Me, I’m going ice-skating at Streatham tonight. I can’t wait. My Mum keeps trying to put me off by saying, “Do you really wanna go?” Of course the answer is “Yes!”

My Nan R. came over this morning. She bought me a birthday card and gave me 50p. I went to Elm Park and bought a record. It’s called, “Ma-ma-ma belle” by E.L.O.

My Nan’s staying the night, so it means I’ll have to sleep on the settee. I don’t mind actually.

It’s nearly 11.00pm and in fact, I’m sleeping in Trev’s room on the floor.


Sunday 24th March 1974.

Hi ya, Me. It’s my birthday tomorrow. My Mum and Dad are gonna give me £2.50 each. Which makes, (get ready!) the grand total (1,2,3) of £5.00.

I haven’t decided what I’ gonna buy with it yet. (Well, I haven’t even got it !)

By the way, we went up to Streatham last night. BUT, my Dad wouldn’t go in. Just because it cost 50p each. We looked through the cracks in the door and saw everybody skating round. I wish we could have gone in! It’s not fair!

Gotta go now, because my other Nan and my little cousin are coming over to tea.


Monday 25th March 1974.


It was great at school today! I told Bobby J. to be over the back of the fields at 1 o’clock, so that I could get a birthday kiss from him. I went over there with Sue, but I backed out. I don’t like him. Instead, I like Toddy. I know where he lives and I know his phone number. (He’s really tasty even though he’s got ginger hair and his smile’s really gorgeous. I luv him!!!)

I’m now 13. So I’m not a weeny bopper anymore, but a TEENY bopper.

I went out and bought another 3 records today. New Seekers, Paper Lace and Hot Chocolate.


Tuesday 26th March 1974.

Watcha, It’s been good at school again today. Toddy doesn’t like me, but I don’t blame him. I’m tall, lanky and ugly. PLUS, I’m a 2 nd year and he’s a 1 st year.

My Mum still hasn’t given me my £5.00 birthday present yet. But, she said I’ll probably get it tomorrow.

Today, we had 2 Geography tests in a double lesson. (The first one I got 7/20 and the second one, 10/20). Not very good, ay?

Tomorrow we’ve got a Science test. I’m no good at that either.

See ya, Me.

Wednesday 27th March 1974.

Dear Me, I asked this boy to ask Toddy whether he liked me or not and guess what the answer was? Yes, you were right! “No!”

It’s what I expected though, because he’s a 1 st year.

I also like Keith P. but he’s always been in my class (since we were 5) until we came to this school. (Mad on boys, aren’t I?)

The exams are in about 6 days time. I haven’t even revised. (Terrible, isn’t it?)

Gotta go now,

Luv Me & my loved ones.

Thursday 28th March 1974.

Good evening, Toddy said “hello” to me today and gave me one of his really gorgeous grins.

Sue & I went up the school tonight to sell tickets and we went and watched “Oliver” (the school production). We didn’t stay and see all of it, but we’re going again tomorrow and we’ll watch it right through.

This boy in my class, Stuart T. gave me a load of Sweet pictures today.

By the way, because I went out this evening, I missed Top of the Pops. (But, I don’t spose anything really good was on!)


Friday 29th March 1974.

Hi, Again, like yesterday, Sue & I went up the school to sell tickets for “Oliver”. We stayed and watched it. The boy who played the part of Oliver, Geoffrey M. was really good. His voice was lovely.

Smelly Dee gave me 100 lines in school today, because I didn’t hand in my reply slip. So I told him I wasn’t going to sell tickets, but then changed my mind. He came up to me at the door and gave me a lecture. He said it was part of growing . Susan couldn’t stop laughing. Nor could I.

See ya, Me.

Saturday 30th March 1974.

Dear Me, How are you? Oh very well thankyou.

At the moment I’m sitting in the back of the car (which is in the garage) waiting for my Dad to get the caravan out of the back garden. You see, we’re going camping today. I can’t wait. Hope all my old mates are down there. Ray and Lee should be down there, and with a bit of luck, Gary K.

I saw Terry J. down the shops this morning. He offered Sue and me a sweet. (He’s really nice, but I only like him).


Sunday 31st March 1974.

Dear Me, It’s 4.20pm and I’m sitting in my caravan. It’s a really gorgeous weekend. The sun’s been shining all the time. Ray isn’t down here this weekend, but my mate, Marina, is. We’ve been decorating the hall most of the time. I’ve really enjoyed doing it! When me and Marina rang Ray up today, I told him to tell Gary K. that if he likes me, he must ring my phone number tomorrow and let it ring 3 times. I’m hoping Ray will tell him.

Gotta go now, no more room.


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