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Corduroys the Height of Fashion

There is one thing about the fashions that I find really hard to understand. I know styles go in and out of fashion, flares no matter how cool I think they were sadly did lose their popularity but materials live on except it seems one of my favourites, the cool corduroy.

I loved corduroy and had 2 pairs of black corduroy jeans that I lived in. I even had a dark blue corduroy Safari suit but I’m not too worried those going out of style, I thought I looked the business wearing it in the mid 70s but can’t see me wearing it now.

So why oh why did it go out of fashion. The look and feel of it was luxurious to me so I’ve decided to try and start a campaign to bring it back. I shall hunt down the coolest pairs of corduroy jeans and wear them with pride. Whether to shop for milk at the local supermarket or visiting the local bank I shall wear my corduroys with pride.

So I call all my fellow 70s lovers to join me in my campaign to bring back the coolest material of the 70s back into fashion and put a little style back into our lives.


I saw a post recently about the old roller skates we used to have and they mentioned about making them spark which triggered a memory about blakeys, the metal reinforcement studs you put on the bottom of your shoes. I can remember getting them and banging them into our heels and then the only way I can describe it is “clipping” which was kicking our heels onto the pavement down the road to cause sparks. Of course it looked much better in the dark and it kept us amused for awhile.

How easily pleased we were in the old days.

Drinking in the 70s

Just recently I’ve been converting my man cave from an office into a 70s nostalgia bar and to make it authentic I’ve been researching online and from the corners of my mind the alcoholic drinks that were popular in the days of feather cuts and Safari suits.

It seems that the main spirits have stayed the same apart from maybe the popularity of Pernod which seems to have enjoyed immense joy in the 70s being mixed with black currant, orange or lemonade. The other drinks which seemed to be loved by women but are hardly drunk now are port,Campari and of course cinzano made famous by Leonard Rossiter and Joan Collins mainly mixed with lemonade.

The main difference from then to now I’ve found are the drinks that were used to mix. Nowadays it’s mainly coke, lemonade or tonic but in the 70s you had orange, black currant (seemed to go with everything including lager and cider), peppermint, pineapple and lime. Cordials seem to have gone out of fashion big time but I’ll be including them in my bar stocks as they are as 70s as Babycham and snowballs.

Valentines Gift Sale

Totally 70s have just announced a Valentines special giving a Massive 14% off all their gift range. All you need is to enter the code “VALENTINES70S” at the checkout to save yourself loads of cash. There’s T Shirts, Mugs, Bags and all sorts so go grab yourself a bargain whilst stocks last. The voucher code is good until 10th Feb so there’s no time to lose!

Wilko Joined by Dr Feelgood for Four Special Dates

Wilko Reunites with Dr Feelgood for Farewell Dates

As previously reported Wilko Johnson has been diagnosed with terminal cancer but has vowed to rock on until he can rock no more. So it’s great news that he has teamed up with his old band Dr Feelgood for 4 dates in March. Known for his crazy on stage antics and sharp sounding guitar style he had a string of hits in the early 70s with the band from Canvey Island, Essex.

So check out the man and his brilliance.

Tickets go on sale today for details click here

Stevie Nicks Promises Something Different

Fleetwood Mac are preparing for their new tour and this time Stevie Nicks promises it’s going to be a very different tour from the 2009 “phone in.”

In an interview with the Guardian she says that they have now found a new sense of purpose, both to the audience and each other.

To read the full article click here

New Documentary on Doobie Brothers

Doobie Brothers are releasing an exciting new documentary on DVD and Blueray Tom Johnston reveals.

For the full story click here

Paloma Faith Joins Blondie

The line up for the Kent forest gig is getting better and better as Paloma Faith announces she will be joining The Lightning Seeds and Blondie at Bedgebury Pineturn according to Joe Bill the features reporter for Kent News.

For details click here

Black Sabbath Announce New Album

According to The Rolling Stone Ozzy, Osbourne, Geezer Butler, Tony Iommi and Brad Wilk from Rage Against the Machine are releasing a new album this coming June. Check out the full story here

10cc Finally Boxing Clever

At long last a great box set containing all the old great songs by the quartet from the early 70s plus some DVD footage of performances of songs from their first two albums 10cc & Sheet Music.

For the full news article by S T Karnick a true 10cc fan click here

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