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Drinking in the 70s

Just recently I’ve been converting my man cave from an office into a 70s nostalgia bar and to make it authentic I’ve been researching online and from the corners of my mind the alcoholic drinks that were popular in the days of feather cuts and Safari suits.

It seems that the main spirits have stayed the same apart from maybe the popularity of Pernod which seems to have enjoyed immense joy in the 70s being mixed with black currant, orange or lemonade. The other drinks which seemed to be loved by women but are hardly drunk now are port,Campari and of course cinzano made famous by Leonard Rossiter and Joan Collins mainly mixed with lemonade.

The main difference from then to now I’ve found are the drinks that were used to mix. Nowadays it’s mainly coke, lemonade or tonic but in the 70s you had orange, black currant (seemed to go with everything including lager and cider), peppermint, pineapple and lime. Cordials seem to have gone out of fashion big time but I’ll be including them in my bar stocks as they are as 70s as Babycham and snowballs.

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