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Corduroys the Height of Fashion

There is one thing about the fashions that I find really hard to understand. I know styles go in and out of fashion, flares no matter how cool I think they were sadly did lose their popularity but materials live on except it seems one of my favourites, the cool corduroy.

I loved corduroy and had 2 pairs of black corduroy jeans that I lived in. I even had a dark blue corduroy Safari suit but I’m not too worried those going out of style, I thought I looked the business wearing it in the mid 70s but can’t see me wearing it now.

So why oh why did it go out of fashion. The look and feel of it was luxurious to me so I’ve decided to try and start a campaign to bring it back. I shall hunt down the coolest pairs of corduroy jeans and wear them with pride. Whether to shop for milk at the local supermarket or visiting the local bank I shall wear my corduroys with pride.

So I call all my fellow 70s lovers to join me in my campaign to bring back the coolest material of the 70s back into fashion and put a little style back into our lives.

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