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Diary Entries for : June 1976

Tuesday, 1st June 1976

Took film in to be developed. Stayed in all day, very boring. Mum said she could get me a job in a shoe shop* in town if they want anyone. That should relieve me of my boredom. Hope that photograph of Catherine comes out, they should be ready tomorrow. * The shoe shop was Dolcis on Bridge Street, Warrington.

Wednesday, 2nd June 1976

Got my photo’s back in morning, they all came out too. The one of Catherine was a bit blurred though. Went nan Savage’s for dinner came home about 2.30pm. Stayed in all day and night. Mum said I have to go to that shop on Friday to see about that job.

Thursday, 3rd June 1976

Went nan Wernham’s in morning then went nan Savage’s for dinner. Came home in afternoon very boring afternoon. Mum and dad went out at night. Was in on my own, very boring again. Very boring day.

Friday, 4th June 1976

Went Dolcis shoe shop to see about that job*, I was dead nervous. The manageress said I can start tomorrow at 1pm. I can’t imagine me selling shoes, I’m too shy. Had dinner at nans. Mum came home with a headache. Did some painting. Played table tennis at night. * The manageress was a lovely little lady called Mrs Burbridge who had a very strange voice, quite difficult to describe. I was given a the opportunity for this job by Donna Wilcox, who is the daughter of Enid and Jim Wilcox. Enid was a friend of my mothers they worked …

Saturday, 5th June 1976

Went town with Howard. Walked to town in afternoon to Dolcis. I wasn’t as shy as I thought I would be. Got to know all the girls right away made me feel very welcome. Worked my four hours, it was quite easy served four people, had a headache all day. They’re a good bunch of people to work with make you feel very welcome. Mum and dad went Stratford races, came back at two O clock in the morning. I lay in bed awake all the time worrying coz they were late. Worrying is a terrible experience up to that …

Sunday, 6th June 1976

Did some oil painting in morning adding touches to that painting I did on 21st February. It’s a bit surrealistic. Went nans in later half of afternoon. Moores came went Woolston Leisure. Karen Norris’s friend is that girl who I work with* (fancy that). Mum and dad went out. * Nancy from Dolcis.

Monday, 7th June 1976

(Best week of the year up to now) Went school in morning. Went Dolcis at dinner gave them my insurance card, had a cup of coffee. Went nans had some chips. Mum took me school at 2pm, did art. The fans looked upset when I said you wont see me till September. Came home at 3.30pm. Played cricket at night. Then went the scruffy Cheshire Cheese with Bernie.

Tuesday, 8th June 1976

Neil Mort came in morning he said Catherine wouldn’t let Barry kiss her or anything like that. Took oil painting school in afternoon. The Fab three were looking at my photos, Catherine was at the back. Did art all afternoon the fans came up. At hometime the Fab four were looking at my other oil painting, they thought it was great, still Catherine was at the back. Told them I left school today. Played cricket on college at night. Neil said Catherine wants to go out with me, bet that’s a rotten lie. Had a cold bath when I came …

Wednesday, 9th June 1976

Cyril Platt* the man who gave me a £2.00 tip, died last night from a heart attack. Went school with Neil Mort got there about 10.30am. Talking to fans at last break an all. Walked home with them two. Bones said Anthony asked Catherine does she still fancy me, she said she wants to go out with me but she can’t coz I’m leaving school. She might come round my house she told him, don’t know whether it’s true there must be something in it coz Bones doesn’t know I told her I was leaving. Funny situation. * Cyril Platt …

Thursday, 10th June 1976

Went school at 10.30am. Anthony said Miss. Egerton* fancies me and it’s true about Catherine. Talking to fans at break they waited for me. Catherine was stood next to them, she looked upset when I walked off with them. If It’s true what Anthony says I know how the poor girl feels. Mum and dad went out at night * Miss Egerton was an attractive young Drama teacher.

Diary of a Lovesick Teenager

Because this is a diary, it was written at the time and at no point are there any exaggerations, lies or anything that may be misleading, it is written with an honest, if naive hand due to the tender age of it’s author. It can be described as funny, a little sad in parts and reflects my thoughts at the time, but most of all it is an honest document that I hope above all will entertain and amuse.

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