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Diary Entries for : July 1976

Thursday, 1st July 1976

Went Nans then Town Hall with plans then café then work at 11.30, served 34 people finished at 6pm. Should have finished at 3pm but my watch stopped. Mum and dad went out at night. Neil Mort seen me then, me and him went my house.

Friday, 2nd July 1976

Was oil painting in garden in morning. Went Good Companions with mum at 2pm, nan and grandad was in, had 4 pints. Went to sleep when I got home. Stayed in all day.

Saturday, 3rd July 1976

Went work all day, quite boring, got paid £10.40. Never went out at night. Still fancy the Iron Maiden.

Sunday, 4th July 1976

Grandad came in morning. Was oil painting all day got sun burnt. Had a bath, went Moore’s then went Leisure Centre. Quite a lot there, that girl last Saturday was there. Walked home on my own. Mum and dad went out at night.

Monday, 5th July 1976

Went school this morning to sort my 6th year timetable out. Came home in afternoon. Never saw Cath at all today. Did painting in afternoon and a bit at night. Never went out at night.

Tuesday, 6th July 1976

Went school in morning, Cath wasn’t in. Had haircut in afternoon short back and sides. Come home did a bit of painting, did Barnes Avenue papers. Saw Catherine’s car, big thrill, she doesn’t have a paper though.

Wednesday, 7th July 1976

Went work nine till half five, very boring and knackering day. Bev came in that was the best part of the day. I had someone to talk to but she went again at 2.30pm. Walked home dropped in at nans. Never went out at night.

Thursday, 8th July 1976

Went school for most of the day. Catherine wasn’t there but her sister was. I wonder where she is. Did a bit of oil painting at night. Never went out at night.

Friday, 9th July 1976

Went work nine till one, got paid £12.10. Did Guardians in afternoon. Stayed in did a bit of oil painting at night. It was one month ago today that Catherine went out with me. Still very fond of her, lovesick, don’t feel like doing things that I normally like doing. She’s a killer.

Saturday, 10th July 1976

Went work all day very boring. She never asked me to come in next week. Come home on bus. Never went out at night. Very boring day.

Diary of a Lovesick Teenager

Because this is a diary, it was written at the time and at no point are there any exaggerations, lies or anything that may be misleading, it is written with an honest, if naive hand due to the tender age of it’s author. It can be described as funny, a little sad in parts and reflects my thoughts at the time, but most of all it is an honest document that I hope above all will entertain and amuse.

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