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Diary Entries for : April 1976

Thursday, 1st April 1976

Had a tug of war game on tennis court at dinner. We got beat 2-1. We won the second one, Catherine was stood right next to me with the mob. It was a hot day. Been trying my hardest not to fancy her saying to myself she’s too ordinary, wearing a boys Parka, but she’s not given me a sharp enough saw.

Friday, 2nd April 1976

Daryl Massey swore on his mothers death Ian Bellas used to go out with Catherine, she told Anthony she’s going out with Barry Norris, a guy from another school, it’s on all the desks. I’m so confused and I’ve only got 5 days to sort something out. One day she’ll see how wrong she was, I’m a better artist than Picasso was at his age. Went nans at night.

Saturday, 3rd April 1976

Went town in morning got a pair of pants for £7.50. Never had a bet in Grand National was skint. Stayed in all day nothing outstanding happened.

Sunday, 4th April 1976

Making a big record out of wood was doing it all afternoon then dad came home from work with paint and I painted over it for some unknown reason. All that work wasted. Stayed in all day. Mum and dad went out at night.

Monday, 5th April 1976

On a desk was written, Gaz + Cath, all over and, Gary Only and things like that, bet she never wrote it, it’s probably Sutch or someone like that. Was doing that Gary Gliiter record all night from 6pm till 9pm. Mum stopped me coz I was tired. When I take it school I should get recognition off Cath and Co. Mainly a good reason for doing it on last week.

Tuesday, 6th April 1976

Stayed at school at dinner. Played rugby on field against 5th Year girls. At night stayed in finishing that record off. Not a very exciting day, it’s empty without Catherine.

Wednesday, 7th April 1976

Stayed at school at dinner played rugby on teachers side against the 4th years. We won, Cathy and co were watching for a bit then they went, mus’nt have been impressed. Took record in this morning, teacher* wants my sketch book so he can put my work on exhibition in main block. Cathy and co must be impressed this time. * The teacher was Mr Mills the art teacher. Sadly, the subsequent art exhibition never materialised.

Thursday, 8th April 1976

Got letter back from Police saying no vacancies. Still love Cathy, pity she doesn’t feel the same way about me. At home time Debbie said, Hiya Gary there’s Catherine, and she said, Don’t be tight, why should she say that if she hates me, in fact it could have been Joanne who said it. A conspiracy of silence speaks louder than words*. * “A conspiracy of silence speaks louder than words”, is a quote I stole from a John Lennon album cover, I think it was Mind Games or maybe Shaved Fish.

Friday, 9th April 1976

Very disappointing day, nothing happened today, it’s obvious now that Catherine doesn’t like me coz she never made any attempt at all to see me. Andy Spinks said she’s going out definitely with Barry Norris.

Saturday, 10th April 1976

Went Parr Hall art exhibition with mum at noon, mine never even got commended, I was dead sick. Stayed in at afternoon went Cozy’s party, it was quite good except everybody had a girlfriend except me and Cozy. I felt left out of it all. Walked home got in at 12.15am. I thought the day would have been better than that though.

Diary of a Lovesick Teenager

Because this is a diary, it was written at the time and at no point are there any exaggerations, lies or anything that may be misleading, it is written with an honest, if naive hand due to the tender age of it’s author. It can be described as funny, a little sad in parts and reflects my thoughts at the time, but most of all it is an honest document that I hope above all will entertain and amuse.

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