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Diary Entries for : February 1976

Sunday, 1st February 1976

Carried parts of a shed from Police Station to Hails and played football in morning. Stayed in in afternoon and did homework at night, Quick day.

Monday, 2nd February 1976

Quite a good day. Sutch and that lot have given up acting daft with me, they don’t hang about with Catherine anymore. This will be the last time I mention her name in this diary unless something worth putting in happens. Never went out at night.

Tuesday, 3rd February 1976

Played soccer in gym won 12-1. It’s been a typical day in the life of the author Gary Neil Wernham. Stayed in at night and revised for maths test tomorrow. (One year ago tonight I first saw Cathy).

Wednesday, 4th February 1976

Got a reply from the Police, it said NO Vacancies but apply October this year and I’ll probably get in in Summer next year. So I intend staying on at school in the mean time, at the same time apply for jobs. If I don’t get a job I like I can join the Police. Had a bath at night. Revised a bit.

Thursday, 5th February 1976

A girl asked me will I go out with Mags, I said NO. I’m staying on for a Lower 6th Year coz I had a word with the teacher. Played soccer against staff we got beat 6-5, I had a good game in goals. It’s been a good day. Revised for maths mock exam at night.

Friday, 6th February 1976

Had a maths mock exam for 2 and a half hours in morning. Had a boring afternoon. Still fancy Catherine. Went both nans at night. Had a word with teacher about playing rugby tomorrow, he said be at Padgate College at 9.30am.

Saturday, 7th February 1976

Went Padgate College at 9.30am, I had to play for North Manchester coz they only had 10 men. I kicked a conversion at the end, North Manchester scored a try it was 16-14 to Woolston, I took the kick for Manchester if I would have got it they would have won but it just dropped under the sticks. Went town in afternoon and Tayles at night.

Sunday, 8th February 1976

Stayed in all day and night boring as usual. Revised quite a lot for exams on Tuesday and Wednesday. Mum was in bed for most of the day with a headache. I went at 8pm

Monday, 9th February 1976

Had an English exam in the morning for 1 and a half hours. Boring day. Went disco at night on my own, Mags’s friend asked me where’s Budgie coz Mags wants to go out with him, in so many words. Debbie Sutch starts talking to me now. Played soccer in gym won 11-0. Sharon* said after disco protect me coz Percy* does naughty things and she doesn’t like it. * Sharon Baguley * Stephen Percival

Tuesday, 10th February 1976

Had a Community Studies Exam in afternoon, it was easy I’m sure I’ve got a good mark. I told Sharon if Percy does anything again let me know. Revised a small amount for Geog exam tomorrow I don‘t know much on it though.

Diary of a Lovesick Teenager

Because this is a diary, it was written at the time and at no point are there any exaggerations, lies or anything that may be misleading, it is written with an honest, if naive hand due to the tender age of it’s author. It can be described as funny, a little sad in parts and reflects my thoughts at the time, but most of all it is an honest document that I hope above all will entertain and amuse.

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