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Vampire Circus

Vampire Circus – 1972
Human fangs ripping throats – no sawdust can soak up the torrent of blood!

Robert Young (as Robert William Young)

George Baxt story
Judson Kinberg
Wilbur Stark story

Wilbur Stark producer

Adrienne Corri – Gypsy Woman
Thorley Walters – Burgermeister
Anthony Higgins – Emil (as Anthony Corlan)
John Moulder-Brown – Anton Kersh
Laurence Payne – Prof. Mueller
Richard Owens – Dr. Kersh
Lynne Frederick – Dora Mueller
Elizabeth Seal – Gerta Hauser
Robin Hunter – Hauser
Domini Blythe – Anna Mueller
Robert Tayman – Count Mitterhouse
John Bown – Schilt
Mary Wimbush – Elvira
Christina Paul – Rosa
Robin Sachs – Heinrich
Lalla Ward – Helga
Skip Martin – Michael
David Prowse – Strongman
Roderick Shaw – Jon Hauser
Barnaby Shaw – Gustav Hauser
Milovan – Male Dancer
Serena – Female Dancer
Jane Darby – Jenny
Sibylla Kay – Mrs. Schilt
Dorothy Frere – Grandma Schilt
Giles Phibbs – Sexton
Jason James – Foreman
Arnold Locke – Old Villager
Anna Bentinck – Schoolgirl (uncredited)
Nina Francis – Schoolgirl (uncredited)
Sean Hewitt – First Soldier (uncredited)
Drina Pavlovic – Schoolgirl (uncredited)
Jenny Twigge – Schoolgirl (uncredited)

Review by Theo Robertson

Vampire Circus (1972)

Look Beyond The Poor Production Values
… And you`ll find a pretty good story in there
It`s interesting to note that just about everyone on this page enjoyed VAMPIRE CIRCUS . I can take or leave horror movies especially ones involving vampires because they`re self limiting , ( I mean how scary is a person with false teeth ? ) and for much of this movie we`re treated to some substandard production values typical of Hammer studios in the early 1970s , the circus arena is supposed to be in the open air but is obviously filmed on an interior film set , the editing and special effects are really poor , there`s a sequence with villagers being thrashed to death with a rug ( Well that`s what it looked like to me ) while the cast are very uneven with John Moulder-Brown as Anton being just about the most unlikely hero I`ve ever seen in a horror movie . Oh and there`s plenty of scenes with people with false teeth like those ones you buy at a joke shop

But… …despite all this VAMPIRE CIRCUS is a very entertaining horror movie . I don`t if it`s because I`ve seen too many smart ass post modernist American horror flicks recently but a story featuring a Central European village being cut off from the outside world because of plague and its inhabitants being killed one by one by a bunch of vengeful vampires appeals to me more than a self referrential story set in 21st century America . In fact many of the killings are paedophillic murders so this gives the movie a disturbingly adult strength in what could easily be dismissed as a silly movie

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